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Topic: Recommendations for a Small Precision Power Saw
Message: Posted by: rhiro (Apr 1, 2011 10:46PM)

I enjoy tinkering with K&S tubing and angles in brass, aluminum, and copper. I also work with Plastruct shapes and hardwood strips, like spruce. I've gotten by for decades with the good ol' razor saw and hobby miter box, as well as tubing cutters and single edge razor blades. But I have a project where I'll need to do a lot of miter cuts in small diameter metal tubing and am thinking I should finally get a small cut-off saw. Anyone have recommendations on what to get? I've been looking recently at the MicroLux Mini Miter / Cut-Off saw and the Proxxon Mini Chop Miter Saw. I also considered getting a MicroLux mini scroll saw or a Proxxon DS 230/E Fretsaw because those seemed more versatile. But I suspect a circular saw would give me cleaner, more precise miter cuts in the metal tubing, which is my primary need for now.

I'd appreciate any advice.