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Topic: Thesis on Magic
Message: Posted by: isis_izumi (Feb 24, 2011 10:25PM)
A few weeks ago I've got one email from Yohei Morishita who is a student of Musashino Art University and his thesis themed on "Deceptive Expresions via Magic -Comparing with Entertainment and Visual Arts." His work is awesome and truly great in a point of academic view.

If you're good at Japanese, jump below and get PDF. Then send your comment to him if possible:

I wonder does anyone write a kind of this literature outside Japan. Does anyone know people who do like Yohei and articles that is accessible in online?
Message: Posted by: joe yang (Feb 25, 2011 09:26PM)
Try looking at The Drama Review. TDR is published by the drama department at NYU. Formerly it was the Tulane Drama Review. The NYU Graduate Drama Department would be the first place I would look, particularly their work in "Outsider Art". You might start with the late Brooks MacNamara and his book, "The Medicine Show".

Magic still isn't getting much academic analysis in the West. Musashino may be ahead of the curve. I worked with Jonas Salve, a theater professor at Musashino in the 80's. We collaborated with Walter Fairservis, head of Asian studies at Vassar and another Asian theater professor from the University of Hawaii.

They were staging a Kabuki production of "The Tempest". Walter was trying out a theory that it was Shakespear's "Halloween" play. They brought me in to produce the magic. They couldn't find anyone at Musashino, Vassar, U Hawaii or any of the other schools represented at East West Fusion Theater. I was from NYU.

Love to see what you come up with. Love to see a translation of your link. This thread might belong in Food for Thought.
Message: Posted by: bobser (Feb 26, 2011 08:13AM)
Yeah I don't think the thread belongs here, but in passing, although I didn't understand anything not speaking Japanese I can say that we have a couple doctors here in the UK who received their PHD's in the study of magic at very reputable British Universities.
Look up Dr. Peter Lamont of Edinburgh (also a working pro magician).

Hope this helps,
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Feb 26, 2011 08:37AM)
I had thought the same thing wondering why this thread was in here?
Message: Posted by: joe yang (Feb 26, 2011 06:10PM)
Maybe Isis is a hypnotist, that and a possible language barrier. Move the thread? I'd like to see more responses. It's an interesting subject.