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Topic: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret - alternative presentations
Message: Posted by: captainsmiffy (Apr 23, 2010 08:20AM)

Some time ago I came across an alternative handling for the above (non-faro) version and I was sure that I had saved it to my computer. Alas, unable now to find it (and they let me fly big jets with hundreds of computers - worrying, aint it?!). The method was quite clever, as I remember, but not sure if I got it from a pm after somebody had mentioned it or whether it was published here on the Café directly. Sorry, all a bit vague but if anybody could help I would be most grateful. Will keep searching my computer and magic cupboard but am rather hoping that somebody will come to the rescue....
Message: Posted by: FreddieLeeFroth (Aug 2, 2018 05:59AM)
I think this might have been the alternative handling you were looking for ... 8 years ago >>> Hi Guys

I'm happy to read the positive feedback on Aunt Mary. I thought I would share a beautiful idea from a Toronto based magician named James Fulford. He attended a workshop of mine and that night at dinner he offered this non-faro workaround for the second phase. This will only make sense to those who know the effect.

During the 2nd phase you offer to "sit out" the deal and discard all of the mismatched pairs. While dealing the discards-place the r-b in one pile face down in front of you and the b-r in another pile in front of you. you are showing that you actually receive double the odds. After the deal pick up the top card of one of your piles and scoop the pile up. Plop it on top of the other pile beside it. Now they are all r-b-r-b order! Ask the spectators to count their piles into your hand one card at a time (much like bro gilbert says in his post) and plop them on top of the remainder. Presto-the whole deck is alternating colors-no faro required. (Make sure to begin with the correct color on the bottom of the pile-for example if the top card of your tabled half is r-then accept the first card of the count from Mr. black.

The 2 pile idea is an elegant improvement over the non-faro method in the book. The rationale follows the routine-your demonstrating why they lost in the 1st round.."the odds were double in my favor" I've been working this trick for almost 15 years and it just goes to show that it's possible to be too close to something. I really love hearing the refinements that people discover. Hope this makes sense to someone out there.

Thanks for the nice words

Dave Williamson
Message: Posted by: Dominic Mastronardi (Nov 5, 2018 05:23PM)
Oooh! I like this idea very much. Thanks for posting this Freddie.
Message: Posted by: mlippo (Nov 6, 2018 01:04AM)