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Topic: Why I like the ring on chain
Message: Posted by: brangwinj (Jan 13, 2011 04:37PM)
Quick to do so a wait staff can enjoy it but not be slowed down your viewer can have his hands full -- it is amazing and simple but really fools
Message: Posted by: Riku_Pajari (Jan 18, 2011 12:38AM)
I have been doing this about 3-4 months now and it's a great trick. It's fast, visual, there's nothing fancy in the props and everything is so fair.

I remember one time when I did this to a man (aged maybe 40+ years old) and I first let them try what happens when you drop the ring. Before that I had told that this is how people tested if someone was a witch or wizard, but I didn't tell what is supposed to happen. So, man drops the ring and HE GOT THE RING TO STAY IN THE CHAIN. The look at that man's face was priceless. His girlfriend took the ring and the chain and tried it herself and it didn't work for her. I did it once more, winked to the man saying "there are some of us still left in this earth" and left the table.

After some time some different people came to me and wanted to test their self if they were witches or wizards. :D It was awesome night.
Message: Posted by: debjit (Mar 20, 2019 11:37AM)
Yeah it's one of my go-to tricks. I wear it around my neck too ;)
Message: Posted by: Josepher (Jul 10, 2019 07:30AM)
I love Riku_Pajari 's story. I'm going to add that to the ENDLESS CHAIN effect. Especially when it's done with the lady's necklace.
Message: Posted by: BradenCarlisle (Sep 26, 2019 02:49AM)
Oh, that could be fun to add to an endless chain effect. I've never even thought about that before!