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Topic: Need a costume
Message: Posted by: blva888 (Apr 3, 2011 06:08PM)

I am looking at getting a costume for my character Mr. Oblivious (A clueless person who just doesn't seem to see the magic happen or the magic goes wrong. i.e. Pushes silk into hand and out other side onto floor but doesn't see it fall. Thinks he made it disappear. Kids shout its on the floor but he doesn't hear. He looks at what they are pointing too and he says "Oh another one!" he picks it up pushes it into hand and sees it about to fall on other side pushes it back it only for it to fall out the other side and again he thinks he made it disappear. again Kids shout its on the floor but he doesn't hear. He looks at what they are pointing too and he says "Where do these come from?" he picks it up pushes it into hand and this time he asks a helper to make it disappear.)

That is the premise of my character. Since he is Oblivious I think it fits to being Oblivious to how he dresses, but he does know style i.e. maybe he wears good shoes but they don't match.

I am unsure of what may look good or corny as far as a costume goes. Any advise would be great.

website is http://www.ungawamagic.com I have a video if you wish to watch.

Mr. Oblivious.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 3, 2011 07:35PM)
The nutty professor comes to mind. A suit with pants, and jacket too short, a bow tie, some black framed glasses, and a pork pie hat.

Posted: Apr 3, 2011 9:45pm
Now that I think it over I guess I was really imagining Dick VanDyke, or Lou Costello, or Stan Laurel.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 3, 2011 08:57PM)
I agree with Al. I might add that you might consider something obviously outdated. I say obvious because you don't want to come off as simply being a guy who has bad taste in clothing. Make sure it's clear (to adults, anyway) that you are in character. I am envisioning Oliver Hardy. Either that, or something garish, loud, and mismatched.

Costuming can come from having a well-developed character. What is his motivation? What is his background? Why does he do magic, and why is he so clueless? Where might he shop? How was he educated? Where is he from geographically? Create a back-story, and many answers besides just costuming till come to you.
Message: Posted by: blva888 (Apr 3, 2011 09:06PM)
I'll think about all this and come back.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Apr 3, 2011 09:30PM)
I'm sure the parents know the meaning of the word "Oblivious" but "Clueless" might mean more to young people, and "Bumbles" kind of says it all for the even younger kids.

Having your shoes (or one shoe at least) constantly untie themselves as you walk about.

Wearing three or four layers of those magic stretch gloves so you can remove your gloves and find yourself with a different colored pair still needing to be removed comes to mind.

On the same note, removing a big hat and finding a smaller hat underneath, and a still smaller hat under that one, might work.

If you wear glasses, you keep moving them up over your forehead, and then can't find your glasses until the kids remind you where they are.
Message: Posted by: blva888 (Apr 3, 2011 11:47PM)
I like your ideas spellbinder. My magic teacher (Tyler @ tylerteach.com) and I came up with Mr. Oblivious. We know kids might not know what it means. I am able to get a bunny and named her Smarty sparkles.
Message: Posted by: themagiciansapprentice (Apr 4, 2011 01:25PM)
When I started as the Magician's Aprpentice I used to have an L-plate on my back and on various props (UK Learner driver)
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 4, 2011 08:38PM)
I like the name "Mr. Oblivious" ... it SOUNDS like a name! An Irish name ... "Mr. O'Blivious" could be a leprechaun.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 4, 2011 09:22PM)
I like "Professor Oblivious"

Hou about an Astranaut "Captain Clueless"
Message: Posted by: solrak29 (Apr 5, 2011 09:29AM)
On 2011-04-03 22:30, Spellbinder wrote:
I'm sure the parents know the meaning of the word "Oblivious" but "Clueless" might mean more to young people, and "Bumbles" kind of says it all for the even younger kids.

I do agree with the above but I can't help but like Mr. O'blivious. Here the parents get it and you can use that as a bit to explain to the children..."oh it so
silly that my name is oblivious some people think it means clueless....".

As far as costume, your description immediately reminded me of Ed Alonzo type of thing. Maybe you can use one of those specs that make your eyes big....just a
thought...good concept though....

Like to see what you end up with...
Message: Posted by: blva888 (Apr 5, 2011 10:45AM)
Hmmm big round glasses that might work.
Message: Posted by: ERIC (Apr 5, 2011 11:45PM)
Take in the characters named above and also look at Jackie Gleason's "Fenwick Babbet" character on youtube. His "Poor Soul" also was a good fit, but all I found on youtube for that was someone portraying his character, not him.

If you seriously look at all of these, I think it would put you on the right track to come up with your own character that is a conglomeration of all of them.

Remember, there is a reason that Gleason, Lewis, Van Dyke, Costello and Hardy were the tops for their time. Classic, Clean and believable.
Message: Posted by: blva888 (Apr 10, 2011 11:18PM)
Ok I think I got something that is good. Picture this: A left shoe that is black with a white shoelaces and white sock. A right shoe that is White with black shoelaces and black sock. Black pants, white shirt with a multi colored bright tie that is a tad too short. Big black glasses. A black hat that is too small and doesn't look right.

What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (Apr 11, 2011 12:07AM)
You can buy comedy glasses with super thick lenses - though performing in them all the time may be dodgy for your eyesight.....you could perhaps switch them in to peer at things up close.
what about Captain Clueless the Pirate? I must admit, I think Clueless is better than Oblivious. You could also be "Detective Clueless" - or "Captain Clueless the Magical Detective", with a Deerstalker hat put on sideways, and have various disguises throughout the show. The "Clueless" bit would then be most fitting. You could develop routines based on your character: "The Mystery of the Missing Candies" (make lots of candies appear). "The Strange Tale of the Magic Rabbit" (Run Rabbit Run") etc. Virtually any trick could be turned into a "mystery" where you can't work out what's going on, but the kids always see it....until something really magical happens, and suddenly you have a REAL mystery....etc