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Topic: Fire cage or blammo
Message: Posted by: wanmagic (Jan 19, 2011 04:57PM)
What is your favorite and what has the best reaction?
Message: Posted by: Kyle^Ravin (Jan 19, 2011 05:52PM)
I feel the fire cage seems more startling. Many times in a blammo, you see a F1@P drop and it kinda kills it for me. But, that's just me...
Message: Posted by: Frank Simpson (Jan 19, 2011 06:00PM)
Blammo is [i]far[/i] more practical since you don't have to worry about using fire onstage, which is getting trickier and trickier all the time.

Other than that, I've seen both illusions presented well, and both illusions presented poorly. In competent hands, either one would be a winner.

As to which gets the better reaction, see paragraph two. Presentation is everything!
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Jan 19, 2011 07:42PM)
Frank is corrent in w hat he says however and you knew there was a however coming

I have owned both and feel that the fire cage did get a better reaction but as mentioned I think it was due to the fire aspect and it is true it has become a be more trciky these days although I have not had nearly as many problems as others seem to have

but here is why I was posting I still like the fire cage and feel free to use this idea
when I could not do fire we used smoke and it was very cool oddly enough that some times that is all we used

2 ideas here

one fog machine put on small platform that hung off the back of the cage and a metal hose attached to run to the front
the other idea
smoke powder and although this sometimes can fall under "pyrotechnics" being that there is no flash or bang we never had a problem
its the same stuff we use in my wiz kote

one other idea an this is cool

ad some led lites inside the fire cage with the smoke and it will color the smoke of course you can just buy some colored smoke but the lights do add some thing to it\
good luck with what ever you decide.

Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jan 20, 2011 10:40AM)
Both illusions are very good, but I find that the magic in the Blammo happens so fast that sometimes the audience doesn't know how to react. In many cases, it seems to be presented as an illusion with quick, unexpected shock value. In contrast, the fire cage allows for a slower build up to the magic. Attention is brought to the cage. The audience sees it empty. The door can be opened to either light the cage on fire or remove something from within it. The audience knows something magical is about to happen. Then, the cage is covered, the magic happens and the audience is given its anticipated moment of release. This subtle difference in the build up towards the magic moment makes me favor the fire cage a little more than the Blammo.

As for the use of fire, I have eliminated that completely. I designed the presentation to fit within my Oriental Fusion show. I talk about the history and mythology of the lion within the Chinese culture. All this time, the audience can see the fire cage, with a large lion head inside of it (like the ones you may have seen performing at a Lion Dance ceremony). I open the cage door and remove the lion to subtly show the cage empty. The cage is covered with the cloth. It is spun around to show all sides, and then the cloth is whipped away to show the production of my assistant. For me, the presentation has greater meaning, and the slower build up seems to generate a stronger response.

Message: Posted by: Excaliber (Jan 21, 2011 01:59PM)
I have used both , and NEVER used the fire at all , the audience doesn't know there is supposed to be fire . they both get killer reaction
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Jan 21, 2011 06:16PM)
I just thought I'd stop by to say that fire is getting harder to perform with in many venues. A lot of venues will not allow fire of any kind. I think that should be a major consideration. I hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Cody S. Fisher (Jan 21, 2011 07:59PM)
I agree with Excaliber...we had both illusions but always ran into trouble with fire codes in theatres and other public venues. Blammo is neat...but the fire cage (sans fire) always got a stronger reaction for some reason...

Cody S. Fisher
Message: Posted by: msmaster (Jan 21, 2011 08:20PM)
In most circumunstances, with or withjout fire, I think the cage gets a better reaction because it is more deceptive, you actually seem to see the cage empty, not so much so with the blammo.
Message: Posted by: hocuspocusjay23 (Jan 21, 2011 11:04PM)
I have used both of these, and I really like the fact that it seems you are seeing more into the firecage being empty. However we perform at an amusement park in the summer and since the theater is outside, sometimes you have the wind to deal with. The Blammo does not have that cloth to deal with.
Message: Posted by: wanmagic (Jan 24, 2011 07:18PM)
Thanks to all I just got a beautiful chalet fire cage.
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Jan 24, 2011 07:44PM)
Gad that you found one.
Message: Posted by: wanmagic (Jan 26, 2011 03:40PM)
Thanks Lou!