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Topic: NYC Mem deck users’ meetup
Message: Posted by: Damon Zale (Dec 13, 2010 02:17PM)
I am really into mem deck magic and have long since mastered the Aronson stack. For a while now I wanted to find other people who are into this branch of magic in general and ideally know the AS specifically to session/share experiences with in person. I don’t really know any magicians in real life, only books, videos and here (it’s very sad). I live on Staten Island NY , if you live near New York Metro area and interested please PM me.
Message: Posted by: Doug McKenzie (Dec 13, 2010 02:49PM)
Come to the Mayne lecture at Tannens tomorrow. We'll al go out for a drink after
Message: Posted by: Damon Zale (Dec 15, 2010 01:49PM)
Hi Doug,
Thank you very much for that, I am afraid I didn't manage to make it. I did see some other gatherings mentioned on Tannen's website , including a Saturday get together . Do you recommend? If so, as soon as I am back from Florida I will have to check it out.
Message: Posted by: JimMaloney (Dec 19, 2010 11:22AM)
On Saturday afternoons, go to Café Rustico on 35th between 5th and 6th. You'll find a lot of guys there.
Message: Posted by: Damon Zale (Dec 20, 2010 09:51AM)
Yep, will def. give it a shot either the 1st or more likely the 8th. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Damon Zale (May 24, 2011 08:39AM)
Jim, do you always turn up at Café Rustico? Is there always someone there? I was thinking of going this Sat but want to make sure there is actually someone there.