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Topic: Radio Help.
Message: Posted by: RSD (Dec 29, 2010 03:31PM)
I need some help guys.

I scored a great gig on my city's top radio station's morning show. Once a week, I come in the studio and hypnotize guests or listeners. Its has taken off realy well, and has proven to be successful. I have been doing it now for about 4 months. I am starting to run out of fresh new material.

I would be great if some of you could perhaps post some ideas to help get through this writers block. I don't care how silly or stupid you think it is, just post it - it may help spawn some ideas.

The show's demos are males 16-55. The show is a gritty, sexual, and slightly adult themed (as much as it could for radio). Although the show is webcast, it's attention is on terrestial radio. We do a good job at painting the picture for the listeners, but the most successful bits have been audio based.

Here are some samples of previous appearances:


Thanks in advance!

PS: No lectures on safety of volunteers or getting hypnotized via the radio waves. Just suggestions for bits please. :)
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Dec 29, 2010 04:33PM)
Are you paying for ideas?
Message: Posted by: RSD (Dec 30, 2010 01:26AM)
No. I will not be paying you for your ideas.
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Dec 30, 2010 03:32AM)
Nice clips. Thanks for sharing.

Get them interacting with callers. Have them interviewed as celebs.