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Topic: Peanut Butter and Jelly ending?
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Apr 3, 2011 10:11PM)

Looking for ideas for an entertaining way to end the Peanut Butter and Jelly Trick?

Seen the idea of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich... play well? Is there a sponge sandwich?

Other suggestions?


Message: Posted by: Ron Vergilio (Apr 3, 2011 11:06PM)
I seem to remember a sponge sandwich many years ago. But it didn't look like a P&B sandwich. I believe it had lettuce looking stuff around the edges. It's been too long ago to zero in on it exactly.

Message: Posted by: Sock Puppet Monkey (Apr 4, 2011 12:11AM)
I'd consider using an Epipen...
Message: Posted by: Matthew W (Apr 4, 2011 01:44AM)
I did the sandwich ending when I was doing the PBJ. I used soy butter instead of peanut. It looks just like it, just a bit thinner. Tastes good too!
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 4, 2011 07:26AM)
I replaced the jelly with emptied cans of Hersey's chocolate (Hey! You got Chocolate in my peanut butter! Yada yada) The blow off was a Reese's P'Butter Cup in the double-wall bag. Much cleaner, less messy and the kids thought it was just as funny. Not logical, of course, but humor seldom is.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Apr 4, 2011 07:41AM)
Has anyone done a total vanish of the Peanut Butter, leaving the jelly behind? Or is that to close to tipping method, etc?

I like using the Hersey's Chocolate! You could then also use one of the cans to produce something later...

Question... can you still get the cans?

Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Apr 4, 2011 08:03AM)

I haven't seen those cans in a long time.

I think vanishing the PB would be too close to tipping the method. I use the PB&J ending and it get good responses. Sometimes I think even the adults are impressed.
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (Apr 4, 2011 08:44AM)
I use my PB&J in conjunction with bigger wands. That way, the ending is that the trick finally works. I find that the pacing for a BW routine works well with PB&J because you get to see the items in their original position several times, then finally you get a flash change.

Posted: Apr 4, 2011 9:47am
Oh and yes, hershey's syrup still comes in cans. For a more cosmopolitan crowd, I'd go with nutella.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 4, 2011 08:59AM)
Question... can you still get the cans? John

You know...that's a good question. I've been using my set since the early 90's. Hmmmm.....

If you visit the Hershey's Website Store ( hersheys.com ), they have a nice apothecary jar with a chocolate candle and the Hershey's Syrup labeling and a Hershey's syrup can (with candle). Either would probably work.

I found a few on eBay and http://www.buythecase.net sells the cans in bulk (24 per case)...so, they must still be available out there somewhere!
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Apr 4, 2011 09:22AM)
I made a double sided tin lunch box. I show it at first, with just 2 pieces of plain white bread. Then I do my routine and then show it with a real P&J sandwich. Lastly I do the Hientz catsup bottle routine, asking the kids if they would like catsup on their P&J sandwich. I then of course put the catsup bottle in a paper bag and crumble it up saying: "oh well I guess we don't need this."
Message: Posted by: kazam65 (Apr 4, 2011 12:27PM)
I do a version similar to the one Dick Stoner does, which can be seen here:

Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 4, 2011 06:30PM)
Ok, call me a nitpicker, but he grabs the sandwich from the kid in his bare hands after handling a bunch of props, open it up to show it's insides to the audience, then hands it back saying, "This is for you!" Oh, joy, what a treat ...

That pre-packaged Peanut Butter Cup is looking better.

Of course, the old "You got chocolate in my peanut butter" bit is old now. No longer runs on TV and kids would not know it.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 4, 2011 07:00PM)
On 2011-04-04 19:30, Starrpower wrote:
Of course, the old "You got chocolate in my peanut butter" bit is old now. No longer runs on TV and kids would not know it.


Presented right, it still plays with the kids - I'm not going to share my entire script here - and the parents and grandparents nearly always catch the reference. My sponge bunnies are named George and Gracie - Means nothing to the kids, but grandparents always smile when they hear it. Dual level entertainment is more than a good idea.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 4, 2011 07:29PM)
On 2011-04-04 20:00, Skip Way wrote:

Dual level entertainment is more than a good idea.

No argument here.

... although I did read your post twice, trying to figure out what George and Gracie had to do with peanut butter cups!
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Apr 4, 2011 07:32PM)
Appreciate all the comments. Helps get my creative juices flowing as well.


Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Apr 4, 2011 08:01PM)
... although I did read your post twice, trying to figure out what George and Gracie had to do with peanut butter cups!

:) I use a lot of older references that kids don't get but parents/grandparents do. The reference is for George Burns and Gracie Allen, you young whippersnapper! Guess I could have been a little clearer about that. Let me know if you need further clarification. :)
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 4, 2011 08:23PM)
Oh, I understood the reference to the Burnses ... I just read quickly and did NOT see the peanut butter relationship!

And bless you for calling me "young" ... the check is in the mail!
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (Apr 5, 2011 07:06PM)
On 2011-04-04 21:23, Starrpower wrote:
And bless you for calling me "young" ... the check is in the mail!

Yeah, but mailing a check instead of using paypal is points against the young thing - you just dated yourself back again. :)
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 5, 2011 07:11PM)
But the point of the "check in the mail" is that is never arrives!
Message: Posted by: Beowulf (Apr 6, 2011 08:45AM)
Say good night, Gracie.
Message: Posted by: clownybeth (Apr 6, 2011 09:58AM)
I substitute pickles for the jelly in this trick. Several times I pretended I was going to eat the peanut butter and pickles, but before I did, I jokingly asked the audience if they also wanted to partake in this delicacy. Each time, some kid actually accepted my invitation and ATE the peanut butter and pickles. I was relieved, since this meant I didn't have to! I don't do this ending anymore, because 1) I was afraid a kid would get sick after eating this combo and 2) I really didn't want to have to eat it myself.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 6, 2011 10:40AM)
I like Sock Puppet Monkey's epipen idea. That could be really funny with the right audience.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 6, 2011 10:58AM)
On 2011-04-04 13:27, kazam65 wrote:
I do a version similar to the one Dick Stoner does, which can be seen here:


I hope the kids are more impressed than Dustin is!
Message: Posted by: LMLipman (Apr 6, 2011 05:44PM)
I do the PB&J (and have written about my routine several times on the Café so I won't repeat it here) and produce a real sandwich at the end. I have the child look in the bag and announce that it's in there. Then I reach in and pull it out and ask the child if there is anything else in the bag (to prove that it's not just the two pieces of bread they saw go into the bag.) I then peel the two pieces apart enough to show that it is in fact, a real sandwich. I then turn the bag upside down to illustrate it's empty. Then I take a bite from the sandwich and say, "and it's a real sandwich."

My build up with the kid is that when I present the bag with the loaded sandwich to the child, I say they are going to make every adult in the room jealous because they (the adults) wish they could put two pieces of bread in a bag, wave a magic wand, say some magic wands and produce a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I usually get a lot of nods in agreement from the parents. Then I say that if the kid does it, she'll get a huge applause--which is my cue to remind the parents to cheer when the sandwich is revealed to be real.

This is a real keeper. One of the strongest routines in my act. Even if the kid is allergic to peanut butter, which I try to avoid, she never touches it.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Apr 6, 2011 05:51PM)
What bag do you all use? I have used the gaffed bag that Mark Wilson shows how to make in his book, but I wonder if there is something better out there?


Message: Posted by: dandanmagicman (Apr 6, 2011 09:28PM)
I use a double bag with the top rolled down a couple times. The load is in the bottom between the two bags. I am not sure why, but I have always put the bread into a ziplock baggin before putting them in the bag, then I have the child hold the bag closed very tightly to keep anything from getting in or out. I make big deal out of not letting go of the bag. This means that even at the end when I am ready to reveal the pbandj sandwich they don't let go of the bag. So, I tear the bag open at the bottom and pull out the sandwich. I just crumple up the bag with the two slice of bread inside and toss it over my head behind my backdrop.
Message: Posted by: Beowulf (Apr 7, 2011 04:43PM)
My bag has 'Tommy' and a big heart on it; mom's can be so embarrassing. In the bottom is the PB&J with a piece of brown-bag-covered cardboard over it. I have the assistant hold up the bread, and then I take the two slices, lower it into the bag, and as I speculate an where we can put it 'So everybody can see it, someplace pretty, Mary's head!' I turn to face her and flip the bread, cardboard, and sandwich assembly over.

The bag goes on her head with her hands holding it in place, and at the end, I can take the bag and jiggle the sandwich into her hand as she reaches inside. As she splits open the sandwich, I stand holding the bag inverted. The cardboard false bottom keeps the two slices of bread in place and makes it easy to hold the bag.
Message: Posted by: dandanmagicman (Apr 10, 2011 11:03PM)
Beowulf: That is a GREAT idea. I hope it is okay to steal it.

I love the Café!
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 11, 2011 08:36AM)
Is this all we got?

The sandwich thing?

C'mon fellas,try thinking outside of the lunchbox.

I don't do this effect but the appearing filler ending seems like one fairly average solution to this problem and it seems like noone can be bothered to try something different.

I'm not really impressed with the sandwich thing. Sorry Brian, it's just not doing it today.

Firstly, it's a bit weird doing tricks with food stuff. It seems a bit squidgy and sloppy and unhygenic (not to mention the allergy thing).

Secondly, it's not that impressive or very visual. It's just weird. The amazing appearing filling?

Thirdly, it's not that logical. It's like someone drew a mind map with one line coming out of it.

Peanut butter and jelly---->sandwich.

It doesn't really link up with the rest of the routine apart from the fact that the same products are used.

What about a picnic theme? That way you can bring out a small tablecloth and use that to produce something as the finish. Or link it up to another picnic themed effect.

What about loading other items into the cups a la chop cup?

What about a store theme about buying peanut butter and jam? Link it up to an effect about money or other products you purchased?

I like bananas in my sandwich too. Why not include multiplying bananas?

Why not bake the bread for your sandwich and do a baking routine.

If you're a pirate why not fill one of the jars with snot or claim it's raspberry jam and make fart sounds everytime you open the lid.

If you're a crazy Englishman, try pasta!

If you're going the sandwich route surely making the bread appear at the end would be more visual and logical than making the filling appear in the bread.

Why not use this effect as part of a longer routine. It doesn't last long so it would be a fun bit in the middle of another effect.

There's loads of ways of using or ending this routine. Why does everyone stick with the one already thought of? It's a bit rubbish.

Message: Posted by: Beowulf (Apr 11, 2011 09:48AM)
Dan--help yourself. I also load the bag with my month-old leftovers: sponge sausages, a bone, a rubber fish. And some pink noodles (hat coil). After I take out all that stuff, the bag must be empty...


I use PB&J in my school shows, usually in the Caféterium, and it is most logical as most of them brought their lunches that day. I turn to my magic table, see the bag, and wonder who this Tommy guy is. Once I realize he is I, I'm embarrassed that I brought my lunch stuff, not my magic stuff. "Is it okay if I do magic with ..."

And I get "Hey, how did he..." from the reveal of the switch followed by gasps from students and teachers alike when Mary splits open the sandwich. Impressive and visual.

Rubbish? Thierry Henry's Maradona slap was rubbish!

Go Reds!
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 11, 2011 12:28PM)
Well Tom, it sounds like you've got it all pretty well worked out into a logical and relevant routine. Although I still think there would be more impressive and visual endings to this effect.


P.S. Football shmootball
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 11, 2011 02:01PM)
This is the easiest and non messy way I do it.At home before the show I use 2 pieces of bread. Cut them both in half. Make a PB&J with 2 halves.Put them in a sandwich baggie. Put the other 2 pieces in a sandwich baggie. During set up I take the PB&J out of the baggie and lay it on the bottom of a paper lunch bag.Throw away the sandwich baggie. Put the plain halves in it's sandwich baggie in the paper bag. Now the paper bag has a half PB&J sandwich and 2 halves of bread in a baggie.During performance I do the silliness of having the jars switch places and back but no one believes me. "I'll prove it". Bring a child with you on stage. Take the baggie out of the paper bag and show 2 plain pieces. Put these in the paper bag but while your hand is out of sight squish the bread into a little ball palmed in your hand.Immediately pick up the baggie on the table as you say"we wont be needing this anymore" and throw it and the ball of bread into your case or table out of sight. Close the bag and hand it to the child. Have him stand between the 2 different jars. Magic words, reveal that the jars have switched then have him open the bag. Open the 2 halves to show a great climax.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 12, 2011 05:05PM)
Nice one, Rev Bill. Putting the volunteer between the jars makes sense. And the bag can be examined.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 12, 2011 09:37PM)
Okay, call me ignorant, but I have never understood the entire P&B sandwich thing. What in the WOLRD does the whole "Die Box" effect have to do with a sandwich appearing? The effect, as I perceive it, is that two jars trade places. For no apparent reason, a sandwich is the result? Where's the logic? What's the point? It's like doing "Pizza Oven Surprise" and having a bunch of napkins fall out at the end.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 12, 2011 11:00PM)
I think RevBill's approach addresses those concerns. Read his routine, as posted above - it's not about a sandwich appearing. The bread goes in the bag visibly. The volunteer stands between the PB&J jars. Now, when the PB&J trade places, presumably they do so by dematerializing and flying invisibly through the air. Some happens to get stuck, or rematerialize, between the slices of bread in the bag, just as invisible airborn particles visibly manifest on the filter of your HVAC. The final reveal, rather than being an awkward "add-on" effect, further proves that the ingredients traveled. Or at least you can certainly sell it that way. Nice one, RevBill.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Apr 13, 2011 12:12AM)
Rev Bill, I really like that!

Thanks for sharing. Some great thoughts, and I appreciate all your feedback (to everyone).

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 13, 2011 06:56AM)
Hey Starr, Glad it's not just me who thinks that!

I don't really buy Maxfield's quantum physics explanation either. It's a bit of a stretch. 5 year olds have never seen The Fly.

I don't think the sandwich is a bad solution to the problem, I think it's adequate. It's just a bit of a shame that everyone latches on to the first adequate solution offered.
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 13, 2011 10:24AM)
If memory serves me correctly, when I saw Timothy Wenk perform this at his lecture,the jars were to be used as a Hippity Hop Rabbit effect. The "proof" that they really did travel was that some of the PB & J somehow magically got trapped on the bread. I really can't see the problem in that. To a child it makes logical sense. It also drives adults crazy. I once had an engineer from NSA offer me money for the secret. Sometimes we as magicians lose the whole reason why we do what we do. "Entertainment comes first". Why does everything have to make sense to adults?
BTW Thanks for the compliments.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 13, 2011 12:55PM)
They are traveling through the air and some of it gets stuck and materializes inside the bread?


SO ...is the effects a die box/hippity hop/et. al., or is it that bread magically becomes a sandwich?

I think you guys are stretching for a reason because somebody somewhere (Wenk?) says this is the way it should be.

Heck, Rev Bill, following your logic ("Why does everything have to make sense to adults?") we might as well start with an empty bag, and have a frog inside it at the end. I am sure kids would like THAT, too.
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 13, 2011 03:51PM)
A frog sounds good. Maybe he could eat the sandwich.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 13, 2011 04:31PM)
The frog might croak on the sandwich ... I could see a child jumping to that conclusion. If you really wanted to pad the routine and add two frogs, I am sure it would go swimmingly. You're idea that the frog eat the sandwich makes me green with envy.
Message: Posted by: LMLipman (Apr 13, 2011 04:42PM)
You could look at the sandwich bit as an add on or as another trick in a series of tricks that work together to make a routine. The reason I use the sandwich ending is to involve a helper. The entire PB&J routine with the switching containers is done solo. But as I begin the routine, I announce that I'm going to make a PB & J sandwich. Then I do the switches. But I had promised to make a sandwich so--new trick: I show two slices of bread which magically -- thanks to my helper holding the bag, waving the magic wand and saying the magic words -- transform into a real PB & J sandwich. I don't think one needs to get too hung up with the logic. The sequence works well; first a funny routine with the containers; then a magical effect using a helper.
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 13, 2011 04:56PM)
I agree with Mr. LMLipman
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 14, 2011 05:25AM)
On 2011-04-13 11:24, REV BILL wrote:
Sometimes we as magicians lose the whole reason why we do what we do. "Entertainment comes first". Why does everything have to make sense to adults?

"It doesn't even have to make sense" is a line I actually use in my show. So I do appreciate that logic has its place and rules can be broken.

Therefore if it doesn't have to make sense why, firstly, contrive a crazy forced explanation about particles and, secondly, restrict yourself to sanwiches. Does it add to the entertainment?

I'm not knocking the sanwich, I'm sure many of you use it successfully. My main point is that on a thread called "PB & J ending" it's a bit sad that everyone is suggesting the same ending rather than coming up with their own solutions and endings to the effect.

To be honest, I like the frog idea.

Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 14, 2011 09:10AM)
On 2011-04-14 06:25, magicgeorge wrote:

Therefore if it doesn't have to make sense why, firstly, contrive a crazy forced explanation about particles...


Maybe I spent too much time watching Star Trek as a kid, but I always assumed that particle dematerialization and reassembly was the default explanation for objects disappearing from one place and reappearing somewhere else. But then, since my first name is Scott, I've been hearing "Hey, beam me up, Scotty" from classmates and coworkers pretty much since day one.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 14, 2011 09:50AM)
Actually as a premiss, I think it's pretty funny. If you were to ham up the geek aspect and confound the children with scientific hyperbole it could be a lot of fun.
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 14, 2011 03:31PM)
The gentleman said,"" it's a bit sad that everyone is suggesting the same ending rather than coming up with their own solutions and endings to the effect." Well here is another you might like. If you can find the plastic jelly jars (or any smaller plastic jar that you can paint blue or black on the inside to look like its filled with jelly),cut off the bottom of the jars and put a glass of milk in one and maybe fruit or bread roll or cookies in the other (real or fake).Do the passe passe part and finally produce at the finish the rest for the makings of a a good lunch.If your brave,forget the fruit etc and load a mouse under each. Show the jars will disappear. In their place are the ones that ate it all up.Just use your imagination and a good premise to load the inner jars.
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Apr 14, 2011 05:21PM)
On 2011-04-14 16:31, REV BILL wrote:
If your brave,forget the fruit etc and load a mouse under each.

Or a frog.
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Apr 14, 2011 07:39PM)
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Apr 15, 2011 11:45AM)
Nice thinking, Rev Bill. Reminds me a bit of Jolly Roger's version of this effect:


Now there's a man who doesn't let logic impede on his fun.