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Topic: Tenyo blog : need help ! Make your review of Tenyo trick
Message: Posted by: stereo (Jul 31, 2010 07:52PM)
Hello, I come to you to seek help for the Tenyo blog I created. I am not very good in English so I would like if someone wants help me to ask you to write an review of the Tenyo trick you prefer, or that the trick you think is the most clever, or the one that had the more successful when you have perform in public or even the Tenyo you hate. Whatever your choice, you can make short or long detailed, make the best and you will be credited when I publish it on the blog. If you have 10 minutes I your time do not hesitate to participate, I would be very grateful and I'd do the translation in French.
You can send me your review in Pm or in this topic, it's as you want ! Thank you so much.