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Topic: Looking to build an old prop but unsure of the name
Message: Posted by: CharlaineC (Feb 23, 2011 05:28PM)
I've been trying to find plans and a better understanding of this prop so that I might build one for myself.

The first one I believe is called "Wonder Glass" or "Frame of Wonder". The trick was to place a photo, or another paper object, 8x 10, between 2 sheets of glass with a fancy frame with a hole in the center. At first glance, the hole is just decoration. Then a spike is placed in the hole, then hammered through without breaking the glass. Then the spike is removed, and the photo is removed to show the hole, yet the glass is fully intact.

Does anyone know what the history of this trick is and how it's built? I would be grateful.

On 2011-02-26 05:58, CharlaineC wrote:
I know that there are small toy versions that are sold in some kits. Would one of these be a viable starting point?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Feb 26, 2011 07:06AM)
Yes, I believe you are talking of a glass penetration effect. I would go to the dollar store and buy one (or two) of the cheap plastic versions. Tear one apart, and rescale it to whatever size you want.

The older glass models were made of hardwoods and glass. Owens, I think, still makes one.

Message: Posted by: CharlaineC (Feb 26, 2011 07:27AM)
Thank you so much I will do so.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 26, 2011 12:46PM)
Yes, the trick is called the Penetration Frame that is sold by Fun Inc. Here is a reference for their model, the classic beginner's trick:

This has been copied by many other thieves as well, all over the world.

Here is the Owen model:
http://www.owenmagic.com/Club___Stage/Club___Stage_3/club___stage_3.html scroll to bottom of page.

There are no plans to my knowledge. Most small illusionettes are passed down from manufacturer to manufacturer. The only way to make one of this nature is to buy one, then use that as a pattern. It would be unethical for someone to just give plans or a model for you to copy, as everyone else had to pay for it or make it from scratch themselves; hopefully, with improvements.
Message: Posted by: CharlaineC (Feb 26, 2011 03:03PM)
I understand and thank you for your information I think I might buy one but if I decide to build one I think I know what I am going to do thank you all.

Posted: Mar 27, 2011 5:15pm
I meant to apologize as I didn't know that I might be stealing the idea as I thought it was one that wasn't owned. It's been in my mind since I first saw it bungled in the Disney movie bed knobs and broomsticks. I also thought the plans where given one of the older magic courses so I am sorry if I gave any appearance of stealing the trick.
Message: Posted by: sleightly (Mar 27, 2011 08:49PM)
This would not be stealing... The penetration frame was invented in 1927 by Edward Massey and the design as it is now seen was patented in 1938 (filed July 3, 1937) by Ludwig Krug.

You can find the patent plans here:


Use Internet Explorer and click on "Images" to see the actual patent documents...

The patent has long expired putting it into the public domain...

It is remarkable what you can find at the patent server (including Joe Karson's patent for Zombie)...
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Mar 27, 2011 09:03PM)
I've seen lots of cheap small plastic versions of this around. You should be able to buy oen locally for a few bucks. Otherwise there are lots on amazon...
Message: Posted by: CharlaineC (Mar 28, 2011 12:49PM)
Thank you sleightly for that I feel allot better but I also believe I understand what the others meant by it. I did find a few at the dollar store as well as one from the chis angel set as well. I'm looking to remake the classic styled one just large enough so I may use a rail road spike or a very large nail or spike.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Mar 28, 2011 07:57PM)
Keep your eye on the magic auction sites: Martinka, KT Magic, Ron Alessi and his International Magic Auction... there are often larger models that pop up. They aren't cheap, but they are oh so beautiful.