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Topic: TV Appearances
Message: Posted by: Matt Adams (Mar 16, 2011 09:21PM)
Hey guys, here's a question for those of you who've appeared on TV. If you haven't, please state that in your reply if you choose to reply to this topic.

The main question is: What angle or "reason" did you have to be on TV?

How did you acquire the gig? Did they contact you or vise versa?

Obviously some reasons for being on TV would be ... to be on TV! Then you can list a TV station as a notable client and you can also get a bit more recognition should anyone be watching the show. Another idea is to use the footage for a promo video so clients can see you've been on TV. Always plays big. However, you don't just get on TV to get on TV. You know? Typically there's a reason that the TV station (obviously thinking "news" channel) would put you on...what's yours?
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Mar 16, 2011 09:30PM)
As a hypnotist and mentalist I have often been approached for t.v. and radio appearances as a mind power, self-help or self-motivational expert. Some serious such as therapeutic, other simply for entertainment. Several times also have been based on theme shows, specifically for news and talkshows. Also as entertainment news to promote an area theater performance. I hope this helps you.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Mar 16, 2011 10:46PM)

This probably isn't going to help anyone who wants to follow suit as to how I appeared on TV. It was a breakfast show.

I arrived home to listen to my phone messages and one was to call a tv station at ##### and so I did. Now this is the truly weird part..The person on the other end of the call never called my home. Was it a prank from one of my friends? Who knows? Karma?
Well the producer says" Hey you sound interesting and we're always looking for new acts, so tell me more about what you do. I did and he booked me to appear on the hour long show in which I was interviewed, performed a bit, took part in the cooking segment of the show and even tried to keep up with the Brazilian Martial Arts group that was also booked. So that was my experience and although it was a total fluke as to how I got on just shows you a simple call may do the trick.

I also once appeared on a Telethon in which monies were being raised for Childrens Hospital. Many celebreties were booked via Satellite while others were local talent. I didn't apply to get on but was asked. My segment happened to be in between Britney Spears and Santana.

Lastly, I did a few pilots for two kids tv shows which we filmed in hopes it would get picked up by a station. (Sometimes pilots will sit on the shelf for up to 5 years). I was also asked to take part performing one of the characters. This wasn't my project but was another performing groups. I should mention at this point that they called me up out of the blue one day and asked for my help in booking events as they had just moved to my part of the country. You know the old saying..what goes around..comes around.
Come to think of it it's how I was recommended to do the Telethon.

I always shared stuff with people , was nice to those starting out or new in the city and somehow those performers paid back the favor.

The first time I ever appeared on TV I was barely out of my teens and was working with some children at a community center - someone came over to the center and asked to "borrow" the kids for their audience for a local tv show. I went along with them and mentioned how fun it would be to be the hostess. Next thing, I was asked to read lines and that small segment appeared at the beginning of all the shows and at the end. I only taped that one time but the various shows aired for over 2 years People in the neighborhood would stop me on the street and mention they saw me...the funny thing was I wasn't a performer at that time but people assumed I was and that's how my start in magic began. I became interested and started performing shows shortly after.

In a nutshell ...I realize that every event was just being at the right place and at the right time...so I have no advice. Other than be respectful to others as you never know when they will remember you.

Message: Posted by: Matt Adams (Mar 17, 2011 10:24AM)
Thanks guys! I guess I've been on TV a decent amount already for interviews for the news and things of that nature, but it was never for magic. I also stared in a piano performance show (I'm also a musician) and played on two different episodes of that show for Alabama Public TV (called "Pianist at Work"). ...but these were all like you said, sort of coincidental. I didn't TRY to get on, it just happened. I guess I'm still looking for some reason to be on as a magician. :)
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Mar 17, 2011 11:58AM)
I've done Magic on TV a few times...

Talkshows and guest appearances...

But then again I am a Professional Actor and do lots of Acting for TV (and Films) the last 10 years. So it does kinda come with the territory...

It's good to get your name out there though it does not pay really well.

I get my contacts from my Acting Jobs, dunno if that helps...

Message: Posted by: Norrabmagic (Mar 18, 2011 12:05PM)
I did a ton of magic on TV when I was on tour with Disney Live (50 or 60 appearances in a year), but in the real world it's is a little trickier. Try doing a publicity stunt of some sort, that will usually get some attention. You can also donate a show to a charity function and invite the media, they are usually more apt to come if you are not profiting. If you are performing a theater show somewhere, you can usually get at least an "in -studio" interview to tell everyone about your must see show. The local morning shows are especially desperate for material and the fact that a magician is performing in their town is sometimes news enough.