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Topic: Sahara Casket
Message: Posted by: jem368 (Jan 3, 2011 06:52PM)
Hello. Does anyone here know about a trick called the Sahara Casket? It's advertised by several online vendors (but not Penguin or Magic Warehouse, the only two I've bought from). I can't find any videos of it on Youtube, which leaves me wondering if it's a real trick. Here is the fullest vendor description I could find (it sounds like Snowstorm in China with a box):

"This effect is a hybrid of the classic Sands of Sahara and the Snowstorm in China.

The performer mixes multi colored confetti in a clear container. The audience is asked to confirm that the confetti is well mixed. They are then asked to call out any color. Thr performer then dips into the container and pulls out the required color which would be fanned into the audience as in the snowstorm effect."
Message: Posted by: stijnhommes (Jan 4, 2011 10:15AM)
I don't know if that's the actual name, but I saw such an effect advertised too. It also mentions what you get if you order the effect. It makes sense and I have no reason to think it doesn't exist.


MJM magic has a similar effect and they are a well-regarded magic seller.
Message: Posted by: acesover (Jan 4, 2011 11:28AM)
Very interesting magic indeed.

Does anyone know how many times this can be performed with the original purchase? What actually comes with the purchase. Just the sand and I guess I am asking how much sand?
Message: Posted by: jem368 (Jan 6, 2011 03:26PM)
Acesover: The sites that sell it also sell refills of 6 or 12 pellets, so I'm guessing 6 or 12 (since it says it comes with pellets).

Has anyone seen this performed? I don't want to shell out $50 without seeing what the trick actually looks like.
Message: Posted by: stephaniebeach (Jan 25, 2013 11:17AM)
Eddies of Diamonds Magic has two left at about $25 each. Two days left. Today is 1/25/2013
Message: Posted by: stephaniebeach (Jan 25, 2013 11:25AM)
Oops Today is the last day. YIPES 1/25/2013
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Mar 8, 2015 12:51PM)
I picked one up at an auction recently, brand new in the box. Pretty cool effect...this comes with paper fetti and refills. I actually prefer is by using three different color beads which are visibly dropped in clear box, lid placed on and shaken...hopelessly mixed, box shown all around. One color is called out, you remove lid and merely reach into mess and pull out a handful of selected color beads, can be immediately repeated with remaining two colors. You can invert the lid to drop the selected colors into. Very well built and deceptive.