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Topic: Dai Vernon's Slow Motion Card Vanish...
Message: Posted by: tobini (Nov 4, 2010 08:38AM)
Hi there,
I've recently seen a very old vintage video of the Professor...it's so old, he has dark hair... :^) The 30-second video shows him openly vanish a playing card, show his hands open and then produce it again. Can you please point me in the direction for help with this? I have a place in a routine where this could be a really big "WOW". Thank you all for your help.

Yours, for the Fun,
Eddie Tobey aka Tobini
Message: Posted by: Uli Weigel (Nov 4, 2010 10:01AM)
It's described in the booklet "Early Vernon" authored by Dai Vernon & Faucett Ross.
Message: Posted by: RS1963 (Nov 4, 2010 03:05PM)
It may work for you tobini but be very aware that it isn't going to be as easy as you think it may be. But even more so not all that practical. I honestly have not seen anyone do it other than Vernon.
Message: Posted by: Piqsirpoq (Nov 5, 2010 12:49AM)
As you might have guessed, it is very very very angly, you can pretty much perform it only for one person. Works great for a promo video though!
Message: Posted by: MagicJuggler (Nov 11, 2010 04:11AM)
I've found it can be very difficult depending on the shape of your hands. It's definately a trick best done on TV as the angles are very limited. It's also on the revelations videos, and the professor himself said that it's best for TV, or just one person.
Message: Posted by: spcarlson (Oct 8, 2011 07:24PM)
I believe it's also in Ultimate Card Secrets, page 103.