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Topic: Who Invented Skinner's Ultimate 3CM ?
Message: Posted by: Genghis (Jan 4, 2011 04:18PM)
I read somewhere else that Michael Skinner was not the originator of 'Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte.' Unfortunately, the guy who thinks this cannot remember who is. Does anyone here know?

Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jan 4, 2011 05:48PM)
The idea of using those cards I believe is Eddie Tatylbaum's. The idea of the gimmick may go back to Theodore Deland.


Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Jan 13, 2011 04:09AM)
I'm not entirely sure of the origin either.

I recall buying Mike Roger's "Unconquered Card" (which is exactly the same idea, but different routining) before I seen Skinner's on the market.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 13, 2011 08:29AM)
Deland's "Pick it Out" was released in 1908. Often tidbits of information like this can be found in that wonderful book on card tricks "Small But Deadly". This was mentioned in the first chapter.

Over the years people have routined it a little differently or had the ace a contrasting colour or suggesting ways of switching the gaffs in or used jumbo cards etc. but the basic method is the same. The person that has added more refinements to it than anyone else (ways of holding and concealing parts of the cards, lengthier sequencing etc.) is Bob Farmer. Anyone interested in the routine for close up use should check out Bob's treatment/tutorial on it.

Along the way, people like Eddie Tatylbaum, Ken de Coucy, Mike Rogers, Mike Skinner Peter Pitt, to name a few have been associated with versions of the routine.

The Deland connection has also been mentioned earlier on the Café, the thread here for instance:

wherein jumbo card versions like Chase The Ace and Clever Ace are mentioned. The latest jumbo card incarnation is the one released by Joe Monti last year.

Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jan 13, 2011 11:28AM)
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the great information.

Where can we find the Bob Farmer treatments you mentioned?


Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 14, 2011 08:55AM)
Dorian, simply do a Google search for Bammo Monte Monster. I'm sure you'll get a few hits for places to obtain it from.

A review of "Small But Deadly" which often answers questions like these can be found here;

Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jan 15, 2011 02:36PM)
Ah, okay. Wasn't sure if it was Bammo or in print in another place.


Dorian Rhodell