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Topic: Happy New Year to my Jewish friends
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 8, 2010 06:34AM)
The Jewish high holiday is upon us, and I would like to wish my Jewish friends happy Rosh Hashanah.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Sep 8, 2010 04:45PM)
Thank you brutha.
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Sep 8, 2010 09:01PM)
Thanks Al.

Are you a New Yorker originally? 'cause that's a very new york pronunciation :)

Canonically, its closer to Rosh HaShonah.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 8, 2010 09:43PM)
I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, and I got the spelling form a google search.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Sep 8, 2010 10:18PM)
So you are from a suburb of New York.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 9, 2010 06:45AM)
I guess you could call eastern Pa. and all of New Jersey a New York suburbs. My wife and I play in Manhattan.
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Sep 9, 2010 10:20AM)
Heh. Well its transliteration of Hebrew so really any of may spellings are perfectly legit.

Was just curious though because the "hahSHAnah" pronunciation is very NYC :) Its how I heard it growing up but, having read the Hebrew, "SHO" really is more correct vowelization.

Ofcourse all vowels in Hebrew are a bit of a guess anyway, as the actual Torah is vowel-less. (And space-less. Its not really a book. Its more of a stream of consenants that's used as a memory-aid for what is fudamementally an oral tradition.)
Message: Posted by: landmark (Sep 9, 2010 11:31PM)
Maybe it's a Sephardic/Ashkenazi thing.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Sep 10, 2010 12:30AM)
I'm trying to figure out how Jeff can tell how Al pronounces something from his spelling....Al isn't a great speller ya know.