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Topic: Looking for a table
Message: Posted by: rockthemike (Dec 12, 2010 12:57AM)
Hey y'all
I carry my act around in a med/lg doctor's bag and usually only need one chair at my shows.
But I've added some things that I could benefit using a table i.e. chop cup.
Does anyone know of a table that suits my needs of moderately durable and easily transportable?

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Dec 12, 2010 02:50AM)
A folding table, based on the Harbin design, is probably just what you need: http://cgi.ebay.com/HARBIN-FOLDING-TABLE-Wood-Magicians-Stage-Magic-Trick-/170517779658

It also looks magical as it comes out of your bag if you let it open up simultaneously.
Message: Posted by: Bob1Dog (Dec 12, 2010 12:17PM)
Michael, why don't you post your needs in the For Sale or Trade Forum as WTB (want to buy) or LF (looking for) ?

I've found that forum to be very helpful in locating things I'm looking for and at good prices too! Good Luck! Bob
Message: Posted by: rockthemike (Dec 12, 2010 02:25PM)
Looking into both of these options! Thanks guys.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Dec 12, 2010 03:01PM)
For a while I used to use a jack stand (waiters use them to hold large trays) table with a top and stashed my bag below on the lower rungs. Later I made an upholstery bag that hung under with a two part lid (to give access to the bag while using the front lid as a surface) and an insert to make the bottom flat. If you make a nice cover for the top it can look pretty good. I used velcro to attach the top to the stand. Tom got the Jack stand in trade for some restaurant work but you could get one from a restaurant supply. This can be a cheap and portable interim table.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: Ken Dumm (Dec 12, 2010 03:57PM)
In Stand Tables....I wouldn't go to a show without one in my bag...


Message: Posted by: Floyd Collins (Dec 12, 2010 04:22PM)
I combined my case and it becomes my stand. I made my own but it looks like this one here, but my case is a bit larger and deeper.


I carry my whole show in the case and a small box. One trip in one trip out.
Message: Posted by: DanielCoyne (Dec 12, 2010 04:42PM)
Check out the "Where To Put It All" forum -- lots of discussion about tables there. I use a music stand with the top angled flat. Percussion tables are also a great choice.

Message: Posted by: dmm (Dec 18, 2010 10:39PM)
INSTAND all the way.....they are great and durable and the lightest thing you can find, plus they travel great!
Message: Posted by: Al Leach (Dec 22, 2010 10:14PM)
My favorite table is the Nielsen Roll On
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 24, 2010 11:20PM)
If you simply need a small but steady working surface, a tall bar stool may work for you. You can even find ones that fold. I use one in some of my performances. They're inexpensive.