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Topic: Complete Course in Pickpocketing Epub From Hocus-pocus
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jul 11, 2010 06:44AM)
Hey guys,

I just picked up Pierre Jacques Complete Course in Pickpocketing the CDROM

I have the book, but my wife has a Ereader so I thought I would have a magic book that I could put on there and read in a pinch.

Pierre's book is quite good. Ricki Dunn wrote a foreword for this book. (Though he retracted it in his own book)

This book does have a good selection of information to learn from. The photos are clear and you can see exactly what the author is trying to teach.

Now it does have a nice bonus. IT comes with a video of Borra performing his pickpocketing.

Now I have three things I am a bit p.o'ed about.

One- If a video is going to come with video it should be the author doing his thing. Ricki Dunn's did.

Two- The Borra video seems like it was taken from youtube. In fact I can find the exact video by typing in Borra's name with pickpocket and find the exact video you get.

Three- The price. I'm getting a CD-ROM and a dvd. These cost pennies. Why is the price in the $30 dollar range? This should be a little lower. I mean the cover is in Black and white. What is the over head on this? $5 dollars a set?

This should of been in the twenty something range. Especially since it doesn't come with a hard copy of the book.

I'm ok with this product. I like that I can read it on my e-reader. (OK, my wife's)But I figured for the price it would come with a hard copy and I was figuring it would of came with video of the author, ('Cause I know its out there, there are two videos in french being sold at a French website by the author) not video of Borra found on the internet.

If you don't have a copy of this book, then pick this up. If you find a copy and deciding whether to own a hard copy or own this. I'm a bit biased about books, so for me its a no-contest, grab the book. But if this is the only way you can get the information, then pick up a copy.