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Topic: gimmicking a candle
Message: Posted by: zeroG (Jul 22, 2003 08:47AM)
Hi everybody,
I am looking for some reference material. Does anyone know of documentation on building props involving fire?
The subject of my post is what I'd like to do. I'd like to build a candle that I could control a stream of butane or other gas to flare up at my command.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
-Zero G
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jul 23, 2003 07:23AM)
McBride's Candle is the closest thing to what you require...
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jul 24, 2003 10:55PM)
But McBrides candle requires very active/aggressive handling to light, etc.

That isn't a problem for most conventional uses of McBrides Candle, and I love mine, but for this type of application it would seem to be.

The hard parts are starting and stopping the flame with some level of control. The middle part (when it is just burning) is easy.

To accomplish what you want, you have two issues; ignition, and fuel flow to control.

Not easy. But if the candles can be big (fat) enough and/or have a large enough holder or base, you might be able to do something....although I can't think of a complete solution that would meet your stated need.

Good luck. And Be careful.

Message: Posted by: zeroG (Jul 25, 2003 10:37AM)
I have a pretty good idea on how I'm going to build my prop. I'm sure that it will require some trial and error. Will the jet of gas extinguish my candle's flame and things like that. One good thing is that I won't have to worry about it being examined, I'll be using it durring a seance.
Message: Posted by: CardFan (Jul 25, 2003 02:13PM)
You will find ideas in Magician Arsenal by Lee Scott.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Jul 31, 2003 05:36PM)
You might be able to do it by drilling a hole vertically through the candle. Then insert a piece of metal tubing (available from hobby model shops) so that its upper end is adjacent to and level with the base of the wick. The bottom end of the tube would stick out of the bottom of the candle and be attached to a rubber or plastic tube terminating in a squeeze bulb (like the plate lifter gimmick). When the bulb is squeezed (possibly by your foot) it blows a bit of lycopodium (sold by magic shops as "dragon fire") past the burning candle wick. That should give you a short but spectacular flare up.

This idea probably needs some refinement but it's a start. Hope it helps.

Message: Posted by: trey (Jun 4, 2008 12:30AM)
That is a great idea!