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Topic: Has anyone partnered with a photographer?
Message: Posted by: under6 (Mar 22, 2011 11:33AM)
A children/family photographer saw my show and wanted to discuss working together. Anyone have some type of arrangement with a photographer? I can see how she would benefit from my connections, but I am not sure how this would be beneficial to me. I haven't heard her ideas yet, but we will talk soon. Has this worked for anyone?
Message: Posted by: MoonRazor (Mar 22, 2011 12:01PM)
Well you would get free pictures. I did it with a videographer ....... he produced a show for local TV and I got a professional video of my show.
I worked with a still photographer while acting and just paid for film and got pro pictures.
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (Mar 22, 2011 01:34PM)
Unless the photographer has the right experience, you may find that if you get promo photos from her, they aren't really ideal. Some photographers can turn their hand to ANY kind of photography, and some can't. A reciprocal link on your websites wouldn't hurt, as long as you feel she is at least as good a photographer as you are a magician!
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Mar 23, 2011 08:07AM)
What do you have to lose?

Hear her out and see what she has in mind. I'm curious too...so let us know, okay?

Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Mar 23, 2011 09:27AM)
I have an arrangement with my local photographer. I include a coupon for a free sitting fee and 8x10 Birthday Portrait in the Mommy Gift Pack (www.wademagicproducts.com/MommyPack.html) I give to my clients. Parents who use it nearly always order a full package for family members. In return, he gives me a generous discount on my on-site photo shoots. (I rely on Knoxville magician Michael Messing's great work for my promotional poses now.)

I also refer the local photog for candid shots at Mitzvah's and large family & commercial events. We cross-promote one another on our marketing materials and websites. I have similar arrangements with a local bakery, babysitting service, party rental services and so on.

Cross-promoting is a great win-win arrangement.
Message: Posted by: under6 (Mar 23, 2011 04:58PM)
Well, we talked a little, but have more to follow up on. She is looking for more exposure & I certainly have access to young kids and their mom's. I think that we will be able to work something out. I have a mom & tots group show coming up that would be perfect (Moms present to sign releases, & to receive info), so if all parties agree, she will shoot the show. She wants to post pics on facebook & her blog & website. I would have the pics for my promotions. Actually, I am having my website re-done & I would love some new shots of belly-laughing little kids. I am hoping that the moms group will agree if they are given the opportunity to purchase quality candid photos, at a very discounted price. If not, maybe I could persuade them by knocking some $$ off the cost of the show, or something. It is just the perfect set-up, with the mom's knowing each other and the kids in my target age group (2-6).
If we come up with ideas other than those already discussed, I will post. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: magic4children (Mar 27, 2011 06:37AM)
My wife is a photographer and I am a childrenís magician, a match made in heaven.
Photographers generally donít know how to photograph magicians and some pictures can come across as too posed and cheesy. Thatís not to say that all posed photographs are cheesy, I have seen some amazing studio work that captures the performers true personality on this forum. For me, the booker does need to see who I am but my feeling is that it should be in context i.e. in performance. If you photograph for publicity at a show you need model release documentation from each kid in the pictures to avoid potential nightmares at a later stage.
We arranged to do a class at our daughterís school and the school arranged the release docs to go home to the parents. The school got a free show and I got some fantastic reaction shots for my website. Bookers buy the expressions on the childrenís faces and as a result my photographs and show reels focus mostly on reaction.
My wifeís site http://www.ckellphotography.co.uk/CHILDRENPHOTOGRAPHER.aspx
pictures from the school show and other occasions that my wife photographed. http://www.magic4children.co.uk/childrensentertainercheshire.html
Message: Posted by: under6 (Apr 10, 2011 08:18AM)
Wow, Magic4children, LOVED the pics, Thanks! I also think that the kids faces sell the show. The mom & tots group didn't work out, as the photographer is not available at 10:00 on weekday mornings, the time I do the majority of my shows. So I got a birthday party all set up for the photographer. Had a party mom willing to have & ask for releases to be signed. I even had cool multi-balloon sculptures pre-made & ready to go (for pictures after the show) & all I needed was for the photographer to show up. Well, didn't happen - her daughter was sick & she didn't make it. What a lot of work & planning...
But I will get the shots, just doesn't look promising with this photographer.
I thought that she would be looking more for an arrangement like Skip has with his photographer, but she seemed to want pictures for her Facebook page & blog.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 10, 2011 11:33AM)
I don't know that I would want to link my name to that of a photographer - or any other business person - that would leave someone hanging like this - paid gig or not. A commitment is a commitment. I understand family emergencies, still ... If this were me, this would have been a deal breaker.
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Apr 10, 2011 08:02PM)
An idea for your promo:

YES-- The perfect combo for your children and family!
ďI make magic with a wand, and she makes magic with a camera.

--Free discount coupons for this expert childrenís photographer with my show!
--Free discount coupons for my expert magic show with her photo sittings!