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Topic: Mama Mia rope routine
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Jul 5, 2003 04:55PM)
Good evening to all,

I am researching various rope routines and have not been able to locate anything on Aldo Colombini's Mama Mia Rope Routine; performance video, DVD, book, manuscript etc.

I've checked Aldo's site but it doesn't seem to be there.


Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: doofydafus (Jul 5, 2003 05:20PM)
Hi Vincent
Aldo no longer sells it himsef, but you can get it from Camirand Magic at http://www.camirandmagic.com/

Great routine, BTW. Get thee to Camirand. :)

Message: Posted by: Vincent (Jul 5, 2003 07:37PM)

Thank you very much for that information. I hadn't thought about Camirand.

All The Best,
Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: Harlequin (Jun 29, 2004 01:31AM)
I recently had the pleasure of seeing Aldo Colombini perform this live in Australia and it's a great trick.

Now I know there is a trick that is either the same or similar to the 'Mama Mia Rope Routine' called the 'Jumping Knot of Pakistan.' I am wondering if you or anyone else has heard of this trick?
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Jun 30, 2004 11:47PM)

Yes, I have heard of it and recently purchased it from someone right here on the Café. To be honest, I have only watched Daryl's performance on Vol. 3 of his rope videos. I liked the routine very much. It moved at a nice pace, was entertaining and seemed next to impossible. So it had good effect. I'm looking forward to working on it in the very near future.

The one other thing that I would point out is that in my opinion the 'Mama Mia Rope Routine', is also an extremely entertaining routine, although different. I happen to give preference to the Aldo routine.

Take care,
Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Jul 6, 2004 10:25PM)

I have the manuscript and video I would be happy to sell you for $15.

Let me know...