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Topic: Small Silk Magnets
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jul 1, 2003 01:37PM)
Does anyone know where I can buy small silk magnets? Like the ones Pavel uses... or does anyone have a way to contact Pavel?

Message: Posted by: Phred (Jul 2, 2003 11:59AM)
Try Lee Valley Tools
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jul 3, 2003 09:55PM)
Wow, great website!!! Thanks Phred! I think that I am going to spend lots of money there... Not only magnets, but lots of stuff for the build it your selfer...

Thanks Again!
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jul 3, 2003 11:03PM)
Hi Mark:

Here is the email address that Pavel lists with his instructions:


Ron Reid
Message: Posted by: Phred (Jul 4, 2003 09:58AM)
Mark. Lee Valley is a great store. I spend a great deal of time there just looking at some of the cool stuff to get ideas.
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jul 10, 2003 07:51PM)
Ron, thanks for Pavel's e-mail address!!!