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Topic: Quieting Dynamic Coins
Message: Posted by: jnrussell (Jan 15, 2011 02:00PM)
Anyone have a solution or idea about reducing or eliminating the annoying SLAM of the dynamic coin gimmicks? While I fine effect, it might be the noisiest out there. And the SLAMming doesn't seem to have any "natural" reason except to... well, you know.

Message: Posted by: cdmdu (Jan 15, 2011 02:26PM)
I have lost my dynamic coins for years but I don't remember about this noise.
Is it when the coins disappear or when you put the set on the table?
If it is SLAMing when putting on the table, just pace yourself to eliminate the noisy song, and try to have a good story to tell with the aim of doing a good misdirection. For example, speed and hast could be sufficient although this is a quite common presentation of the trick.
Message: Posted by: jnrussell (Jan 15, 2011 02:59PM)
It's whenever you put the cap on the table and need to "release" the coins
Message: Posted by: jim ferguson (Jan 15, 2011 05:38PM)
Hi John. I used to do this effect all the time, Id end with the coins passing through the table. The way I got round the awful slamming was to not actually have the insert pressed flush until the end. This works best if the set has been ''broken in''. Try just placing the cap over the stack without actually pressing down. When turning over to reveal the vanishes etc, sort of roll the cap over (away from you and towards the spectators) rather than lifting and turning over. You'll find the whole routine can be done much more delicately, and in my opinion, looks more magical. jim
Message: Posted by: feher (Jan 15, 2011 05:47PM)
Jim is spot on with his suggestion of just leting the weight of the cap hold the insert in place buring your routine, only until the very end will you set the inserts in place. When I do this routine my ending is the quarters turn into pennys.
Good luck. I hope our sugggestions help.
Message: Posted by: jnrussell (Jan 15, 2011 06:45PM)
Great ideas guys... thanks! I'll give that method a try...