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Topic: Stack?
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Sep 20, 2010 08:01AM)
I bought the Imemorize App withought thinking that I could put my own stack in but you can't, can anyone help me out and point me in the direction of the App that allows you to input your own stack please>

Message: Posted by: Michael J (Sep 20, 2010 08:49AM)
Hi Darren,

I don't know the APP for a memeorised stack but if you click on the link below, you will go to a site where you can input your own stack system. You can also download it and play with it off line.

It's very good and the young man is providing it free or just send him a small donation.


Hope that this helps

Message: Posted by: Max Krause (Sep 20, 2010 09:23AM)
Try "stacked deck" in app store search.

Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Sep 20, 2010 11:37AM)
[url=http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stacked-deck/id321808520?mt=8]Click here, and [i]Stacked Deck[/i] will open in iTunes[/url].

The nice thing about [i]Stacked Deck[/i] is that you can enter your own custom stack if you have one. If you're using a standard one (Aronson/Tamariz/Breakthrough/Joyal), you can type in the name, and it will fill out the stack for you.
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Sep 20, 2010 12:01PM)
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Sep 20, 2010 02:28PM)
You're welcome.

There are also many good flashcard programs that would work well, too. If you need card graphics and other goodies for those, check out my [url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/2008/06/memorized-deck-online-toolbox.html]Memorized Deck Online Toolbox[/url].
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Sep 23, 2010 12:53AM)
This is what I was looking for