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Topic: Blackpool lectures likely to involve coin magic
Message: Posted by: PetePennekett (Feb 6, 2011 06:37AM)
Good afternoon,

I've been looking over the list of lectures at Blackpool and found that there are a lot of names I don't know.. Are there any good coin workers in the lineup (Found here: http://www.blackpoolmagic.com/convention-2011 ) that I would do well to visit? I'll definitely be attending Michael Rubinstein's lecture, and probably Jay Sankey's as well.

Also will any of you be at the convention? It could be fun to meet up in the bar for a drink and some possible coin related discussion, if anyone is interested.


~ Pete.
Message: Posted by: Merc Man (Feb 6, 2011 08:03AM)
I wish you every luck Pete but I wouldn't bank on it - other than seeing numerous bloody half dollar Matrix effects during the close up competition; coupled with the 4 Aces constantly produced out of American decks as well........again, and again, and again - Zzzzzzzzzz.

Have a great time fella - I hope that you enjoy yourself and get to see something that you can use.
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Feb 6, 2011 08:39AM)
I'll be there, hopefully on the Saturday and Sunday. Will definitely be watching shows by Rubinstein, Sankey and Sanders. Three of my must sees :)
Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Feb 10, 2011 01:23PM)
Pete, I'm not lecturing or anything, but I'll be hanging out and I love coin magic. Let's jam!!!!!
Message: Posted by: PetePennekett (Feb 10, 2011 04:23PM)
Sounds good to me dude, see you in a week!

~ Pete.