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Topic: My Human Mirror
Message: Posted by: leinadnallareyem (Jul 31, 2010 03:27PM)
I have a human Mirror. A trusted friend who watches me perform and looks for tells and critiques my patter. Mostly he is familure with the simplest knowledge of a audience but he is quite focused on the routine. I ask him questions about the misdirection or ask him to explain to me the flow of the magic. He will also tell me if he sees something which is suspicious. For both close-up and parlor I find his help to be quite enlightening and also a good way to practice the more difficult moves without the jitters of performing a mistake free act. Anyone else use such a mirror?
Message: Posted by: Alex Rapattoni (Aug 7, 2010 09:18PM)
My fiancÚ is such a mirror for me. I like to consider her my "Director" she tells me what I can do to make things better. I usually show her my routines after about two hours of practice in front of the video camera(which I review myself every fifteen minutes or so). She is an invaluable resource in my making of magic moments! Every magician needs one of these "mirrors" or "directors"
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 19, 2011 07:57PM)
It is not exactly human (unless it's mine!) but a dog can make a good audience at rehearsal. If the dog watches what you want watched by the audience, your misdirection is working!

Bob Sanders
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