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Topic: Madhatter Magic Shop
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Jun 22, 2010 06:23PM)
I just wanted to give some props to Madhatter Magic.

I ordered 2 items on Friday night then on Sunday I realized I forgot to add a third item I wanted. I sent them a message from their site asking them to please add it.

Well, on Monday morning I called them just to make sure they got the message before they sent it out. I believe I talked to Angie and she said they got the message and was going to do it.

Tuesday I got a phone call as I was driving home. It was Bill, the owner, letting me know that the third item was out of stock and that they are shipping out the other 2 items today. Also they would not charge my card for the other item until it showed up.

I don't think I have ever received an unsolicited call from any dealer giving me updated info.

Thank you Bill and crew at Madhatter Magic.

Message: Posted by: Christopher Lyle (Jun 24, 2010 12:47PM)
Bill and Angie ROCK! I have ordered thru them many times before...GREAT people and AWESOME customer service...

Message: Posted by: comicjenius (Nov 11, 2013 07:07PM)
Yes, the world famous Bill Groome and the equally spectacular miss Angie of Madhatter Magic are simply marvelous human beings! Madhatter is THE only purveyor of magic I use! In addition to being real folks, they have the largest selection and best pricing on the planet! If they don't have what I'm looking for, then I don't need it! Just to prove I'm a real person and in no way personally linked to either individuals or there fine establishment I shall sign with my real name.
Sincerely, The Amazing Keni :)
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Jan 31, 2019 11:10PM)
Agree with the above comments..great service & prices