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Topic: New to hypnosis, my instructional journey
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 16, 2011 03:34PM)
I now have a new love to add to my magic obsession ... hypnosis. I've decided to document some of my initial successes and failures here. Some of you may be in the learning stages as well and reading others' progress may be helpful. Also I welcome any criticisms and corrections you may have.

A little background: my first introduction to hypnosis was the purchase of a 'hypnotizing coin' that I bought at a magic shop while on vacation in Florida. (Never had the luxury of having a shop closer than 3 hours from me) This coin displayed a picture of a spiral and it would appear to spin as you tilted the coin. I spent hours with this coin and the half a page of instructions that came with it. Surprisingly, I never was able to induce anyone with my powers.

Several years later I was in college and volunteered to help out in a stage hypnosis show. I and several others were positioned behind the hypnotized subjects to prevent them from falling backwards, out of their chairs. There was no one positioned behind us. Part way through the show I found myself laying on the floor behind the raised stage. I had been standing on the edge and had apparently paid too much attention to the induction phase.

The next year I volunteered to be hypnotized in Michael C. Anthony's show on campus. I had a good experience but found myself coming out of trance towards the end of the show and later questioned if I had been hypnotized at all. (I had) Later myself and a fellow magician grabbed a bite to eat with Michael after his show. I wish I had picked his brain more than I had but I didn't feel comfortable talking shop with him when he probably wanted to chill out after a gig. Michael was a very personable person and was the same onstage and off.

A few years after that I was watching the Derren Brown lecture video on my PC. I was distracted and was working on other things while this was playing in the background. I had my hand on my desk at the same time he was doing a stuck hand routine. I wasn't paying attention to the video and moved to get up ... and I couldn't. My hand was stuck to the table. After several attempts to remove my hand and through giggling I managed to move the hand with my other hand.

A few years after that brings us to today. I had watched Anthony Jacquin's Manchurian Approach DVD several months ago and was amazed. The inductions were so quick and the results were almost too good to be true. My interest was sparked but I never attempted the techniques.

Two weeks ago I watched the Trilby Connection and I was finally hooked. I just had to learn this stuff. I started typing out Anthony's patter and a tweaked few things to match my speaking patterns. I listened to his youtube videos on my long 3 hour daily commute and practiced the patter as I drove. Last week I was headed to the movies and one of my former students caught me on my way in and asked me to show some magic to his wife. I told him that magic was on the back burner right now and I now do hypnosis. He didn't want to have anything to do with that because he 'didn't like to be out of control of himself.' I calmed his fears and told him we would simply do a couple of exercises to test his ability to be hypnotized. I did magnetic fingers and Calof's eye lock with him. They worked like a charm. His wife didn't participate but they both seemed to really enjoy it. I had to run but I told him next time we will take it further.

Three days ago I was out with a magician buddy and was telling him about my experiences. I did magnetic fingers and Calof's eye lock on him as well. I then did magnetic hands and gave him the suggestion that every time I snapped my fingers the electromagnet in his hands would be twice as strong. Each time I snapped my fingers his hands jerked closer and closer till they touched. He was giggling through all of this. Since his eyes were closed and he couldn't see me, I gave his wife the oh yeah fist pump gesture. (I didn't want him to know how excited I was .. this was supposed to be an old hat for me) I then decided to try the floating hand with him and was feeling pretty confident. His hand begun to twitch even though the restaurant was noisy. It was going slowly at first but it was making progress. Then his 3 year old daughter started yanking on his other arm and was crying about her ice cream. I tried to work through this and was giving him the suggestion that all the outside noises would only drive him deeper under. Well, that may work with noises, but it had no effect with a persistent 3 year old little girl.

I am now excitedly awaiting the weekend to attempt a full induction.
Message: Posted by: JonChase (Feb 16, 2011 06:38PM)
Brilliant Chris

You did induce. There is No full or half hypnotised you is or you isn't.

I believe it's a mistake to tell them outside stuff is making them do something, especially as a deepener. They are not going deeper but you are intensifying the connection between you and them and need them to focus internally not externally. So telling them to focus on that works best.

"There's only my voice and nothing bothers or disturbs you. There is just the sound of my voice and the sound of your deep heavy breathing." One of the big five symptoms of 'hypnosis' is a disregard of external stimuli so don't make them think about it. It's a very hypnotherapist thing to do.

If the arm is rising slowly tell them it's rising faster. Never let them decide what happens, they could decide to wake up. Have a look at this, Anthony and his Dad Freddy were really gobsmaked when they did this for the first time back in '04. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjD8VOXDxiQ

The arm was going to be too slow for the video length I wanted so I speed it up. But please note the wake up procedure, always make sure you terminate the hypnosis properly no matter what else you do. Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 16, 2011 08:18PM)
Thank you very much Jon. I appreciate who you are and your taking the time to respond here. I really like the patter you offered here; the reasoning behind it makes a lot of sense. I'll be throwing that into my toolbox, word for word.

I also like how you controlled the situation and made his arm speed up. That is much better than my waiting with bated breath, hoping his hand would pick up speed as I was reinforcing that it was starting slowly.

I am looking forward to putting this into action. It feels strange putting this into practice so quickly where as with my magic I would put many weeks of practice in before anyone saw it.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 21, 2011 12:29PM)
Week 2 results:

I didn’t have much time to practice my patter this week and felt I hadn't made any headway since last week. I met up with my magician buddy, Ryan, that had I hypnotized last week. The Pizza Hut we were at was pretty dead and the few that were there were watching us warily, so we didn't approach any of them. Honestly, I hadn't really planned on attempting anything since my patter was still shaky.

Ryan and I decided to take turns running the patter for a few set pieces on each other to get a stronger familiarity with them. He wanted to watch me run the set on his wife. I had no idea of the gold mine we had sitting next to us. Not only was she very susceptible, I learned a lesson on being careful about prematurely judging whether the pieces are successful or not.

I started with magnetic fingers, which is pretty much a guaranteed hit. It took a little longer than I cared for, but it did work. I then did magnetic hands. Once again I used the increased electromagnetic attraction with each snap of my fingers. They went together smoothly and not in jerking pulses like before. This too took a little longer than I had hoped for. She was smiling through both of these sets and I was wondering if she was simply playing along to spare my feelings.

I decided to have a try at having her place her hands out palm up, with her eyes closed. I did the bit where I was going to place a heavy book in one hand and tie a balloon around the other one. I went into a lot of detail about this book. I described the binding and the lettering on the cover; I even described the smell. I told her that when I snapped my fingers I would drop this book in her left hand. I had expected the hand to go down an inch or two slowly. When I snapped my fingers her hand went immediately to her lap. I leaned back in my chair with a laugh and told her to wake up, this isn't working. I definitely thought she was playing along this time. She said she wasn't at all. She had completely felt the book.

So now with renewed energy I attempted a suggestion of her eyes being so relaxed that she felt she couldn't open them. I forget who this one is attributed to, but it isn't the Calof eye lock version. As I initially told her that her eyes were starting to feel stuck I noticed her eyes moving under her eyelids. I then told her to try to open them. She smiled and said she couldn't. I then told her that when I snapped my fingers she would be able to relax and open her eyes. I snapped my fingers and she still couldn't open them. So I adlibbed here and lifted her hand and told her when I dropped her hand that her eyes would then open. That worked.

I then tried the two fingers holding a card with the suggestion that she couldn't drop it. It worked like a charm. Once again it took me two attempts to release her arm. I then tried the stiff arm suggestion, which easily worked.

I then tried to get her hand to rise from her lap. Even after all the previous successes, this one wasn't working. I attempted a fractionation and it still didn't work. I am going to review the patter on this one and see if I am omitting something that would help sell this suggestion. It may be due to some disbelief on my part because I wasn't able to get this one to work last week.

Then came the best part of the night. I wanted to stick her hand to the table. I not only described the attraction of her hand to the table but I also described how she could feel the whole weight of the air in the room pressing down on the back of her hand. Then came the moment of truth. I asked her to test her hand. She smiled and I saw her fingers visibly struggling. I told her that as she tried it would become more stuck. She started giggling and I tied that to it as well. The more her hand become stuck, the funnier it would become. Trying as hard as she could, she couldn't release the hand until I told her it was unstuck.

To you hypno giants on here this sequence may mean nothing to you. But, HER FREAKING HAND STUCK TO THE FREAKING TABLE!!!! I, a mere mortal, caused this. I was giddy the rest of the night and am still giddy today. This feels like real magic. I did something cool without having to do a double lift, forcing a word, or using an ITR.

I dread the day when these results no longer excite me like they do now. But for now, I couldn't be happier with my progress.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Feb 21, 2011 01:10PM)
I´m still buzzing about a month after my first success! It´s really a lot easier than I initially thought. Nice work, keep it up!

I think that if you have doubt in your mind that the subject senses it. My attitude over the last month has changed from one of being nervous about trying, to one of "You can be hypnotized, all it takes is a little concentration, and if you take any of my initial suggestions (pretests) then I WILL HYPNOTIZE YOU!"

On saturday I was invited to a get together (about 10/12 friends) and they all wanted to "see something" but of course they were almost all too scared to volunteer. The general public here in Spain are rather superstitious and scared of hypnosis.

I didn´t do a pretalk because of the loud music playing in the bar, my sure fire subject didn´t want to be hypnotized because she doesn´t like being the center of attention.

So I went for it with another lady, whom I failed to hypnotize a month ago. I discarded her a month ago because the first pretest completely failed. This time however, my attitude was very different.
I knew she didn´t mind trying so I told her we were going to do the test again.
She responded "but it didn´t work last time".
I said "yeah, but I´ve been practicing loads, improving my technique and now I´m a lot better" (outright lie, I haven´t been practicing due to a heavy work schedule and other commitments!)

She had a drink in her hand and I asked if she was drinking alcohol, she replied in the affirmative.
"How many have you had?" I asked.
"This is my second" she said.
"Perfect" I said "Just the right amount" - a rather obvious suggestion that was a total bluff but I couldn´t resist using it.
So then I launched into the first pretest - bingo, got exactly the result I was looking for.
second pretest - bingo, again 5 star response. By this stage she was half way there, but I couldn´t get any further than that - toddlers required her attention.
So then I moved on to the barmaid, two more positive results on the pretests with her, I sat her down on a bar stool and was about to do a formal induction and deepener when she was called from the stage over the P.A. system (there was a flamenco group playing in the bar).
Again I had things cut short.
I´m heading back to the same bar on saturday, at 4pm when she starts work ;)

My approach to hypnosis is now currently founded on the following belief: If someone takes the suggestions and reacts positively to the pretests (not counting magnetic fingers because there´s a physiological reason for "success" with that one) then in my mind they are already hypnotized. It´s just a question of deepening them from there on in.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 21, 2011 02:42PM)
Awesome, Owen! (I so want to use brilliant but I live in the wrong hemisphere for that)

Toddlers in a bar? Man, remind me to be on my guard when I go to Spain, you guys are tough. I bet there is a long line in your tattoo parlors for ankle biters getting "I love Mommy" tattooed on their biceps. Do they park their tricycles outside the bar?

That is great that you were able to succeed with the woman you had troubles with a month ago. My girlfriend was resistant to all my charms. I'll try again at a later date.

I agree with your premise of a subject taking suggestions being already hypnotized. I think that was what Jon was iterating in his post.

I would love to attend Anthony's training session coming up here in the states, either that or the session in Vegas. It is just bad timing for me this year. It would hold a lot more value for me now in these initial stages. By the time another one rolls around I might be at a point where I wouldn't bring as much back from the experience due to the focus on the initial approaches and set pieces. Then again, it would just be a blast to hang out with these guys.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Feb 21, 2011 03:05PM)
I´ve found that pauses in your delivery can really improve subjects response.
For example, the falling fowards test that I use:
I rub my hands together really fast to heat them up, whilst I´m doing this I get the subject to close his/her eyes.
Then I place one hand on their forehead and say (in a calm relaxing tone of voice) "feel the warmth of my hand on your forehead". Then I´ll wait for a good 5 to 10 seconds, giving them time to focus on that thought. Then I´ll say something like focus on the sensation my hand provokes in the skin on your forehead, nothing else, only the feeling of my hand on your forehead (followed by another suitable pause).
When I´m sure they´re concentrating well on that, then I "bang the suggestion in there" - speaking rather faster than before something to the effect of "in a moment I´ll count to three, when I count three you will feel an invisible force pulling you forward, as if a tow truck were dragging you forward. You will not actually fall, you will move something like 5 to 10 centimeters and no more. I will not let you fall, but upon the count of 3 you will feel an irresistible force pulling you forward". In many cases I´ll feel them start to lean forward at this stage and I know I´m onto a winner.

I follow this with a count- 1,2, (longer pause to build expectation) 3!
Then I start to separate my hand from their forehead. If they´re moving nice and fast I move my hand fast. If they´re moving slowly then I move my hand accordingly. When they move slowly I find that maintaining light contact with the forehead whilst moving slowly away tends to help reinforce the suggestion. I find that a lot of people start to fall forward but they instinctively fight it and return to the normal vertical standing position. When that happens I tell them to open their eyes, not to worry, I wont let them fall, "trust me" etc etc and give it another shot. Then I give them the suggestion that the force will be 10 times stronger the second time round - it normally gets them.

If they don´t respond I just say thankyou for trying, but that it will take too long to hypnotize them and it would probably end up being a bit boring. I recommend this pretest - it´s been a great indicator for me of whether a subject will be good or not. Of course it goes without saying, if you´re not well built, don´t try this with a 6ft 10 tall body builder!
Message: Posted by: Aaron Little (Feb 21, 2011 03:20PM)
Chris – I run a study group here in Lexington. Anthony has played a major role in our approach as have Richard Nongard and Brian David Phillips. Our schedule is a little off as I have been on the road teaching for the last several weeks but as soon as the next meet up is set I will post the time/date.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 21, 2011 03:51PM)
Aaron Little! I had no idea you were into this stuff. What a small world it truly is. Aaron and I trained from the same martial arts teacher years ago.
Message: Posted by: JonChase (Feb 21, 2011 06:16PM)
FYI, The 'magnetic' fingers when done properly have nothing at all to do with hypnosis. It's physiological and will work with 90% of people with normal muscle and tendon set up. This is only a key in though, don't know how many people write to me saying the mag fingers worked but they didn't respond to anything else. that's because unless you go into a hand lock it is not an induction. The guy who invented it was called George Estabrooks.

The magnetic hands can be easily speeded up by getting them to close their hands together and rub them and then to separate them to only a couple of inches. The rubbing causes muscle memory and you'll be shocked at how fast they go back together. As far as I know the mag hands is Gill Boyne's, sadly no longer with us.

The eye lock is Dave Elman's but don't tell them they are relaxed. It's easier to tell them to pretend, just imagine, that they can't open them.

All of these re on my online training videos which is more or less the same as the live class of mine where where Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake learnt them, although since 2004 I've improved the methods slightly.

I've been hypnotising for 30 odd years and know what? I still get a buzz from someone forgetting their name, or being unable to lift a cup because it weighs six tons.

When doing the light and heavy hands you don't need to describe the heavy weight in detail, but make sure they know what's going to happen before you start. I use my E+D=P formula. Explain + Demonstrate = Practice. So tell them whats going to happen, show them then they will do it easier. Build expectation.

You're doing good. The worst thing with hypnosis is you can practice, and should, your patter but to practice you need victims.

Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Feb 22, 2011 12:07PM)
On 2011-02-21 13:29, Chris Meece wrote:
Week 2 results:

I didn’t have much time to practice my patter this week ...Ryan and I decided to take turns running the patter for a few set pieces...

Hi, Chris.

One of the difficulties with learning hypnosis is that there are no visual sleights and no music to cover up boxes that "talk." Instead, it's just you, by yourself, talking. That can end up being a lot of words, and most trainings and books give "scripts" (the hypnosis jargon for the magical jargon of "patter") and most students work really hard to memorize that script/patter so they can recite it smoothly. That, IMO, is like the first, earliest step in learning hypnosis and I believe should be discarded as soon as possible. I would respectfully suggest that rather than working on patter you work on understanding the concepts. People will know if you're just running patter because you're speaking AT them rather than TO them.

Get the concepts so you can give original scripts/patter each time. As you develop you may end up repeating patterns or copy an expression or phrase you have read or heard. That's fine. But by understanding the concepts you will have a great ability to do the work.

Scripts or patter are great to learn from; they need not and should not be used word-for-word. Talk to people. Memorized speeches often lose the important textures and vocal characteristics that speed induction and acceptance of suggestions.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Feb 22, 2011 01:39PM)

I'm really enjoying your posts. Have you tried an actual induction or are you concentrating more on your patter and/or suggestive technique? I can't wait to hear your experience with an actual induction/trance like state. Since reading the numerous posts here I'm getting more and more interested. I sold the Trinity series here on the Café' and admittedly to quickly. I'm also curious of the many experts here of when they first experienced their first sucessful trance and how long it took them to accomplish such. All the best and I'm looking forward to more of you posts.

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 22, 2011 02:33PM)
Very good points, dmkraig. Thank you for taking the time to share them. I actually think of my scripts/patter in a modular format. Well, that is how it worked for my magic. I never had a complete script that ran the same from start to finish. Mine tended to have multiple branches I could take, depending on the situation. Sometimes I would deviate from that, even. A few of the pieces I ran this weekend didn't have memorized patter at all, I hadn't gotten that far. I did the fingers holding the card with minimal remembrance of the original patter. The stuck hand was completely done on the fly, I had to rely on the concept because I couldn't remember a single thing that was said on the DVD. So in all honesty, it wasn't pretty .. but it did work. I'll keep your suggestions in mind; I don't want to ever sound like a robot reciting lines.

As a beginner I do like the concept of 'set pieces.' These bite size chunks have been easier for me to digest and they give me a menu to choose from. I also like having the ability of running some of the self working and mostly self working pieces before 'deeper' inductions, that way in the audience's mind they have seen an entertaining, albeit brief, hypnosis demonstration. This has removed most of my fear over the possibility of not having good subjects or having a bad night myself. I am sure I will run into some rough subjects and may even have some battle scars (figuratively .. hopefully) but that will make for some good stories to share on here.
Message: Posted by: JonChase (Feb 22, 2011 07:50PM)
Be Careful Chris, I know a pro over here who got his nose reshaped by trucker after the poor hypno stamped on the guys pet faery. LOL

I love what ou said there, keeping in mind what the Audience sees is the ultimate point of entertainment hypnosis - you're my hero ;-)
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 23, 2011 03:35PM)

Thanks, brother. I didn't try induction, I did induction. As Jon stated above "You did induce. There is No full or half hypnotized you is or you isn't." However, I think you are asking if I made it past the first few semi-self working set pieces. Yes, I did. I ended each set piece in a head slumped, eyes closed, deepening state. Her hands dropping to her lap immediately and her hand sticking to the table weren't simply from the suggestion without any induction. She could not remove her hand no matter how hard she tried. Once I released her, I put her deeper.

This weekend I plan on adding amnesia, sticking their body so they can't grab cash I have laying there, and may even have a go at making myself invisible. It will depend on how well my subjects respond. (I almost used the word "trying" instead of "adding." As Yoda says "Do or do not... there is no try." )

Right now I have what my coworkers deemed idiot wisdom when I was moved to a new position that I had to learn from the ground up. I know I am naive about this stuff and hopefully seeing this from a fresh perspective, I may keep myself out of some ruts we can get into. I know as a magician at times it was really hard not to think like a magician. Then again, being so new I may convince someone they are a chicken and they will need years of therapy afterwards. :) I am relying on my source materials and the generous guidance of some of the experienced performers on here.

You sold your Trilby collection? Yes, you did sell it too quickly. Did you attempt any of the techniques before you sold it, or did it simply look too good to be true? As I stated earlier, I am sure I will have some less than successful days with this, but once I convinced myself that I was The Hypnotist, it was pretty easy. It is much easier than a coin roll on your knuckles. I am looking forward to my continued education.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 23, 2011 03:46PM)
Thanks Jon! I feel for the pro but man oh man what a great story. I hope one of my other skills, kung fu instructor, would protect me if I omitted an important part of a suggestion. However, no matter how good you are there is always someone bigger and better out there, or better on that particular day. I already have a prominent nose, maybe a Roman nose would be an improvement.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Feb 23, 2011 04:16PM)

Way to go my friend! This all so interesting. I did sell the Trilby Set way to quickly and It was because it seemed to good to be true. I have since tried the fingers lock and eye lock and worked wonderfully. That is when I knew I sold it too soon and probably cause of lack of confidence and lack of people to attempt it with. BUT... I'm enjoying hearing of your success and I really enjoyed Anthony Jaquin's teaching style so I'm gonna devote more time to this and see where it leads. I bet you were dancing a jig with the success you had recently.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Feb 23, 2011 04:24PM)
Oh yeah ... I was very excited. I even accidentally stepped on some biker's pet fairy. :)

I am glad the subject's eyes are closed because I am grinning like a possum while all of this is going on. I understand having limited numbers of people to work with. I live in a town of a little over 11,000 people. Given enough time I'll have such a high percentage of them who have been induced by me that I'll be able to walk into my local Walmart and yell sleep and have half the store stand comatose.
Message: Posted by: JonChase (Feb 24, 2011 12:13PM)
Go for the bank Chris!
Message: Posted by: bobser (Feb 24, 2011 02:43PM)
Yeah, go for the bank Chris!
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 2, 2011 10:31AM)
Week 3 results:

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to get out in the field this weekend. I caught a movie on Friday night and came out looking for an audience so I could be flat out amazing. All the shops were closing up in the mall then. So I decided to find some people at Walmart since I needed some groceries anyway. I had the choice between very annoying teeny boppers and a woman who was telling a worker there how she had to put her boyfriend in jail that morning. I wanted to entertain, but not that bad.

I met up with my magician buddy, Ryan and his wife on Sunday. I ran through a few set pieces before I tried to make magnetic hands an induction. I was doing this while he was standing and I managed an arm raise about halfway up. It took a while to get to that point. I started to feel like this phenomenon would be a hard nut to crack for me.

We then worked with his wife. I did the arm raise induction where you practice lifting the arm a couple of times. The last time I lifted it I let go of the arm and said it would remain hovering. Well hover it did. It continued to hover till it was way over her head. She was giggling through this. I then locked her hand to the table, easy peasy. Next I did an arm rise from her hands in her lap. I managed to get that up to her head and stuck it to her forehead. I finished with sticking her hands together in her lap and she couldn’t hand her phone to me. (I didn’t have any cash on me to have her try to grab)

It was a successful night but I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone and practice on new people. Ryan and I are planning on walking around the flea market next weekend and practice on anyone who will stand still. We were thinking too hard about it and making obstacles that aren’t really there… like maybe we shouldn’t practice where so many people can see us, what should we wear, is a daytime venue a poor place to practice? All of that was simply from fear. None of that is going to get in the way now. We are going to go down there and be simply amazing. We may even steal a cucumber or two. :)

I did learn a valuable lesson by rewatching Ant’s first induction on the Trilby Connection bonus disk. His arm rise wasn’t working quickly with that subject so he threw in some of the other set pieces using the other arm. Once I added this to my toolbox, I have really eliminated any fear I would have with having a subject this didn’t work on. The end result could go one of two ways, either the added set pieces would drive them ‘deeper’ into hypnosis and elicit the phenomena you were looking for or the added set pieces can be the entire experience and the subject will walk away not knowing that any phenomena failed.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 2, 2011 11:49AM)
Ok, this stuff shouldn’t be working this well. Out of everyone in the room I am the most skeptical. I know I have a long way to go and am not getting cocky with my results, but it shouldn’t be this easy. I keep questioning whether the hypnotic phenomena I am seeing is simply my subjects faking it. It seems too good to be true.

Last night as I was leaving my kung fu class I was talking to two of my students and I mentioned hypnosis. They had seen my magic, but didn’t know I was doing hypnosis now. Well, I had to be The Hypnotist; I couldn’t tell them I started 3 weeks ago. So when they said they didn’t know I was doing hypnosis and asked how long I had been doing it I said “I’ve been doing it for a while … since it was an extension of my magic I took to it like a duck in water.” I asked them if they wanted to try it. I got two very excited yes’s.

They were very responsive in my initial framing and I knew I had picked 2 very good subjects. The fact that I am their teacher helped a lot; it gave me a lot of initial respect and clout. Also they had seen me perform magic before, so logically if I could do that then I could do hypnosis.

I started with magnetic fingers and Chad, a marine, went slower than his cousin Danielle. I feared he might be a tough subject. I then did magnetic hands, which worked better. From that point I left their eyes closed and did an arm rise. Both of their arms went up immediately and were above their heads in less than 2 seconds. I wondered if they misunderstood me and thought I had asked them to consciously hold their hands over their head. I then told them their hands were attracted to their foreheads by magnets. Chad’s hand stuck firm to his head. When I woke him up he could not budge it from his head. Danielle had a little more trouble. She was wearing a hat and she had to work her hand around the brim. This interrupt combined with the fact that only part of her hand could touch part of her forehead made it hard to stick. When I woke her back up she was able to remove her hand. I put her back under. I did a light and heavy hand skit with her that worked very well. I then stuck her arms in various positions and she could no longer move them. Chad started going down very deeply each time I put him back under. His head flopped forward immediately.

It was at this point I realized I didn’t have an audience. Everyone there was hypnotized. So I woke Danielle and allowed her to watch Chad, while she was stuck in her spot. I then elicited some elusive phenomena that I had initially been skeptical about. I changed a marine’s name to Jenny. This tough marine responded matter-of-factly that his name was Jenny when asked. I am doing somersaults in my mind at this time. I then took away the number 3 and watched how confused he got when he tried to count my fingers. He laughed and tried again. That second look of confusion was priceless. His reality had totally been altered.

I finished with sticking them where they stood and neither could move. I finished with the finial wakeup, tested that everything was back, and praised them for being such great subjects.

What an awesome high. I can’t wait till this weekend.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Mar 2, 2011 12:47PM)
On 2011-03-02 12:49, Chris Meece wrote:
Ok, this stuff shouldn’t be working this well..... it shouldn’t be this easy.

Why not? ;)
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 2, 2011 01:10PM)
On 2011-03-02 13:47, Owen Mc Ginty wrote:
On 2011-03-02 12:49, Chris Meece wrote:
Ok, this stuff shouldn’t be working this well..... it shouldn’t be this easy.

Why not? ;)
Because my last name isn't Kenobi nor Skywalker.
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Mar 2, 2011 01:31PM)
Awesome post Chris. Thanks for taking the time to inspire others with your progress reports. Be Jedi. Did I send you the Obi Wan Routine - it was contributed by a RIP Reader and is in a supplement to my book. If not email me direct and I will send it to you. 'This is the routine you are looking for...'

Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Mar 2, 2011 01:32PM)
It´s a lot easier than I originally thought. Had some awesome results in a bar on Monday night myself.
I just told the barman I was a hypnotist, he made an announcement and 5 minutes later a crowd was gathered around watching.
I´m also looking forward to the weekend ;)
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 2, 2011 03:10PM)
This is an interesting "instructional journey", Chris please keep us informed as it has been a great thread so far.

I think it's cheating sticking your only audience to the spot, well it stops them leaving!

And nice to see the return of Mz Camelhumper III

(As much as I've tried, I just can't say that name without cracking up and so have to go for a lesser name.)
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 2, 2011 03:43PM)
Thanks guys. It has been a blast. I hope threads like this will demonstrate that these abilities are actually attainable and aren't simply pipe dreams.

I need to get some video footage of some of these initial inductions. I may try that this weekend, with the participant's permission. I know there will be some wannabe hypnotists reading this who are still skeptical or at least skeptical in their own ability to do this. Video could help alleviate this.

I agree, I need new names besides Camelhumper III. I have a hard enough time keeping a straight face with Jenny.
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Mar 2, 2011 03:46PM)
Yeah, her cousin Benny Camelhumper III made a brief appearance on Trilby :)
Message: Posted by: Johannes Lindrupsen (Mar 2, 2011 04:12PM)
Finally, I got some time to read trough the whole topic, and I just have to thank you, Chris!
This is a really great topic, and you are really inspiring me to work more with my hypnosis.
I myself haven't done hypnosis for a long time, and I have a hard time getting to practice a lot, because I have no idea how to start doing this on complete strangers.
Besides that, I would't have a lot to show, as I have only done easy tests like Eye lock, Falling Backwards, Falling Forwards and rising arm.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on what I should do? :)

Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 2, 2011 04:33PM)
On 2011-03-02 16:46, Anthony Jacquin wrote:
Yeah, her cousin Benny Camelhumper III made a brief appearance on Trilby :)

Indeed I have seen it! :lol:

Can you please tell me, Ant, is Jenny and Benny your invention or where did it come from?

I think I will have to get to the point where they are just not hilarious to me any longer so that I can actually say them, but then I don't think I want to get to that stage. Cursed with a sense of humour!
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Mar 3, 2011 03:23AM)
On 2011-03-02 17:12, Johannes Lindrupsen wrote:
Finally, I got some time to read trough the whole topic, and I just have to thank you, Chris!
This is a really great topic, and you are really inspiring me to work more with my hypnosis.
I myself haven't done hypnosis for a long time, and I have a hard time getting to practice a lot, because I have no idea how to start doing this on complete strangers.
Besides that, I would't have a lot to show, as I have only done easy tests like Eye lock, Falling Backwards, Falling Forwards and rising arm.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on what I should do? :)


Next time you meet some new people, introduce yourself as a (part time) hypnotist. Then wait to see who takes the bait - who starts asking you questions, and seems interested. Then do your pretests. You can then decide if you want to take it any further. The only thing stopping you from getting out there and doing it is you.
So get out of your own way and go and do it! ;) (fear of failure held me back for WAY too long) :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 3, 2011 04:14PM)
On 2011-03-02 17:12, Johannes Lindrupsen wrote:
Finally, I got some time to read trough the whole topic, and I just have to thank you, Chris!
This is a really great topic, and you are really inspiring me to work more with my hypnosis.
I myself haven't done hypnosis for a long time, and I have a hard time getting to practice a lot, because I have no idea how to start doing this on complete strangers.
Besides that, I would't have a lot to show, as I have only done easy tests like Eye lock, Falling Backwards, Falling Forwards and rising arm.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on what I should do? :)



You are very welcome. I would venture many people who watch Anthony Jacquin’s material or material from other fine hypnotists on these forums, think the techniques would be impossible for them. Yes, it works for these gentlemen because they are all polished but I’ll never be able to do that. Absolute hogwash. If you go out there, assume the role of The Hypnotist, and use these techniques, you will be successful.

You can’t halfway try being a hypnotist. You need to make up your mind that you are The Hypnotist. Everyone you pass is dying to see how amazing you are. You never meet anyone who can’t be hypnotized.

I would definitely recommend The Trilby Connection if you want to fast track your success. This is what I used. On this collection you get to watch Anthony teach a beginner how to hypnotize. You get to watch her initial attempts and then see Anthony’s critiques. On the second DVD you get to see Anthony and Kev break down several complete real world scenarios. What a gold mine.

Here are the two stranger introductions I have been playing with:

1) “You look like an energetic group. I’m Chris, I’m a hypnotist.”

2) “Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m Chris. I’m entertaining people today with magic, mentalism, and hypnosis. Would you like to try something?”

And then …

“Have you ever been hypnotized before? What do you think hypnosis is?”

That should get the ball rolling. Find what works for you. But don’t be weak about it. Definitely don’t let them know that they are the first few people you have hypnotized. You can pretty much kiss your chances goodbye with that comment. They have to believe that you are a hypnotist.

I have been reciting my scripts a lot in my daily commute. Of course I want my delivery to be smooth and without hesitation, but this isn’t my main reason for the practice. My most important asset is my confidence. I can stumble through my words a little and still hypnotize them if I am confident enough. I practice for my sake, not my listeners.

I’ve got James Tripp’s material on order, Hypnosis without Trance and plan on playing with it as well. Anthony references James’s work on his DVD. Here is an awesome approach that James uses with family and friends:

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 4, 2011 12:06PM)

Another note. I would spend some time reading some of the older threads on here. I am picking up a lot of nuggets in doing so. There is a lot of wisdom from years of experience in there.

I hope nothing I said above came off as me thinking I know something now. I am very much a beginner but wanted to share what was working for me.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 4, 2011 06:41PM)
I would love to have a critique of my initial approach and introduction. I posted a private video on youtube. I apologize for the darkness, I filmed this as soon as I got home and the sun was setting. I am going to be approaching complete strangers this weekend and hypnotizing them.

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 4, 2011 11:52PM)
Let me retry that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2GIbABwDB8
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 8, 2011 02:35PM)
Week 4 Results:

What I learned this week:
1) Never decide for your participant whether their experience was good or not
2) I never have to have a failure
3) Hypnosis gathers a crowd much better than magic
4) You have to eliminate your personal space issues

Friday night I managed to get some practice in at the movie theater. (I saw Unknown with Liam Neeson, great movie) I went through several pieces with the 17 year old son and wife of a buddy of mine who manages the theater. They did very well. The hand stick on the forehead didn't work for his son. Later I stuck his hand on the table which did work. However, afterwards I asked him about it and he said he tried to pull his hand up but not with all his might. I don't want that to happen again so from now on I want to really sell the fact that his hand is stuck. I am surprised with his saying this because I even asked him to use his other hand to help lift the stuck hand.

While working with these two I had a gentleman come out to buy some popcorn who stopped and watched the 'show.' He seemed to really enjoy it; he asked me several questions about it when I was done. I answered a couple and then I apologized for keeping him from his movie. He told me that this was much more entertaining. He then said he would give me 20 dollars right now if I could make him stop smoking. I was thinking, if I could manage to make you stop smoking you would be giving me a lot more than 20 dollars. I explained to him that he would need to see a hypnotherapist for that and it would take more than one session. I told him I only do this for entertainment. I asked him if he wanted to try this. I started with magnetic fingers, which he responded to. Next we did magnetic hands and he was going nowhere with it .. absolutely nowhere. I finally pulled his hands down and told him to sleep, he stood there sheepishly grinning with his eyes open. I then attempted fingers locked on card. Well, he managed to drop the card. Things just weren't going as well as I had hoped, however I kept telling him how good he was doing. Next came a strong learning point for me. I thought the experience had went pretty sour. I thanked him for his participation and was going to be on my way. He then asked me if I did parties. After what I thought was a failure, in his mind he had experienced enough that he wanted to hire me. I turned down the request due to my inexperience and the fact that it was a birthday party for his 12 year old.

My next post will have our excursion to the flea market detailed ...
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 8, 2011 04:49PM)
Is it possible that the '17 year old son' was just being a teenager 'I could have moved it if I had wanted to!' ?

Sadly we can't always pick and chose people when starting out as if we could it would always be a group of people and move on with the best, whilst not bothering with the problematic ones. That is the problem with 'ones and twos' we may get lucky but then again we might not.

Also in a more formal situation there is more time to try different approaches with a one on one.

As for the 12 year old party, that is the reason I gave up magic! I have never come across remotely as an entertainment suitable for children's parties (Not that I do blue stuff) but that didn't stop them thinking that I would be delighted to turn into Mr Bubbles and look after their children for 30 minutes. And all for a tenth of what I charge.

As for the hypnosis try and 'arrange' to got to a social party (or throw one yourself) where there will be lots more people, but you are not booked as the hypnotist. Loads of punters and no pressure.
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 8, 2011 04:55PM)
On 2011-03-05 00:52, Chris Meece wrote:
Let me retry that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2GIbABwDB8

WOW! Love that accent! (Seriouly not taking the P, I just love accents!)

A very warm and friendly accent and approach.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 9, 2011 03:52PM)
On Sunday afternoon Ryan and I went to the flea market to get some practice in. The prospects were looking thin. I wasn't really looking forward to approaching anyone because the few I saw there didn't look like the 'entertianable type.' I decided to cheat. I started with some magic first. I did Bob Sheet's 'It's the Rules' dice routine for a stall owner. While doing this I had a guy getting a kick out of watching it from the aisle. When I finished he had walked away. I managed to run into him a few stalls down and commented on the fact that I saw he had been enjoying my magic. I mentioned my hypnosis and asked if he and his wife would like to give it a try. They were very enthusiastic. I did the usual few set pieces and faltered on sticking the hand to the forehead. A small crowd had formed and I could tell they were very self conscious of people watching them. I finished with the stiff arm and Calof's eye lock pieces so as to not end on a 'failure.' They were very happy with the results.

Later I grabbed a group of 3 in a stall that sold DVDs. Once again, I did the usual set pieces. Then something magical happened. While doing magnetic hands I glanced to my left and saw that the entire front of the stall was full of people trying to see. I couldn't see everybody, but there were a few rows clambering to watch. This is like crack to a performer. Who knew that having a few people standing with their hands out would grab such a crowd. If this whole hypnosis thing doesn't work out for me in the future I am going to simply ask random people to hold their hands out so I can gather a crowd for my magic. :) The 3 did well and I found the gal in the group did the best. I stuck her in several positions.

As I was leaving a gal who was running another stall stopped me and was asking about hypnosis. I asked her if she wanted to try it and she recoiled like I was a snake. She said 'Not now .. I want to wait till my husband is here. He runs the stall behind me.' One of the guys I had hypnotized was standing there and told her to try magnetic fingers .. told her they would automatically go together. I was cringing when he was explaining all this but she tried it before I had interjected. Her fingers started coming together and she yanked her hands apart with a small scream. She said she totally wants to try it but will feel safer when her husband is there. I promised to come back sometime. She will be building anticipation in the meantime and I believe will be a star participant.

I see some areas I could use some training in. When I am working with more than a couple of people I am not sure about how to manage all of them. I feel like one of those Chinese plate spinners, running back and forth. I now see the value in the suggestion of telling the spectators that I will touch them on the shoulder when I am talking to them. They have no idea who you are addressing if their eyes are closed and in your excitement you have forgotten their names. I also want to learn how to engage the spectators more .. make it a better show for them.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 9, 2011 03:57PM)
On 2011-03-08 17:55, Shrubsole wrote:
On 2011-03-05 00:52, Chris Meece wrote:
Let me retry that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2GIbABwDB8

WOW! Love that accent! (Seriouly not taking the P, I just love accents!)

A very warm and friendly accent and approach.
Accent?!?! I have no accent. You britts think you invented the English language or something. :)

I thought I was suppressing my accent in that video. I am a huge fan of accents as well. I can't wait till I make it to your isle someday .. I'll just sit on a bench and listen for hours.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 9, 2011 04:14PM)
Tuesday night results: The marine named Jenny from last week brought his mom and grandmother by to watch classes last night. Afterwards he told me they would like to see some hypnosis. His mom allowed me to hypnotize her. I hypnotized the marine as well to keep an ace up my sleeve. I did the usual set pieces and one again couldn't get the dang hand to stay stuck to her head. It may be my wording or tone I use when I ask them to test it. I say 'Can you pull your hand from your head?' It may be heard as if I am asking them to do that and not that I am asking them if they can do that. I put her back under and worked on the marine. This time I totally took away his ability to count. When we tested it I had 36 fingers ... which I agreed with. And he had 18. I put him back under and worked on his mom. After a couple more pieces I stuck her there so she could watch her son. As I was working on him I noticed out of the corner of my eye she was struggling to move her feet. She laughed and said 'I can't move my feet.' I smiled/smirked and said 'Of course not .. I told you you wouldn't be able to.' Very nice moment. I turned back to the marine and gave my best suggestion to date. When he opened his eyes I would be invisible. Guess what ... he opened his eyes and I WAS INVISIBLE!!!! I moved in his field of vision and saw no recognition. Then I picked up some items in the room and watched in amazement as he believed they were floating. He kept asking his cousin what she was doing to make it do that. I followed with some unseen touches to his shoulders.

What an amazing high. I am still having trouble wrapping my brain around this.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Mar 9, 2011 04:23PM)
I´m turning green with envy Chris - Well done on becoming invisible!!!!
About your wording when asking them about the hand stuck to head - how about not asking them if they can, but rather challenging them with the words "Try to pull your hand off your head" - the word try implies failure. If they stop to analyze your question, they´ll probably realize that they can in fact pull their hand free.

You´re making me want to be very bold and ballsy on friday night!
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 9, 2011 04:31PM)
On 2011-03-09 16:57, Chris Meece wrote:
On 2011-03-08 17:55, Shrubsole wrote:
On 2011-03-05 00:52, Chris Meece wrote:
Let me retry that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2GIbABwDB8

WOW! Love that accent! (Seriously not taking the P, I just love accents!)

A very warm and friendly accent and approach.
Accent?!?! I have no accent. You britts think you invented the English language or something. :)

I thought I was suppressing my accent in that video. I am a huge fan of accents as well. I can't wait till I make it to your isle someday .. I'll just sit on a bench and listen for hours.

I do hope you are a man who can cope with major disappointment when you get here then! :lol:

We do have accents, different ones like you have over there. It's just that none of them sound like Dick Van Dike!

There is a nice light southern drawl to yours, not hard as nails like a New York accent. Then there is that Shelby Stanga on Ax men from New Orleans who we need subtitles to understand a single word.

Your's is a warm and friendly one which will come in handy when presenting yourself to strangers to hand over their brains to you.

As for the hypnosis, yes I think your next step is control of a group (or two) where you can leave one happily 'in trace' whilst you work on the other. It's just audience management with hopefully more responsive people. The hand on the shoulder is a must for isolating people and not confusing others.

Just remember in your excitement not the forget about the other one and walk off leaving a zombie. :lol:
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 9, 2011 04:51PM)
'Can you pull your hand from your head?'

I find TELLING people what is what and what they will do works best for me. "Your hand WILL be stuck to your head and the more you try, the stronger it will stick... the more you try, you will find that it just sticks more and more" - That's telling them what to do and what the outcome WILL BE. If they take that suggestion correctly they will do exactly what you have said. They can 'try' and you have told them what will happen when they do.

It's sort of like people need the full instructions of what to do and what the outcome and reaction WILL BE - We can't have them making their own minds up now can we? :lol:

Leave it vague when you want them to be creative (within the safe limits you have already set up - Edge of stage - walking into roads - assaulting people - getting naked, etc.) But when you want them to do something tell them what to do and what the result will be. Also tell them what their emotional reaction will be and make it a positive one rather then leaving it up to them. Some people can freak out when things start floating around the room or find out that their mother named them Jenny! :lol:
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Mar 10, 2011 03:29AM)
On 2011-03-04 19:41, Chris Meece wrote:
I would love to have a critique of my initial approach and introduction. I posted a private video on youtube. I apologize for the darkness, I filmed this as soon as I got home and the sun was setting. I am going to be approaching complete strangers this weekend and hypnotizing them.


Textbook approach. Well done. Just personalise it to the group and bounce off of what you observe. Throughout this sequence you already have opportunities to begin to break into the groups and individuals personal space, a gesture here, eye contact, touch and the odd hand shake and name check. Observe those who already are hooked into you and keep their attention. Look for any signs of people responding even to the idea of getting hypnotised. Excitement, fear and or fascination will do.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 17, 2011 01:00PM)
Thank you very much for your review Anthony. I am becoming more and more comfortable with my approaches and all the set pieces. I have the itch to hypnotize everyone I encounter now.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 17, 2011 01:00PM)
Week 5 results:

I did not have the chance to hypnotize anyone this weekend. UK (University of Kentucky, my alma mater) was playing in the SEC tournament and anywhere I would have gone would have been void of people.

Tuesday, I did manage to hypnotize 4 people after class. I once again used Chad and Danielle from previous weeks. I also added Marc and Hillary who had never been hypnotized before. I managed to video this one and may post it later with their permission; the sound is a little rough in some portions.

Before working with the group I asked Chad if he was currently hypnotized. He said “No.” I then placed his hand on top of his head and said “If I stick your hand on top of your head do you think you could remove it?” He said he didn’t know. I told him to go ahead and try it. He was unable to. I have my first case of ‘perminosis.’

Hillary only went through the initial set pieces since she said she would prefer to watch, only. I told her I would let her get a feel for it by trying these and would not ‘fully go into hypnosis.’ I did magnetic fingers/magnetic hands/eye lock/card lock and then excused her to the side.

I let the other two watch as I worked with Marc. I now see the value in telling the participants how they will react to the phenomena. I did a hand stick to his forehead, feet stick, tongue stuck out, and number amnesia. He was very stoic in his reactions. When asked how it felt he simply said ‘strange.’ In the future I will remember to state how they will react to these phenomena. It would have made for a poor show had he been the only one I hypnotized.

I decided to try some new things with Danielle. I induced her with the practice handshake. She was almost under with the first practice but I stopped it by saying .. but not yet. On the second time I let her fully go under. I told her that numbers would be meaningless to her, that if she tried to count she may say ‘5, 1, B, G, Car, Snorkel…’ She took this suggestion well, starting with random numbers and ending with my last two fingers being House and Pickle. I then gave her the suggestion that whenever I said the word ‘Well’ that she would tell me to ‘Shut up’ and immediately feel very embarrassed about this. I woke her up and said “I am going to work on Chad now … you’ve done very well…” I was immediately told to shut up and she clamped her hands on her mouth and bent forward. I asked Chad if she was feeling well which resulted in another admonition and she almost ran off at this point. I put her back under and removed the suggestion.

With Chad I gave the suggestion that anytime Danielle snapped her fingers she would turn invisible. Anytime she said the word ‘Boo’ she would reappear. I was initially going to have a second snap make her reappear but questioned if that would be confusing having the same action bring two different effects. Danielle used this opportunity to sneak up on him and yell Boo, startling him. The second time this happened I removed the suggestion. I finished with Chad having the suggestion that his elbow smelled of rancid meat.

I cleaned up with a formal wakeup and a PHS that the material they were learning in class would come naturally to them. They will recall the forms with near photographic memory. I am curious to see how this suggestion will manifest itself in their practice.
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Mar 17, 2011 02:07PM)
Sounds great!
Message: Posted by: Shrubsole (Mar 17, 2011 04:40PM)
Did Chad's elbow smelled of rancid meat? What was the reaction to that?

It would be great to see a video of the whole thing.

You seem to be getting and building a whole range of phenomena now, well done! Pick 'n' mix as you like.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 21, 2011 05:38PM)
Do you ever just get the itch to hypnotize someone. A strange innate feeling that someone around you needs to be stuck to either themselves or an inanimate object? Well, that is the curse you all have infected me with.

So here I sit at my job and a coworker came by and said he had trouble focusing. I asked him if he would like to see a little trick that will help him with his focus. I then proceeded to do magnetic fingers>magnetic hands>eye lock>card lock. I was meaning to stop at each one but couldn't help from going further. I was dying to do more but I declined since we are at work. I told him we will take it further sometime in the future.

Now I have this hypno itch that needs to be scratched. My girlfriend and I are going out for BBQ tonight so I have the sneaky suspicion that someone may be renamed Jenny tonight....
Message: Posted by: simquad (Mar 22, 2011 08:36AM)
Ermintrude the Cow has made a few appearances for me, it is most funny and gives good lateral.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 24, 2011 06:52AM)
Video footage:

I've decided to post the footage I took a few weeks ago. There are 4 clips and they are mostly uncut. My digital camera can only record 8 minutes at a time. The sound is a little rough in places. The first two clips are with people I had never hypnotized. The last two clips are of people I had previously hypnotized, including some somnambulism.

These videos are unlisted and can't be searched. I don't want anyone trying to use what I am doing as instruction.

Initial set pieces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebECKymC5kw
Marc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymrFXqPHaYc
Danielle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVHy87Xgn1k
Chad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dwB_4cCpwI
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Mar 24, 2011 10:15AM)
Now that was a lot of fun to watch. Your a natural for this!! I really look forward to your posts it helps me alot. My thought is that these students already have a profound respect for you which I'm sure is quite helpful. Please tell your students I said a big "THANK YOU" for allowing you to share this with us. It really is helpful to guys like myself who are trying to learn all nuances. I "Thank You" too!
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 24, 2011 04:50PM)
Thank you Randy. We are always more critical of ourselves when we hear a recording or see a video. However it is a great way to identify what needs to be worked on.

One of the things I observed wasn't hypnosis related at all. I have been slacking in my P90X workouts, well the meal planning portion. Seeing myself on this video has lit a fire under me to lose the last 20 lbs I am shooting for.

Since this video was taken I was able to get visual hallucinations from Danielle as well. I suggested that I was invisible and it took fully. I was floating objects around the room. After watching Jonathan Chase's show I also added the suggestion that when she woke up she would be our official elbow checker. She walked around and made sure everyone's elbow bent while I continued to work on a new subject. She even interrupted me to check my elbow.

My new subject that night was a parent of one of my students. Her daughter came to me and said her mom wanted to be hypnotized. She did very well. We were able to do a number amnesia, various body locking/sticking, and I even changed her name to Jehoshaphat.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Mar 24, 2011 07:06PM)
Tons of fun Chris, really enjoying your work. Keep it coming.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Mar 24, 2011 09:13PM)

I sure hope you don't mind me sharing on your post what I accomplished this evening..... I actually DID IT!!! Your posts here and the vids gave me the confidence to try and just on a spur of the moment I asked my 17 yr old daughter if she wanted to participate in something really cool. I actually did not want to try this on family or friends as I know that is very difficult, however I viewed a vid on Youtube by I believe James Tripp who gave suggestions when dealing with family and decided to try.

I was able to accomplish Magnetic Fingers, followed by Magnetic Palms and into what I believe was an induction. My first suggestion was sticking her hand to her head and proceeded with testing it. She could not remove her hand from her head. It was hilarious, I then tried an amnesia of the number 3 but didn't receive the result I had hoped for. I did notice I stumbled with words as even though I thought I had my patter memorized I found it difficult to remember all the nuances I learned from Anthony Jacquin. I then ended with a proper wakeup. I then discussed it with her shortly after and she didn't remember her hand being stuck but did say to me "Dad, did you say something about the number 3?" I asked "why do you ask" she replied "I don't know , I thought you said something about the number 3 cause it's in my head and she laughed. I asked her how did it feel and she could only describe it by saying "I don't know, It was weird". LOL, So I guess I accomplished something on first attempt. I now know I need to continue practicing my lines and remember to keep talking to make it flow flawlessly... Thanks Anthony Jacquin for putting out such great products and THANK YOU Chris for helping me to get the confidence to try.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 24, 2011 09:41PM)

I knew it! I knew you were on the verge of a breakthrough through our conversations here and PMs. That is so awesome. They just get easier from here. Once I had my first they allowed me to practice on them on a few different occasions. I have a big ol grin on my face from reading your post. You have the hypno itch now!
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Mar 29, 2011 12:52PM)
Week 6 results:

What a weekend for hypnosis! I spent the weekend in Gatlinburg Tn; we had taken our youth from the church down there for the weekend. Saturday night I did a few different sessions with some of the teenagers. I didn’t do any trance inductions but did several initial set pieces. I had a few different groups come sit with me individually as I was hanging out in the dining room of the chalet we rented. They would wander up and I asked them if they wanted to see something cool. The hardest was my cousin. I tried a hand lock to table using the techniques from hypnosis without trance. He kept looking up at me and talking through the whole thing. His hand did stick but it didn’t stay stuck. The two other hand sticks I attempted were full on. I also did a little magic with each as well. I was playing with my brass Supersight by Rob Stiff I had bought earlier that day. It probably isn’t the type of effect I would carry around with me but I really enjoyed the method and had fun playing with the premise that I was influencing their suggestions with my patter.

The next day my girlfriend and I were in the Magic and Novelty Outlet in the Mountain Mall in downtown Gatlinburg. I was talking with the guy behind the counter and he asked if I did magic. I told him yes and hypnosis as well. Beside me there was a group of 10 teenagers and one of them overheard this and asked me to show them something. I told him it would be rude for me to perform in this guy’s shop. I was given permission to do so, and so I did. Halfway through the demonstration the guy behind the counter asked if I minded if he took pictures, of course I didn’t.

I am used to only a few from the group volunteering to participate. With this group, everyone wanted to play a part. Magnetic fingers and hands went very fast with them. Next I did a heavy/light hand piece and had drastic results across the board. I borrowed some cards from the shop and did a card lock with the entire group. No one could drop their card. When I released them with a snap there was a nice snowfall effect as 10 cards fell to the ground. There was not enough room in the shop to manage 10 people in a full trance so I singled out three. I did full trance inductions with these. I did a three shake handshake induction with one of them. He was chattering a little bit while I was explaining what would happen but it was a nervous/excited chatter about what was about to happen to him. I wasn’t sure if he would go under at this point but I proceeded. After I described what would happen I did the first shake and he started blinking and said “oh crap.” The second shake really had him blinking and this caused him to smile and he repeated ‘oh crap’ over and over. On the third shake he went out, neck completely limp. I stuck him to the ground and challenged him with some money on the ground that he couldn’t retrieve. I also did a hand rise/forehead stick with these three and they were pretty chatty leading up to it as well. The hands did rise more quickly than my earlier attempts a few weeks ago. All three could not remove their hands when I asked them to. I finished with a formal wakeup and we went on our way.

My girlfriend snapped several pictures on my iPhone during this and I have them posted here. https://picasaweb.google.com/112180840702449014314/Hypnosis?authkey=Gv1sRgCPi-19zXtrbdygE&feat=directlink
She teased me that my head was going to get bigger since there were people standing in the background taking pictures as well. No worries, I’ll end up running into some subject next week who will challenge me with “Come on hypno-boy let’s see what you’ve got,” and that will bring me back down to reality.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Apr 26, 2011 10:31AM)
Been a while since I've posted because the stories are becoming the same. I'll post from time to time when something new happens.

Here is a short clip of my student Chad being induced through catching a rubber knife. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KYnB2W3w68
Message: Posted by: jacon (Apr 28, 2011 08:00AM)
All right, I'm not sure if this is the right topic to post this but I have just had my first experience with hypnosis. And I was the hypnotist :D
For the last two days I have been studying, reading and watching everything I could related to hypnosis and I decided to actually try it with someone. I was able to do the Eye Lock with my grandfather who was at my house a couple days ago but didn't do anything further than that.
So, a few minutes ago I decided to try it with my girlfriend. First I did the finger magnet as a game, then, a bit afterwards I did the arm magnets and handshake induced her into hypnosis. And from there, as slowly as it went, I was able to stick her hand to her forehead.I must admit that I am feeling like THE hypnotist right now hahaha.

On an interesting note, when I told her that her hand was stuck to her forehead I used the image of two magnets. When she tried to take her hand off her head, a magnet like effect happened, she was able to move it slightly but her hand came right back to her forehead, like when two magnets are being held apart and you can feel the magnetic field. I found that to be extremely interesting.

So, for now that is it, in a couple of hours I will try to do it with a friend of mine, so I am extremely excited.
Sorry if I mispelled something or if the text is difficult to understand, english is not my main language but I am working on it :).
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Apr 28, 2011 08:28AM)
:yippee: sounds like great results for your first attempt :bigdance: :dancing:
Well done. :banana:

Your english is excellent by the way.