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Topic: Restaurant magic advice
Message: Posted by: Habu (Nov 1, 2010 01:33PM)
I have been doing birthday and special event magic for several years at an arcade/inflatables party business (Chippy's Paradise). A restaurant is opening next door. They have approached me about a dinner theatre arrangement where I would put on a show on Friday or Saturday, possibly up to four shows. There is also the possibility of doing busking before, between or after the shows.

This is something I have never done. Since the Chippy's books out their floorspace for a teen dance club on Friday and Saturday evenings, I am available for the gigs and am considering taking it on.

This is a new restaurant, however. It is at an existing restaurant location, but new business in this location. I know restaurants fail more times than not, and I don't know the owners well at all. So there are a lot of unknowns here.

I would do anything from rope and coin magic to a chair suspension or guillotine as well as parlor magic (square circle / what's next). I will not be doing anything like zig-zag, modern art etc.

I am seeking advice as to general considerations in this case. Any words to the wise on contracts, fees, cautions, good or bad experiences and so on would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,