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Topic: My new trick idea called Poof!
Message: Posted by: MagicNut (Jul 12, 2003 05:19AM)
Wouldn't it be cool if you could take a full matchbook open the cover and light the match heads in full view, close the cover to extinguish the flames, open and reveal all matches intact. To show they are in fact real pull as many as you want and strike them on the striker.

I'm really excited about this!! For one reason, matches can be freely examined after doing this trick! Nothing to palm or remove, no sleights, easy for the beginner.

What do you think of this idea?

Have you heard of an effect like this one? If so please direct me to that trick.
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Jul 12, 2003 09:21AM)
Hi MagicNut,

It is a nice effect. But I think it's already been invented. Check out "Flash Transpo" at http://www.Online-Visions.com the burning portion of Shane's effect looks very similar. Although his is ungaffed, I think it's based on a gaffed version by Grant. Talk to Shane about this; I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

Best of luck,
Message: Posted by: lesterkirad (Jul 12, 2003 12:02PM)
Here is a link to "flash transpo".

An advantage of your version over flash transpo is that yours involves one matchbook, which might seem a little more direct. However, the effect of flash can be done using just one matchbox as well but it eliminates the routine of the trick and makes it seem like a quickie effect that isn't as mysterious. If your effect uses a different method than flash does, there might be some reworking that could apply the principle of your effect to make it a little stronger. If it uses the same method, then I think that flash transpo is a pretty good routine that I can't think of how to improve at the moment.
Message: Posted by: MagicNut (Jul 13, 2003 08:09PM)
Mine is nothing like transpo.

I use one matchbook, and I light the matches in full view. If I get this to work right you will see the flame from the lighter touch the match heads and ignite the whole pack.

Then almost by magic you can pull them out and strike them and they light. And they wouldn't be burnt. No gimmicks, no switches, can be handed out for examination.
Message: Posted by: djvirtualreality (Jul 14, 2003 01:21PM)
This sounds like a cool effect. :cool:
Message: Posted by: UNREAL (Jul 14, 2003 04:42PM)
No gimmicks? So would this be marketed as a booklet/pamphlet?
Message: Posted by: MagicNut (Jul 14, 2003 04:52PM)
Most likely yes. Or I can sell the trick that can be used for several performances and include a manuscript that teaches you how to make it yourself. You would never have to buy one ever again.

This would be like bill to matches. After the bill wore out I would make a new one for myself. Same idea.
Message: Posted by: kuffs (Jul 15, 2003 02:16PM)
Please when available contact me, I am interested :P

I will use it for a back in time presentation...

Read you soon

Message: Posted by: MagicNut (Jul 16, 2003 08:35PM)
Hopefully I will have a demo early next week.
Message: Posted by: Donny Orbit (Jul 21, 2003 06:02AM)
Jay Sankey has an effect that uses one matchbook and some flash paper that would give you almost the exact same results. The only benefit yours would have is showing the matches actually burning. That would be a plus for some, but would lose the impromptu feel that Sankey's has. With his you can borrow a matchbook. With yours it is gimmicked. Time will tell though.

Message: Posted by: GarySumpter (Mar 8, 2006 11:28AM)
To me the effect seems pointless.

Light, extinguish, relight.

Not being funny, but as a layperson, would you really be impressed at all if you saw that?

Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Mar 9, 2006 04:23PM)
Wouldn't it stink the place up?