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Topic: Four For Ever by Henry Evans
Message: Posted by: Russell Davidson (Aug 2, 2010 09:25AM)
Can anyone who has this effect comment on the quality of the coins? It looks amazing & dispells any use of ]'s from what I can see.

Also if you know the difficulty level (1-5) for the sleights needed that'll be grand.

Many thanks
Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Aug 2, 2010 06:17PM)
Never heard of it. Searched with Google and couldn't find it. Is it a matrix effect?
Message: Posted by: Russell Davidson (Aug 3, 2010 02:19AM)
No, more like hopping halves with jumbo chinese coins. Not sure what you typed into Google but here's where it can be found -



& with a demo - http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk/Four_For_Ever_by_Henry_Evans__i11274.asp
Message: Posted by: professorwhut (Aug 3, 2010 06:55PM)
This is a scaled down version of Chinese Economy.
I have them both.
I really like the trick, need just a tad bit of space from spectator, IMHO.

Message: Posted by: Lou Cirulli (Aug 6, 2010 12:15AM)
I too have this! Takes up quite a bit of pocket space but it's a pretty good routine! Doesn't really give the "WOW" factor as much as the "oh, that's neat" factor.