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Topic: School, Focus on Street Magic Las Vegas
Message: Posted by: Lady Vee (Oct 19, 2010 05:17AM)
Well.... just back from the Focus on Street Magic in Las Vegas with Jeff McBride and Mario Morris. It was a great time. I was lucky enough to be part of the weekend having travelled with Mario from the UK to Las Vegas for the course and few days to enjoy Vegas. I was there to help out in anyway I could, learn from Jeff and Mario and the other students and generally be an ambassador for the School of Busking and support the team in anyway I could.

Jeff's style of teaching is unique and it was great to be around him and the high energy he creates around him. His house, which is in essence the 'School' is as magicial an experience as you could want. Him and Abby have created a wonderful, ambient, interesting, magicial home that lends itself exceptionally well to teaching with the aid of a wonderful library and dance space as well as their wonderful house! Thanks Jeff and Abby for making us feel so welcome.

The students came from all walks of lifes and I learnt something from each and everyone of them. There was good feeling of comradeship and it was a very safe and supportive environment for everyone to learn/practice and perform - this was created by Jeff and his team and Mario.

Saturday was about been at the Ren. Fayre and getting out there and performing and learning from each other or learning new effects/skills on a one to one basis. It was great to watch some of the Las Vegas Street performers shows at the Fayre. Mario did his new show which includes some great new effects/slights and combines magic with circus/side show for his finale. The Americans loved him and loved his show and in particular his new production, drew cheers and gasps from the crowd! This show is a lot of fun!

Sunday was a bit more like our own School of Busking and Mario concentrated on each and every students show - each student performed their show at the Fayre - and Mario gave them individual feedback at the end of the day, so every student had time and feedback on their performance and tools and advice they can take away from there and use to become even better performers.

Here is a link of Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride - talking about the weekend.

I hope to get more footage/photos posted soon. We are on the road again though and our next stop is Southern Spain so I'll download and edit in between travelling.

Great to meet everyone at the Course - I feel that we have made some new friends.

Message: Posted by: Chris Tennant (Nov 18, 2010 05:09PM)
Wish I could have gone, but I am going to try and make the next one in May. Hope your well and see you guys in Blackpool!