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Topic: World's Most famous Scream
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Aug 20, 2010 01:15PM)
Who would have thought?

Message: Posted by: Carrie Sue (Aug 20, 2010 01:36PM)
It was bound to get into video games soon with all the geeks creating them who loved Star Wars as a kid. That's where I first heard it, of course, and as the Star Wars/Indy series wore on I recognized it each time.

It was some years before I found out its history.

I recently saw "Despicable Me" in the theater, and I am sure I heard the sound effect there, too.

So the craze goes on.


Long live The Wilhelm!
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Aug 20, 2010 09:39PM)
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdbYsoEasio]Here's a good video compilation of places you'll find the Wilhelm Scream[/url] (as it's known).
Message: Posted by: Bill Hallahan (Aug 20, 2010 10:40PM)
Doug, thanks - that's a scream! :)

Now I'll be listening for that in movies and games.
Message: Posted by: landmark (Aug 20, 2010 10:48PM)
Message: Posted by: LobowolfXXX (Aug 20, 2010 10:54PM)
On 2010-08-20 23:48, landmark wrote:

I loves me some Munch.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Aug 21, 2010 10:48AM)
On 2010-08-20 23:40, Bill Hallahan wrote:
Doug, thanks - that's a scream! :)

Now I'll be listening for that in movies and games.

Yeah. Now it will be like someone saying "Whatever you do, DO NOT picture a blue elephant!"
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 21, 2010 02:26PM)
Want to know something else that will stick in a magician's brain?? from now on, everytime you see 8:08 on a clock, it will remind you of a deck of Bicycle Poker cards. You've been warned.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Aug 21, 2010 02:57PM)
If you're interested in that stuff, you can do/undo those associations pretty easily if you want. It's 808 and you won't hear that scream because instead it will be Ensign Chekhov's voice from a Star Trek episode.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Aug 22, 2010 12:18AM)
Here's a bunch more films in a compilation... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YDpuA90KEY&feature=related
Message: Posted by: Woland (Aug 22, 2010 09:20AM)
Is it the Wilhelm Scream in here, too?


That would explain a lot.