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Topic: A Quick Survey
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jul 20, 2010 09:10AM)
I’ve noticed a few observations over the past few months (3-6) here at the Magic Café. As a longtime entertainer, I always try to stay up on the latest information and education, as this also includes closely watching and following trends within the entertainment industry. My recent observations have led me to thinking about and trying to understand some of these recent observations here at the Café.

I’d like to take a quick survey consisting of a few questions, pertaining mostly to the seemingly abundance of newcomers to the Café. Non-newcomers are also free to answer too but the trends I’m focusing on are more pertaining to those recently finding the Café or who new to this form of entertainment (just within the last year or two).

The questions are as follows:

1. What got you first interested in hypnosis, mentalism, or this type of entertainment?
Please explain how you first became interested and how you’ve proceeded to find us here at the Café.

2. How long have you been seriously pursuing these interests?
I say seriously meaning since you’ve taken action towards your interests, not like “since I was three years old or when I first came out of the womb, etc.”

3. Do you have any professional performing experience? If so how much or how long?
(I don’t want to get into a derailed debate about what the meaning of a “professional” is, so for the purpose of this survey, please accept professional” as meaning performing for a public, paid or professional audience (not family, friends, at my kids school or scouting event, for some people at a party I was at, etc.)

4. Are you currently Full-Time, Part-Time (as a paid professional) or as a hobby or enthusiast (not paid or not regularly paid)?

5. Is your interest in stage performing or street performing?

I look forward to your honesty and responses.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Jul 20, 2010 09:41AM)

I´ve long had an underlying interest in hypnosis, since my university days (about 13 years ago) and searched for information back then on the internet, but all I found was people selling courses so as a poor student never really learned anything back then. I picked up a copy of Derren Browns "Tricks Of The Mind" one christmas when I was back in the UK visiting family and I loved it. It was the first book I had ever found that actually explained some of the principles behind some of the techniques and knowledge that can be applied to mentalism. I thoroughly enjoyed the Derren Brown material that I had seen on television, and this book revived the flame of my interest in the whole area. I acquired a few books from his recommended reading list - Jean Hughgard, Mark Wilson etc and got started with cards. I´d also like to learn properly how to perform cold reading well, and become profficient in hypnosis.
I found the Café after googling some magic products to find reviews and where I could purchase them. Only signed up to the Café within the last few months though.

Seriously pursuing these interests - 1 year aprox. Buying and reading books, destroying decks of cards, trying to track down hypnosis training locally in spain without much success until now, "performing" (I use the term loosely) for friends in bars - all unpaid, impromtu settings.

No professional performing experience whatsoever.

I´m a non-professional hobbyist but dream of one day making a living out of my hobby. A friend of mine wants me to start performing, he was completely blown away a few card routines I did in a bar one evening. It´s a shame he saw my entire reportoire, and he was rather under the influence at the time! Every time I hear him tell people about the tricks I did the stories get better and more incredible!

If I could pick and choose, I´d do something like Stage Hypnosis, coupled perhaps with mentalism performances but in the mean time I´ll keep playing the lottery :)
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jul 20, 2010 11:27AM)
Thanks Owen, that's exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your honesty, references, and detailed explanations. Best of luck to you!
Message: Posted by: Shizentai (Jul 20, 2010 11:39AM)
1) To be frankly honest, it was the search for magic... The type of magic you believe in as a child. As an adult I wanted to be enchanted again. This may sound cheesy and perhaps it is. Still, it's this feeling that drew me in.

2) eight years, about since the time that my son was born... although no trick in the world could compete with that magic.

3) yes. I did the occasional paid performance. I have no intention of going pro, though. I have posted more about this in the "food for thought" section.

4) See above

5) well, I lack the guts for close-up, I lack the theatrical skills for stage. I know, because I have tried both. So, my environment is the parlour. You know, a semi-darkened room with 20 /30 spectators max. I have done it for more, but it's not my thing, so I'll stick with small groups. This is something I know I can do and my audiences seem to enjoy it as much as I do.
Message: Posted by: quicknotist (Jul 20, 2010 02:29PM)
Quick survey requiring long answers!
I decided to introduce myself and answer your survey (indirectly) here:

Message: Posted by: Muzz (Jul 21, 2010 01:07AM)
1) I first became interested in magic whilst at school, about 12 years ago and then at university I finally looked at magic a little more seriously and started to invest in magic books etc rather than the odd self working trick deck. This led me towards the sleight of hand side of card magic. However, I guess it was Derren Brown that got me interested in the Hypnosis side of magic.

2) Since university I have become more interested in actually performing magic - ie looking at the presentation of my magic etc. About 2 years ago I became interested in hypnotism as this looked like real magic and, on the whole, was prop free.

3) No professional performing experience yet, very much a hobbyist with ambition at the moment. I enjoy performing but I also love my day job so wouldn't want to leave it.

4) See above

5) Both stage performing and street performing interests me. I'm very into close up/walk around sort of magic so street hypnosis would probably suit my character better.
Message: Posted by: robaiken (Jul 21, 2010 10:08AM)
1.I first got interested about a two years ago, when a family friend came around who was a psychotherapist. I asked her about hypnosis and she explained some stuff to me and it got me really interested.

2. A year later I got the book "trick of the mind" by Derren Brown, I read the 'how to hypnotise section at lest 5 time'. Then I got a dvd on rapid and instant inductions. And how I have around about 10 dvds. I have read self help books and book on hypnosis which I got from the local library. Then I started doing magic tricks with a deck of cards and I've just stared mentalism

3. I have no performing experience.

4. Its a hobby unfortunately, I want to start performing but I'm not good enough yet

5. I would like to perform on stage, you can do more empressive things.