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Topic: Rope routine without patter...
Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Dec 26, 2010 02:41AM)

I was testing my new camera and lighting setup last night when everyone was in bed and used my rope routine as the test subject...

here it is without patter but if you can imagine: "when I was a little boy..." then " ...a teenager with greasy hair" through the "...midlife crisis..." "...kids..." etc.

this is also not my stage or close-up outfit :)

Ropes of Hope...

Message: Posted by: RickVancouver (Dec 26, 2010 04:45AM)
Nice routine Timothy (and video production). I would've liked to see the routine with some dramatic pauses, other than that, a great routine. Well done.

Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Dec 26, 2010 11:15AM)

Thanks a lot... will video the stage routine in the New Year... in costume and with pauses :)
Message: Posted by: Christopher Lyle (Dec 28, 2010 09:51AM)

First the good stuff...

I think you work great with Rope. It's obvious to me that you're quite skilled with rope and have "the moves" down. The video production/quality was also top notch.

Now for the not so good stuff...

Whereas I loved the quality of the production, I didn't really like the graphics that were running behind you. They were very distracting and I thought it took the focus off of you. I have quite a lot of "studio shot" footage where I'm just performing for the camera and I have found that it's best to just have a neutral background so all the focus is on what I'm doing.

I also thought the soundtrack was a bit "campy/cheesy."

I also agree with Rick...some pauses would play great in a routine like this. For me, it just looked like very well shot rehearsal footage to make sure you've got the moves down, which you obviously do. But I want you to make me care about seeing it.

Overall...it was good stuff. Fix a few things and I think it will be great!

Message: Posted by: writeall (Jan 21, 2011 11:13PM)
Just ran across this and I'd like to say I enjoyed it very much.
Message: Posted by: tegib (Jan 22, 2011 03:26PM)
I think that the whole routine looks great.
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Feb 20, 2011 07:02AM)
I like the routine... Thanks for sharing it with the community.