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Topic: What's happening?
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Sep 2, 2010 06:10PM)
I am wondering what is up with the Magic Menu. Is it just late or is it over?
I hope all is well with you and yours Jim.
Message: Posted by: Jim Sisti (Sep 4, 2010 12:25AM)
The summer 2010 issue is nearly complete and will be in the hands of subscribers shortly thereafter.

We have not made a decision yet regarding the next volume as the subscription numbers fell a bit short of our target projection for the first volume. There are a few alternative options we are considering, however, other than simply not continuing so we're not definitely calling it a day just yet.
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Sep 4, 2010 06:52AM)
Sorry to hear about the numbers. But nice to see you are working on an alternate.
I look forward to the new issue and maybe a new incarnation on the Menu.
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Sep 5, 2010 09:44AM)
Thank you for the update Jim.

Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Sep 20, 2010 09:15AM)
Yes. I was surprised when my automatic subscription renewal was refunded. Curious to hear more about the future...
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Oct 10, 2010 08:41PM)
It's now fall. Did the summer issue ever come out?
If so, then it must have gotten lost somewhere along the way to me.
Message: Posted by: bsears (Oct 15, 2010 12:38PM)
I haven't received an issue in a while. Last one I got was Spring 2010. I also signed up for a year subscription and only received 3 issues, so I'm definitely curious what is going on.
Message: Posted by: greatscott (Oct 15, 2010 02:05PM)
I have not recieved an issue in some time, as well. And I haven't even been contacted about renewal.
Message: Posted by: Jim Sisti (Oct 16, 2010 07:42PM)
Here's the scoop. The last issue for this current volume is nearing completion. I'm just waiting for a couple of columns and I'll be able to wrap it up. Rest assured that all subscribers will receive the four issues they've paid for, albeit somewhat late.

Now for the bad news. We never received the amount of subscribers that would make it financially feasible to continue into another volume. The community has voted with their pocketbooks so The Magic Menu will not be continuing past the next issue in its present form. There are other options and offers that I am presently considering, but a print magazine, sadly, is not among them.

Thanks for the support, both to contributors and for those of you who subscribed. Back issues will continue to be available on the website.
Message: Posted by: bsears (Oct 18, 2010 11:58AM)
Thanks for the update Jim. I'm sorry to hear the sad news.
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Nov 15, 2010 05:22PM)
OK, whoever is late, get your column in.
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (May 10, 2011 09:59PM)
So...whatever happened?
Message: Posted by: bobn3 (May 16, 2011 03:23PM)
Will those of us who subscribed get the Summer 2010 issue in the summer of 2011?

Bob Phillips
Message: Posted by: greatscott (May 20, 2011 10:12AM)
On 2011-05-10 22:59, Mike Maturen wrote:
So...whatever happened?

I'm wondering that myself. Does anyone know anything?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (May 20, 2011 10:25AM)
No, but I'm not worried. Jim is one of the good guys.

Message: Posted by: MrGoodfriend (May 30, 2011 01:16AM)
I guess I should have read the forum before putting my $40 in July 2010. Even after phone calls and emails, I have been assured of getting 4 issues, that they were on their way to the printer in Dec... Jan... Feb... so here it is May/June 2011... Sure wish that printer wasn't copying all the issues by hand with feather quill. We could get them a little faster if he weren't. Too bad the good guys like Jim are having their reputations smudged by those terrible printers and mailers and whoever else has caused the uncontrollable delays...
Message: Posted by: bsears (May 31, 2011 11:43AM)
Regardless of who is responsible, it reflects negatively on Jim.