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Topic: Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 19, 2010 11:55PM)
[b]Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal[/b]



[b]DVD Description:[/b] [i]An assembly of four odd-backed kings combining ease of handling with a smooth, unforgettable ride.

No Gaffed Cards.
No Gaffed Anything.

The assembly of four cards is a classic plot, and the incorporation of four odd-backed cards in an assembly, a Lynn Searles idea, makes for greater impact, clarity and additional magical moments.

Red Streamlined Convertible is David Regal's elegantly structured card routine that melds existing concepts with his own in a way that almost magically economizes on sleights, moves and excess handling.

Well within the abilities of the average magician, yet a powerful vehicle for amazement.

Running Time: approximately 44 mins[/i].


Anyone who has studied the pasteboards for any length of time quickly realizes that card assemblies seem to be a dime a dozen - they are everywhere. Virtually every magazine from Pabular and Apocalypse to MAGIC and Genii have published a multitude of them and that's not even counting the material found within the pages of books!

That said, I think there is certainly a reason for so many variations on a single plot - people seem to really enjoy seeing them when presented well. ;)

[b]Red Streamlined Convertible[/b] is Mr. Regal's latest addition to the assembly family. A hybrid of two previous Regal routines (See [b]Star Quality[/b] and [b]Close-up and Personal[/b]), the latest entry is a result of David's Meticulous attention to detail and at the same time shows his creative side having a pit bull mentality when it comes to perfecting a magic routine.
I'm serious. David could have easily left this plot alone but chose instead to persue this to what well may be its final destination...at least for now. :bwink:

So let's get to it: The ad copy above is correct - there are no gaffs and you begin cold and definitely end clean. The DVD itself is just over half an hour in length but contains everything you'll need to know in order to perform this bad boy for your own spectators. You will need to supply a couple decks of cards (any brand will work), one red and the other blue.

Is this easy to do? Well, that depends on what you invision as easy to do. I say its pretty easy, how's that?

I say this because there are indeed a few false displays and subtleties that may scare some of you beginners. Think Elmsley and Jordan with a little Marlo thrown in for good measure. ;)

If the idea of a few moves makes you a little nervous don't worry because David actually takes the time to go over all the details. Those of you who already know the skinny should fly through with absolutely no difficulties.

The DVD is produced by [b]Wayne Houchin[/b] and is put together suprisingly well save the fact that there are several times when the camera goes in and out of focus. Now, while this is probably a moot point it does bother me. Not enough to keep me from enjoying it, but it was a bit annoying. I guess as someone who has produced my own share of videos I am probably a bit sensitive to such things. ;)

Having said all of that, I do like this trick a lot and can hardly wait to start using this in my own demonstrations. This is hard hitting magic that will easily slay a lay audience and even fool magicians. Highly recommended.


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