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Topic: Okito Box
Message: Posted by: Gary Cogis (Apr 20, 2002 04:51PM)
Where, in print, can I find some real great Okito routines? I've been playing with it for awhile and have all the basics down but I'd love to get some new ideas for it.
Thanks for any info you guys may have.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Apr 20, 2002 05:08PM)

If you do not have David Roth's material on the Okito Box - two words.... get it.

You asked for stuff in print - he has a whole section of his book "Expert Coin Magic" dedicated to Okito box magic.

I would recommend however purchasing his video, "Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Volume 11 - Okito Box Magic" If you want to really get serious with an Okito box - the video is invaluable, and probably the best resource out there for it. The video covers Okito boxes, Boston Boxes, and Slot Boxes.

Message: Posted by: Gary Cogis (Apr 20, 2002 07:09PM)
Thanks Dan. I'll check that out.
Also I went to your sight. I like your Okito routine. Nice and clean.
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Apr 21, 2002 01:53AM)
I think there might still be a thing on allmagicguide.com about an okito coin routine where the coin goes through the table. You might want to check that site. It has photographs and stuff too. Hope it helps. :fruity:
Message: Posted by: templemagic (Apr 21, 2002 06:04AM)
Check out Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. It has some short routines that can be put together to make a longer one.

In my lecture notes which come out in a few months I have put my Okito box routine. They are 10 or $20

Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Apr 21, 2002 02:32PM)
On 2002-04-20 17:51, Gary Cogis wrote:
Where, in print, can I find some real great Okito routines? I've been playing with it for awhile and have all the basics down but I'd love to get some new ideas for it.
Thanks for any info you guys may have.

While not in print, it is on video and Mike Borenstein's lecture that is on video has my favorite Okito coin box routine, which does not involve penetrations but has the coins travel one at a time into the box. Very well thought out routine. I used to do it and then finished by switching the regular box with a plug box which I covered with the lid and challenged any person that "If you can get all four coins back into the box I will pick up your entire tab for dinner".

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Apr 21, 2002 04:52PM)
I must say, Roth's video is excellent. After watching it my creative juices started to flow and I created my own Okito Box routine that I am quite fond of. Highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: Jason Fleming (Apr 22, 2002 04:18PM)
Paul Harris offers a creative routine that uses a lip balm container (emptied of lip balm!) and quarters, in Art of Astonishment.

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Apr 22, 2002 04:30PM)
Chazpro is going to be puting out A tape of mine on the magnetic box soon. it will have
7 or 8 routines. Also I am working on A new soft bound book right now that will have 10 new routines in it. All new stuff not on the tape.

Best David neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: mambra (Apr 23, 2002 06:48AM)

Check out Dan's routine on his site
Very, VERY nice ending. But.. in this case.. you need to be sitting... :)

Stefano Mambretti
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Apr 23, 2002 12:57PM)

Actually that routine as I wrote it up is performed standing. You let the coins and box dump into a spectator's hand. I did not have a spectator when I filmed it so I just used the table.

There is more going on there than a regular Okito box as well.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Apr 23, 2002 07:54PM)
I have a couple of Okito routines in my soon-to-be-released book "Profiles in Coinage."
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Apr 24, 2002 04:52AM)
Hi Scott, let us know when we can get your book. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Axman (Apr 24, 2002 04:57AM)
Chad long has a KILLER Boston box routine on his video. It is absolutely awesome.
Message: Posted by: mambra (Apr 24, 2002 04:57AM)

Dan, if you can perform standing your Okito box routine, I did not understand where you pick up the Okito which go "through the hand" at the end.

It is NOT a question. I do not ask question to magicians (that a must for me, as I do not like to *answer* questions...) ;)

Anyhow, I like that routine.


Stefano Mambretti
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Apr 24, 2002 09:59AM)

This is how it ends standing up....The spectator's hands are cupped under mine. The Okito box falls into the spectator's hand. Then I dump the coins on top of my hand into the spectator's hand. Then I one by one put the coins back into the Okito box, put the lid on, take the box back from the spectator, and put it in my pocket.

Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (May 11, 2002 05:19AM)
Thank you Doc (and Paul Harris) for the idea of using a lip balm container. It seems more ordinary and trustworthy than the standard Okito Box.

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Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Jun 5, 2002 12:53AM)
I will have A new book on the okito and boston Comeing out in a few weeks It will have 10 or 11 routines in it thanks.

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: WR (Jun 13, 2002 01:33PM)
Gene Ponic has a bizarre effect using the box check it at http://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/poinc/trick23.html.
Most magically yours,
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jun 13, 2002 01:54PM)
If you use a Topit, then read more about Okito Box routines In "The Topit Book" of Michael Ammar.
Message: Posted by: Masimax (Jun 17, 2002 05:50AM)
I've just bought my first Okito coin Box.
I've studied several moves Bobo and Ganson's books.
I like the idea under the O.C.B., but I've not understand why any spectator have not suspect after hearing the noise the box produces when turned mouth down.

Some idea or suggestion about my doubt?