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Topic: Wayne Houchin to lecture in Myrtle Beach, SC ...
Message: Posted by: Shelhouse (Mar 31, 2011 11:36AM)
Wayne Houchin will be in Myrtle Beach, SC Thursday night April 7th at 7:00PM at the Magic Loft,
Home of IBM Ring 334, the Grand Strand Magician's Society. theory11.com says:

"No doubt about it, Wayne Houchin has made a large hand print within the magic community.
His unique combination of creativity, presentation, and production has made him one of the most talked about
visionaries among magicians world-wide.
In 2003, an underground tape of Wayne's original work found its way into the hands of Banachek, one of the world's foremost mentalists.
Banachek immediately befriended Wayne, which led to him being brought on board as a consultant for the critically acclaimed A&E
television series Criss Angel: Mindfreak."

This lecture is free to members in good standing with IBM Ring 334 and $10 for all other guests.


questions all 843.626.8191

Message: Posted by: munkywrench (Apr 5, 2011 06:24PM)
This is gonna be a blast. W.H. is leading the way with new ideas/concepts as well as dusting off the forgotten gems of magic.
Message: Posted by: SeasideShowman (Apr 8, 2011 08:12AM)
Fran & Wayne Houchin

IBM Ring 334, The Grand Strand Magicianís Society, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, played host to Wayne Houchin and his wife, Fran, at our meeting Thursday night, April 4, 2011 at the Magic Loft. Fran presented the merchandise table in the lounge while in the lecture room Wayne performed and presented many of his unique effects and methods. With his friendly, smooth and polished presence he owned the room for the next couple of hours. Many members came up to me and mentioned that this was the best lecture/workshop they had ever seen. I trust they told Wayne and Fran that, too Ö I did. Highly recommended.


Mike Heidtman
President, IBM Ring 334
Grand Strand Magicianís Society
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA