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Topic: Help with a prop
Message: Posted by: Mowee (Feb 28, 2011 04:54PM)
I posted this elsewhere and didn't get any responses. I have a decorative soap that I want to use as a final load. My question is what can I use to make the prop last. I was thinking lacquer but maybe polyurethane...not sure how either would interact with the soap.
Message: Posted by: Thomas Wayne (Feb 28, 2011 05:30PM)
RTV silicone mold "splashed off" the original soap, then cast prop soaps out of cold-cure urethane compound - using appropriate dye to color the finished product.

I know, I know... too much work. But that's how you do it if you really care.

Message: Posted by: EsnRedshirt (Feb 28, 2011 05:35PM)
The decorative soaps I've seen have been around for years. Turns out few people are brave enough to use them, even if they're sticking in a bowl in the bathroom...

However, some quick google research indicated lacquer may be a good way to go. You should probably look into it more yourself- I'm no expert and don't want to give out bad advice.

I'm of the opinion that you may also want to look into making a mold or two, so you can recast duplicates from wax if something should happen to the original.

Edit- Looks like Thomas got to this first, concerning the mold-making. His advice is better and more complete than mine.
Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Feb 28, 2011 09:30PM)
I agree with thomas.. unless you REALLY want the smell of real soap... make it out of quick cast urethane...

if you REALLY want the soap to be soap... make a mold.. and occasionally pour yourself a new one with new soap.

I don't think you could get a thick enough coat of lacquer on there to matter.. and if you do. it will change the look of the soap drastically.
Message: Posted by: magicbyrc (Mar 23, 2011 01:44PM)
You could try coating the decorative soap with melted paraffin wax. I remember my parents doing this years ago with soap bars and old Christmas cards.