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Topic: Help with Sleights for thimble routine
Message: Posted by: tink (Apr 12, 2002 10:25AM)
Hey I need some help with the sleights for reappearing thimble? I can't seem to get it to reappear on my finger without me fumbling with it. Could I get some advice on how to keep it smooth?

Tink :(
Message: Posted by: Eric Grossman (Apr 12, 2002 01:11PM)
It's exactly the opposite of the TP move, that vanishes it. Check out Jeff McBride's Thimble, coin, and ball videos.
Message: Posted by: pyromagician (Apr 15, 2002 05:56AM)
Those vids are his "world class manipulation" series.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Apr 25, 2002 01:43PM)
I might also suggest "Now you see it, now you don't 1 & 2" by BIll Tarr.

Message: Posted by: M.P.D. (May 7, 2002 03:34AM)
digital effects is a great book for you to learn just about everything there is on the thimbles. but to make your thimble reappear all you have to do is work on it.
Message: Posted by: tink (Jun 26, 2002 10:30PM)
thank for your help and advice