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Topic: Card Manipulation Stage production
Message: Posted by: Phil Lawson (Apr 9, 2002 09:13AM)
Just wondering has anyone got any further tips for the preperation of card?? for stage manipulation. I am comfortable with about 2/3 of the deck for multiple fan productions. I mainly use on a table with a top hat, it builds very nicely. I like to do the production just when they think it`s over another fan from nowhere! I have seen Jeff McBride vol. I also discovered quite by accident that when you leave a deck of card in a steamy room (steady!) they become very easy to work with but the edges tend to go a little do eared after a while :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Apr 16, 2002 12:33PM)
There's no general rule as to how prepare the cards. In my (future...) act, I use two different brands (Bee, Piatnik), two different sizes (Poker, Jumbo) and three different styles (all three layers, two layers and front layer only).

Split 'n powder,

Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Apr 23, 2002 03:36AM)
I just carry cards in pocket, usually 12 at a time, at all times and practice with them incessantly. This breaks them in very well.
Message: Posted by: magic4U2C (Jun 23, 2002 02:39PM)
I tend to use Bicycle brand cards as they match the jumbo cards I use in my act. That way I can safely show fronts and backs without having to worry about exposing anything.

I like to work in the cards by using the table edge method. In this method, you are using a table edge to ware down the wax coating on both sides of the cards.

Simply enough, you place each card on a table edge and pull downward on the card. This is done 3 times in both directions. Then it is also done to the backs of the cards as well. You do this for every card in the deck.

After doing so, you can place the cards together and move them in your hands to further work them in.

Then, straighten out all the cards and place them between two hevy books for a few hours. This will straighten the cards back out for you. You can also use a card clamp if you prefer.

I have found that this really makes the cards much more fluid and easier to control. It also takes the spring out of the cards making it easier for backpalming.

I hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: CardConjurer (Jul 23, 2002 11:45AM)
On The Art Of Card Manipulation vol 2 he explains how to best prepare the cards for manipulation