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Topic: Book prediction for grade school show
Message: Posted by: jgbrown (Mar 22, 2011 06:05AM)
I will be doing a show for an elementary school that is celebrating the conclusion of their year-long reading program, and I've been asked to do at least a few tricks with a reading theme. I'm designing a trick in which I predict which of several children's books a volunteer will choose.

I need help with the patter, especially in terms of making this trick interesting and understandable for the younger kids (first and second grades). I know that mentalism for kids is always a challenge, but this is a challenge I want to take on to foster my growth as a performer. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Mar 22, 2011 07:08AM)
Something with a dictionary would work nicely.
Message: Posted by: jgbrown (Mar 22, 2011 09:21AM)
I actually have the effect worked out. A number of children's books are displayed, and I give a volunteer a box in which I state I have predicted which book will be chosen. Another volunteer selects a book (using the PATEO force), the box is opened, and the prediction is shown to be correct.

What I am looking for is suggestions on a line of patter that will make this trick engaging for youngsters in the age range of 7-12 years old.


Message: Posted by: themagiciansapprentice (Mar 22, 2011 01:53PM)
Have you looked at David Ginn's Patter on his dvd "It's all the same trick" or elsewhere in his books? Many are in local libraries.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 22, 2011 09:08PM)
You could talk about dreams and deja vu. Talk a little about dreams, mention a book that is about dreams or a dreamer, ask the kids to share any dreams (if you want to go there, ...they can sometimes talk a LOT) and then do the routine. At the end of the process mention that you had a dream last night that you wrote down in your dream journal (if you talked about dream journals) and you had wanted to share it with them. In the dream you were in a ______ with a group of kids, one kid picked a book, it was ________; in the dream it was interesting because you had a copy of the same book that you pulled out and everyone in there was truly amazed and started clapping loudly. [now look at the box, then back at the kids. Now go into the box and slowly pull the book out with it's back towards the audience with a look of shock on you face. Now slowly turn it towards the audience. ...hopefully they will now clap loudly]

If any of the kids are Harry Potter fans they will know that there was a prophecy made before Harry was born about the future of his life. Now, your no expert diviner but you occasionally get glimpses into the future yourself and you recently went into a trance and got a weird message (show a sign of scribbles). The message didn't make sense to you at first, but it's interesting that you picked THAT book because (hold up the sign to a large mirror and reveal that it is the title of the bookm which you have also brought with you).

Psychological presentations are popular in mentalism. You could pick a kid and say that you saw them earlier and thought they would be a good person to try an experiment on. Do the routine and before the routine explain that this is perfect because you KNEW they would be the type of person who would pick THAT book. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! (you say and bow, withOUT having revealed the book). Obviously this will be funny and no one will believe you ...then you show them the prediction.
-Before showing them the prediction you could explain that you WOULD show them the prediction, but you don't want them to get TOO excited and clap TOO much. This would be said in a way to make them think that you trying to get out of it, but also (hopefully) priming them for a big round of applause after the revelation.

Keep in mind that while the above are all based on things that I've done successfully, I have not done any of these routines. There just ideas that I thought might be interesting. Although I actually like them a lot and think I will be experimenting with them all in the near future.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Mar 22, 2011 09:40PM)
My version is a bit simpler and only uses 3 books
the premise is I predicted a kid will pick my favorite magic book to check out at the library when I was a kid

I have 3 books displayed and the kid takes the large magic wand and points to one book. has the freedom to change his mind if he wants to and then again if he wants to. untill he is completly satisfied. upon choosing the book I reveal the prediction showing that indeed that is the book. no force the kid really picks any one of the 3 books.

then I talk about that particular book and perform a quick trick from the book itself.

this gets the kids all excited (not to mention teh librarians) as they all rush after the show to well you guessed it - check out that book!


ps shame on me but what is the PATEO force?
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 22, 2011 09:44PM)
Pick Any Two Eliminate One.

I generally use equivoque (actually, Docc's E'voque is all I use), but this has the same effect.

I like your routine.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Mar 23, 2011 05:13AM)
Ohhh Thanks seadog93! I figured it was an ancronym for something but could not figure it out. LOL

Message: Posted by: Bridgewater (Mar 25, 2011 08:27AM)
Have you used prediction effects in kid shows before, and did you get a good reaction? In my own experience, mental effects that kill with adult audiences get a "hmmm, how about that" shrug from kids.
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 25, 2011 09:53AM)
I've gotten the shrugs a lot.
I think the presentation makes a lot of difference.
John Breeds' has a couple of great ideas on how to make some strong mentalism be very funny for a kids show.

I had an interesting experience with my daughter (4 years old) the other day. I thought I'd do a coin bend for her. I had tried once before and there was no interest whatsoever. This time I put the coin in her hand and went through all the suggestions that I might give an adult (if I did coin bending) about feeling the energy from my hand and actually feeling the coin breathing and moving. To be honest I didn't think she'd care either way, but she had a big reaction and got really excited.
...not that that I'll start doing that at kids parties.

A lot of us (though not all, as seen in a certain thread with a certain teller of truths) think of the middle of the trick as being most important, the journey not the destiny and all the funny bits along the way. John Breeds shows how that can be adapted to kids shows the same way.

All that being said, I still haven't really incorporated mentalism into my regular kids show. I think it can be done well, I just think it needs more tinkering and fine tuning.

EDIT: my apologies for the long rambling post.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Mar 25, 2011 10:57AM)
It all comes down to presentation!

I don't present this as teh dry version of what I posted. that was just the basics. I aint given up my routine

there are lots of funny business as well as some other things that go on.

for instance I tell them in order to get a better "read" on what which book is mine maybe they should wear my favorite reading hat.
I bring out a ridiculous hat to put on them

then as they start to wave the big wand I say wait! maybe you should also wear my favorite reading glasses too!

I put some funky led glasses

so you can see almost 2 minutes of fun go on before they even really get to choose a book and when they do chooes the book it is so much more exciting to see that the prediction did indeed work!

but I aint telly ya any more LOL

its a fun routine and maybe one day I will release it to the public but I can tell you that the libraians LOVE IT!

Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Mar 25, 2011 02:21PM)
That sounds wonderful.
If you do release it make sure to post here, I'll be in line.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Mar 25, 2011 02:28PM)
Thanks Seadog93,

we are shooting some new videos this summer and fall maybe I will include in my new kids DVD.

I know like we need another kids DVD but I thought it would come from a few differnt angles so we shall see.

I will indeed post any news here on the Café.

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Mar 25, 2011 03:25PM)
Instead of you making the prediction, it could be the predictions of your puppet partner, like a monkey or a bookworm. Then when the prediction proves to be correct, you make a big deal about it with the puppet: "How did you do that? How could you possibly know what book she would pick?" and so on. That way the kids "get it."
Message: Posted by: Sock Puppet Monkey (Apr 1, 2011 06:07PM)
On 2011-03-25 16:25, Spellbinder wrote:
Instead of you making the prediction, it could be the predictions of your puppet partner, like a monkey or a bookworm. Then when the prediction proves to be correct, you make a big deal about it with the puppet: "How did you do that? How could you possibly know what book she would pick?" and so on. That way the kids "get it."

Nice idea...thanks for sharing!