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Topic: Materials available
Message: Posted by: espmagic (Jul 25, 2010 08:01PM)
First post in this forum: after clearing out my office I ran across a number of books/videos of hypnosis instructions that I learned from, and now am trying to pass on - where is the best spot in the Café to do so? And, should I have any concerns over who might eventually get them? I only ask because as a performer I have heard many, many things about hypnotists, and after spending much on these courses I decided that the physical market I am in is not a good one for another hyp act (certainly not me, anyway!). So I want someone else to benefit from the materials I have...

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jul 25, 2010 09:03PM)
List them below in the Let's Make A Magic Deal forums. You can post them under the proper category such as books, CDs/DVDs, etc. The better listing description the better your chances of finding the right buyer(s).
Message: Posted by: kmpx18 (Jul 25, 2010 09:03PM)
Hi Lee, I guess my first question lies in what books/dvds do you posess? and secondly what are you asking for each? I may be interested