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Topic: Big Deal by:Joshua Jay
Message: Posted by: atouchofmagic1 (Mar 3, 2011 05:19PM)
Anybody here use this, I picked this up as an instant download sometime ago, and although the setup is lengthy the effect is self working and packs a huge punch. I love gambling themed routine's and this one absolutely fry's people. I was just curious if anyone here uses this and what kind of reactions you have had with it...

Always in magic

-Bobby :)
Message: Posted by: edh (Mar 3, 2011 05:29PM)
Try Ricky Jay's gambling aces triumpant. Great routine. Every move is accounted for. Therefore nothing seems fishy.

Beautiful routine.
Message: Posted by: atouchofmagic1 (Mar 3, 2011 07:21PM)
Edh tried doing a search on the routine, came up empty. Any thoughts on where I could get ahold of this?

Always in magic

-Bobby :)
Message: Posted by: jcigam (Mar 28, 2011 09:14AM)

I am not familiar with any routine Ricky Jay does by that name but this link has several clips from his (old) T.V. special. One of the clips is called, "Cutting the Aces and Triumph." This might be the routine in question.


Even if it's not, it's still a pleasure to watch...again.

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