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Topic: Howdy
Message: Posted by: Zoto (Oct 23, 2010 12:34PM)
Hey All!

I am a Full time electrician, part time evening and weekend clinical hypnotist. I was trained at the Infinity Institute and went right into the IMDHA and a year later joined the National Guild of Hypnotists. I work out of the local health food store, Alternative Health Specialists, and regularly see clients.

I originally came to this site seeking help with magic and was unaware of the hypnosis forum. I am a Shrine Clown and do a variety of up close magic and was asked to do some stage work at a Hafla. (Belly dancer party for and about belly dancers..) Oh and could it be 3-5 minutes, and could it be set to music? I got a lot of good advice and ended up doing a dancing cane routine. Wish I had video..

I love clowning at that is what has drawn me to hypnosis. I just finished thirteen shows working the Circus and was on my way home rolling with that natural high thinking what else can I do that is this much fun? I don't know what triggered the thought but once I was home I found myself searching for hypnotic training..

Ofcourse my tuition assistance at work would only pay for personal advancement and degree seeking education. They would pay for clinical training but not stage specific.. So I took what they would pay for figuring it would serve me well later. I think it has, yet I am not working on stage as I would like.
I have done five shows, two paying, two demos, and a charity benefit. Only one was rough, a paying show where they were told to expect a magician.. They still had fun, lots of laughs and I've been invited back this xmas..
Now at work they have changed the rules so only degree seeking courses are paid. I have degrees in business and marine technology as well as being a journeyman electrician, I am consididering a degree psychology.
I would like to concentrate on stage for my CEU's but there hasn't been a lot offered locally and the conventions have not been convient for my family needs.

Message: Posted by: JonChase (Oct 27, 2010 12:21PM)
For hypnosis Jerry I would suggest mentoring rather than formal 'training' for you - already having the handle on both the entertainment and hypnotising thangs. The trick now is coming up with a style and approach to fit You rather than you trying to fit them.
Message: Posted by: Zoto (Oct 27, 2010 05:09PM)
Thanks Jon!

Mentoring? I like the idea of that. What would be a good way to find mentors? What qualities make a good mentor?

Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Oct 27, 2010 05:24PM)
Lots of us here bought a few good books or CDs and just booked a show and got stuck in. I think that approach has a lot to recommend it. I would begin with Eddie Burke's book of stage and cabaret hypnotism, available through his website http://www.mreenterprises.co.uk. It is very stage specific, and very good at getting you through your first few shows.