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Topic: Battle of Magicians 2011 (May 5-7)
Message: Posted by: Illusion & Beyond (Jan 31, 2011 08:28PM)
Another year has come and I can't wait. This has always been a great weekend. Just wondering who else is going. No info has been posted yet on their site. If anyone has any info sneek peeks are always welcome:)
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jan 31, 2011 08:54PM)
I will try to attach the flyer here. But the acts are all booked at this point.

Mark Kornhauser will be here, Mike Michaels will do his famous Robot act, Jay Matoli will do Illusions, Jay Sterling-manipulations and Charlie Frye & company. Closeup will be David Stone, Tom Craven, Howie Schwartzman, and Axel Hecklau. Also working Fred and Millie Witwer and bullwhip and rope expert Chris McDaniels. Six lectures, closeup and stage contests, and free Saturday night buffet after the show.

This is the 20th anniversary and held in the historic restored 1926 Palace Theater in Canton, Ohio. It is a magnificent theater with moving clouds on the ceiling. With 3/4 of the audience for the Saturday night show, the show plays like it should for real people. You can gauge how acts play for real people.

It is an old time smaller convention with big time talent. Here is the link to the convention....www.battleofmagicians.com. Email me direct and I can forward you the flyer. It is too big to post here.

Message: Posted by: Ace of Spades (Feb 1, 2011 08:38AM)
I can't wait. It's going to be a blast.
Message: Posted by: Illusion & Beyond (Feb 1, 2011 07:40PM)
I take it you will be there ace of spades? Have you been before? This will be my 5th year and I have never been disappointed. Mark Kornhauser was one of the funniest MCs I have seen. Hope to see you there!
Message: Posted by: Ace of Spades (Feb 2, 2011 07:22AM)
Yes I am planning to come, along with some others from TN. I have been several times. It is my favorite convention. Tim does a great job. It is worth it just to be in the Palace Theater. I think the Saturday night show 2 years ago was the best I have ever seen (Kevin James, Stephen Bargatze, Arthur Trace, El Gleno Grande, Ridgeway & Johnson).
Message: Posted by: Peter Pitchford (Feb 3, 2011 01:10PM)
Kornhauser is a hoot - AND a really nice guy too. I'm hoping to make it this year. I love Battle.
Message: Posted by: Mobius303 (Feb 3, 2011 06:13PM)
Just looked at the website and it said Tom Craven was from UK-Kent....I believe he lives in Kent, Ohio it is on the bio page.
Looks like it will be a great convention this year.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Feb 3, 2011 08:01PM)
Knowing Tim, (he always takes license with his locations), he probably meant Upper Kent, Ohio as opposed to Lower Kent, Ohio.

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 4, 2011 01:46PM)
I look forward to seeing Ray and Debora there again.

Message: Posted by: raywitko (Feb 7, 2011 10:40AM)
On 2011-02-04 14:46, Bob Sanders wrote:
I look forward to seeing Ray and Debora there again.

Thanks Bob. Looking forward to seeing you there also. Now I have to get off my butt and get some stock built for it.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 15, 2011 08:52PM)
Here you go!


Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Illusion & Beyond (Feb 19, 2011 08:21PM)
NOW THIS WILL BE FUN!!! David Stone, Howie Swarzman, Axel Hecklau. And look at all the other performers. I have always loved hanging out in the bar area after hours and spending time showing off some new stuff to the hotel guests and staff. Can't wait. Hope to see some new faces along with some old ones. The art of magic needs to keep growing.
Message: Posted by: mrmagic0 (Feb 20, 2011 08:14AM)
Yes, and you don't have to pay to park at the hotel!

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Mar 29, 2011 08:10AM)
It is getting to be time to make reservations!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 4, 2011 09:45PM)
The 2011 Battle of Magicians will soon be here. This will be the 20th anniversary year for the madcap, down home, old time convention held in Canton, Ohio.

Booked this year are some top flight acts including Mike Michaels the Robot Magician. This is one act that has played all over the world and that you just do not see at magic conventions. This will be his first magic convention appearance east of the Mississippi ever. Mark Kornhauser will emceed the big Saturday night show in the historic 1926 Palace theater. Mark has some new material for his return Canton engagement that will delight and excite. Jay Mattioli will add his unique style to bigger illusions this year. Jay Sterling will demonstrate his classy new age manipulation magic that is always a pleaser. Charlie Frye is someone you may have seen but he is definitely worth seeing again.

Closeup will feature Axel Hecklau (Germany), David Stone (France), Howie Swartzman, and Tom Craven. There are six lectures, dealers, contests and a big free buffet party after the Saturday night show.

A few spots remain in the closeup and stage contests with good prize money. The stage contestant winner may have the opportunity to perform on the Palace stage for the public shows with the big time acts. This could be your chance to say you worked the "Palace".

Here is the link for the website with the performers, dealers and schedule. http://www.battleofmagicians.com.

And remember the rate goes up for registration on April 15th (yes you can use it as a tax deduction next year).

Oh yea, the parking is free.

Message: Posted by: Illusion & Beyond (Apr 7, 2011 08:00PM)
Just a couple more weeks to go!! Can't wait to see some great lectures and have a nice relaxing weekend. This convention is so layed back you would think it's a family reunion. Well I guess it is in a way.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 7, 2011 08:42PM)
I don't know. It's is fun but I hate the thought of claiming most of the guys as relatives.
Message: Posted by: mrmagic0 (Apr 8, 2011 12:49PM)
Great little convention where many know each other because they have been attending for many years. Very homey and great talent plus the parking is FREE!

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 14, 2011 06:16AM)
Registration goes up tomorrow.

Contests still might have a few openings. Check with Tim. The money is good.

Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Apr 14, 2011 11:51AM)
I'm thinking about attending this, and entering the contest, but torn.. I'll know soon
Message: Posted by: Ace of Spades (Apr 15, 2011 09:24AM)
Hefemexy, you should definitely go to the Battle. It is my favorite convention. You will have a blast.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 15, 2011 10:51AM)
Lion was here last year. But I can remember where he placed in the Stage contest or if he entered the closeup contest. Either way, it is a good way to hone your chops. The only thing Tim asks is 1) If you win, you don't bring back the identical act to compete with again. That gets kind of boring. 2) If he hires you as an act, don't bring that act to compete in the contest. It just keeps everyone more interested and it is a good chance to break in material. Plus, the money is decent and if you win the stage contest, you could be asked to work the 1926 Palace stage with the big name acts.

Looking forward to see you all there. Tim as put together a cool video of 20 Years of fun at the Battle. If you have been there, it will bring back a lot of memories. If not, it will be fun and you will see why you should never miss it.

Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Apr 15, 2011 12:53PM)
Hey Richard, Yes I was there last year, an more than likely will return, I am sad to say I finished 3rd place at this convention, but truly loved it. I especially love the fact that the crowd gets to choose who wins, and am thankful for them voting me even third. Then hopefully I can get on the card to perform, I just recently performed on the gala show at the Scam Convention.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 15, 2011 04:44PM)
Nothing to be sad about coming in third. As you said, it is a different kind of voting process.

Congradulations on the SCAM apperarnce. It is a great ego boost but as you probably have learned...It's the laymen who pay the bills.

Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Apr 15, 2011 04:53PM)
Hey Richard, I'm trying to find out who to write about the contest, didn't see any information on the website unless I overlooked it. Don't know if all the spots are filled up yet or not.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 15, 2011 08:13PM)
Spots are not filled up. I talked with Tim today. You should find his email on the site otherwise send me and email and I will forward it to you.

Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Apr 20, 2011 10:04AM)
Okay Just signed up, I'll see you guys in a couple weeks...
Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Apr 21, 2011 10:14AM)
Just made Hotel reservations anyone looking to split a room message me, might have a roommate already, but if someone is looking to split 3 ways to save some money let me know.
Message: Posted by: mrmagic0 (Apr 21, 2011 10:33AM)
I was second place last year for stage. I performed my stage flea circus routine which I also won second place for at the Magi-Fest last year. This has now become my signature effect.

Message: Posted by: magicjy (Apr 25, 2011 07:48AM)
This will be my first time coming to THE BATTLE. Are you guys ready to Battle? HA!

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Apr 25, 2011 10:00PM)

I look forward to seeing you there. I am downstairs on the Hall of Dealers at DoveLite Silk.

Message: Posted by: mattmccoy (Apr 27, 2011 08:29AM)
I am really thinking about going to this but would like to know if anyone has a place I can crash at. My flight and bags is gonna cost me quite a bit..... College students are always on a budget. If anyone can help me out that would be great. PM or just go through here.


Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (May 2, 2011 08:09AM)
For those setting their GPS, the address is:

4375 Metro Circle NW
Canton, OH 44720-7715

It should be another great one. See you there!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: magicjy (May 2, 2011 08:10AM)
Thanks Bob! I set my GPS and also print directions with mapquest on all my roadtrips. See you there!

Message: Posted by: raywitko (May 2, 2011 08:44AM)
While your there, stop in our room. It will be either Fur's Class Magic or Tabman USA. Don't know which name Tim will use. It may even be under Ray Witkowski.
Message: Posted by: Magicjg (May 3, 2011 01:48PM)
I just returned from 4fs this past week. Most of the entertainers were there and I have to tell you it is going to be great. David Stone has been staying in the area and I have been hanging out with him. You are in for a treat with him. Not only is he funny, but his effects are amazing. Axel is something else. You will not believe the thinking that goes into his effects. I can't wait to see everyone there!
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (May 4, 2011 08:19AM)
Here is the website.


It starts Thursday!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

PS --- This time I will have 15" and 21" silks with me. They are required by many antique magic props. Many magicians simply prefer those sizes. Good ones like these are almost never available. (These have good hems!)
Message: Posted by: j100taylor (May 4, 2011 01:51PM)
I can't wait to see David Stone lecture - I've heard he's great. Looking forward to the close-up shows on Saturday.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (May 9, 2011 10:49AM)
Tim put on another great one!
Message: Posted by: raywitko (May 10, 2011 08:53AM)
Had a good time myself and thanks Bob for pushing me around and being there.
Message: Posted by: Illusion & Beyond (May 10, 2011 04:22PM)
This was a great time as usual. The Stone lecture was great. What topped it for me was Charlie Frye. He can juggle anything! What an amazing act! See you all next year.