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Topic: Wonderful Curtis Kam on YouTube
Message: Posted by: foolsnobody (Dec 29, 2010 01:45AM)
The story trick: what a great idea, to do diamond bar with coins instead of cards!

Also loved in his current favorite trick the routining of and variation on the three effects ending with a cap and pence with a bottle cap! Terrific thinking.

What I most admire though about Curtis is he seems so friendly and laid back, that even the most nervous spectator is put immediately at her ease. Now *that's magic.*
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Dec 29, 2010 03:24AM)
Do you have a link?

Message: Posted by: Wes65 (Dec 29, 2010 08:35AM)
While we wait for the link here is something from Curtis that I enjoyed. Some great spectator involvement.

Message: Posted by: Chris W (Dec 29, 2010 10:06AM)
Thanks Wes. That was a great clip to watch. Such good interaction, and as you said, great spectator involvement!
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Dec 29, 2010 01:26PM)
for the first part of the routine where the coins vanish from the spectator's hand, did you consider the possibility to make them reappear each time under the bottle cap (rather than just in your expert hands) using the Gallo Pitch? This would be a nice way to set the spectator ready for the second part with the st**k
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Dec 29, 2010 01:46PM)
Dern. And I could have been to the Franklin Park lecture but I didn't know about it. I need to pay attention to stuff like that. You know what I like about Mr. Kam's magic? It looks like magic.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Dec 29, 2010 03:16PM)
@foolsnobody, thanks for the "wonderful", that's the closest that word's been to my name in a while, and I hope it catches on.

For anyone seeking more wonderfulness, my buddy Tom Dobrowolski is the newly appointed media mogul for KamWorld Entertainment, and is single-handedly making me an internet sensation by posting bits from one Saturday in Midwest Magic on YouTube. (Just imagine the damage he could do if he used both hands.) Drop by "you Ought to Be in Pictures" for the rest of the clips.

The story trick referenced is the world's easiest handling of "Hanging Coins", where the work is all mental, rather than physical. The presentation was a brilliant suggestion by Mike Close, who was the first to observe that that joke matches the action of David Roth's "Hanging Coins" exactly.

The routine Lawrence O mentions is my handling of Terry Lynn's "Seven Pennies". The original is an absolutely magical routine, much more so than Coins Across, and not a bit harder to do. If more magicians started out by learning this trick, rather than coins across, the world would be a much better place. You can find it in Buckley's "Principles and Deceptions" and reprinted in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

I like the idea of involving the bottle cap earlier, but perhaps I'll use it with a different effect. I'm still playing with the way the coins appear in the Lynn trick, but I think it should be about the spectator, and her hands. That's why I have her mime the last transfer. I wonder, though, if perhaps it would be better to present these appearances as penetrations? Perhaps the trick should focus solely on the coins coming through the spectator's hands? That would make the ending penetration more consistent, but perhaps, too predictable. I've found that in performance, the straight line from point A to point B is dull, and wandering about aimlessly is also. Curved lines are interesting.

I'd be happy to hear any and all suggestions here. Who knows, we might discover something?
Message: Posted by: doug brewer (Dec 29, 2010 05:20PM)
Dear Mr. Wonderful: Where are these links to more of your routines from Saturday? Do we search Youtube under "KamWorld Entertainment", or simply "wonderful"?

Thanks, dude. A very strong routine (with the cap and coins)

Doug "Mildly Magnificent" Brewer
Message: Posted by: tegib (Dec 29, 2010 06:21PM)

Here is a video where you can see Curtis Kam performing his laser coins routine.It starts at 6 minutes
Message: Posted by: feher (Dec 29, 2010 08:42PM)
That was one of the best routines I've seen this year. I do the 7 penny routine all the time and it gets great reactions. But, Curtis's rendition just puts mine to shame. Curtis brings that routine into a whole new level. Just wonderful !
Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: foolsnobody (Dec 30, 2010 01:05AM)
I got there from a link on the Café but don't ask me to remember where it was!
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Dec 31, 2010 05:54AM)
Here's a few Curtis Kam videos that I found. I have the first 4 Palms of steel DVDs and they are packed full of great routines. The following are new routines I believe.

Curtis Kam performing at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, Illinois December 2010

Talk Story

Dance of the Thumbs (3 Fly with a great backfire!)

Palms of Steel 5 trailer

kind regards
Message: Posted by: dduane (Dec 31, 2010 10:17AM)
Hi Curtis,

My suggestion for your cap & coins routine: Don't change a thing. It's perfect and wonderful!

Thanks for your recommendations, too.

Dennis D.
Message: Posted by: John Carey (Jan 1, 2011 10:12AM)
I have already told this to Curtis in conversation, the way he finishes the 7 coin routine to get into copper silver is BRILLIANT in my opinion.

Message: Posted by: jazzy snazzy (Jan 1, 2011 10:38AM)
Great work Curtis.
Message: Posted by: MICKEY SILVER (Jan 1, 2011 02:39PM)
" SIMLPY STUNNING CURTIS, like all your COIN work !!!! The Thinking behind your COIN work is toally outstanding!!!!!!!! "I JUST LOVE WATCHING YOU PERFORM AS WELL"

Message: Posted by: John Long (Jan 1, 2011 04:32PM)
I have notice Lynn's 7 penny trick for some time, but after seeing Curtis' rendition, spectator involvement and in their hands, I am going to add Lynn's seven penny routine to my Hospital walk-around.

Thanks for sharing this.
Message: Posted by: Nicholas young (Feb 5, 2011 03:57PM)
All I could think of was "I don't want this to be over!", no really great job, I love the atmosphere, you seem like a humble guy with a talent for coins. Thanks for sharing!
Message: Posted by: Jimmy Joza (Feb 5, 2011 05:39PM)
Sweet and smooth routine.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Feb 6, 2011 05:05AM)
Very nice, as usual .. :) ...
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Feb 6, 2011 11:08AM)
Curtis is one of the all time best.
Message: Posted by: Agaton (Feb 6, 2011 04:10PM)
Wonderful routine indeed. The spectator is very involved and everybody loves it! Excellent work!
Message: Posted by: Wes65 (Feb 8, 2011 03:19PM)
On 2011-02-05 16:57, Nicholas young wrote:
All I could think of was "I don't want this to be over!"

Well put.
Message: Posted by: sal (Feb 9, 2011 11:04PM)
Wonderful just Wonderful indeed! Love it
Curtis always makes my eyes pop.