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Topic: Subjects
Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 4, 2011 04:44PM)
I've been getting great results with my hypnosis but I've started to realize that 80 percent of whether the hypnosis is going to work or not is the subject you using.i feel like a very small percent of people can go into deep hypnosis for stage. does anyone else agree with this? or if I'm wrong could some one correct me. also how do you know weather someones gonna be a good subject or not? I've used a lot of suggestibility tests but I feel like they've been very inaccurate. I usually find girls much easier to hypnotize than men. thanks -chris
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 4, 2011 05:35PM)
Ah, the wonder of proper training!
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Apr 4, 2011 06:16PM)
What would proper training say on this Mindpro?

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 4, 2011 06:55PM)
Many things...where to start. Every question he posed and point he made would be covered with proper training - subject selection, the importance of the proper setup or pre-talk, subject selection, testing, stacking the odds in your favor, selecting the proper type of induction for the current situation for your best chance of success, deepening, routine selection, confidence, and so on.

To address his questions - I disagree with most of what he said based on my own experience. I would say 80% in my show (again based on the areas I just mentioned above, having the proper training and knowledge) are good subjects and the best most animated are the guys. Both exactly opposite of what he perceives.

"also how do you know weather someones gonna be a good subject or not?" again, this is covered, addressed and comes with proper training. Suggestibility tests inaccurate? - again I disagree unless they are not being done correctly.

Then before all of these statements he states "I've been getting great results"? What he describes not not seem to be considered "good results" by my standards.

I'm hoping you were kidding Anthony or perhaps just wanting me to elaborate.
Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 4, 2011 07:37PM)
What I meant with great results is I've been doing it for groups of 6 to 10 people and I'm successfully putting people into DEEP hypnosis. but I want to get into stage. I understand its a game of odds and numbers but I was looking for advice to get the majority of people under. I've done suggestibility tests that have worked on people and they didn't go under then doing it on someone else and it not working, they went right under
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Apr 4, 2011 09:45PM)
Chris, you will make mistakes along the way, but you are on the right tracks. Get a few good books and they will tell you a lot. Books tend to be better than DVDs as they contain more information. I gather live training is the best, but I have yet to try it.
I find that one in four can go into a deep state of compliance, but in a stage setting, with other factors in play such as fear, social pressure, etc, this drops down a bit. Young people are easier than old, young teens the absolute best. You soon learn to read your audience and a time comes when you will spot some of the people you want while you are doing your pre-talk.
The books I have enjoyed most are Secrets of Stage and Cabaret Hypnosis, by Eddie Burke, Reality is Plastic by Anthony Jaquin, and a book by David Knight, the name of which escapes me.
Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 4, 2011 09:53PM)
Thanks for the positive feedback and help tony I appreciate it
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 5, 2011 02:16AM)
While I agree with Tony's comment (and some of his points are simply stated advanced ideas), I agree even more with MindPro. Chris, you are soooo very close! One decent training would give you what you need to be a pro and get on stage! You clearly already have the drive and desire, all you need now is the knowledge and experience.

Let's just look at your post. You wrote: "...I was looking for advice to get the majority of people under. I've done suggestibility tests that have worked on people and they didn't go under then doing it on someone else and it not working, they went right under."

1) People go under water, under tables, under ground, etc. People do not go under hypnosis. They enter trance or the hypnotic state. I know this seems like a minor point, but words are our tools. When you say or even think people are going to go under hypnosis, you are subtly telling the people you are working with that you are the master controller and they are under YOU. Lots of people simply do not want to give up control to you or anyone else. Of course, they do give up control every day, but they don't like to think they do. You're just giving them reasons NOT to allow themselves to enter hypnosis.

2) While suggestibility tests can indicate to the people you're working with that they are...well...suggestible, from what you've written it sounds like you've missed the point on these tests. First, you seem to be taking and either/or approach to these tests. By that I mean, either they work or they don't. But they're not really about either/or, they're about degrees of suggestibility. The magnetic fingers (AKA "finger vise" or "rubber bands around fingers," etc.) test is actually about physiology, not suggestibility. It does get people in the mood for more. The balloon/encyclopedia (heavy hand/light hand) test, when done properly has hands at different levels before you start giving suggestions. The degree of difference between the hands implies to you the likelihood of compliance. When people resist these two tests, it "shows how strong their will power is and that they can be excellent candidates for hypnosis IF they REALLY WANT to be hypnotized, feel wonderful, and have one of the most fun and enjoyable times of their lives."

Do you get it? EVERYONE "passes" the tests. They are, primarily, a way for you to judge them for candidacy for hypnosis. So I don't even understand what you mean when you say that the suggestibility tests "haven't worked." They always work. They tell you about the people.

From what you've posted, you have something that, in honesty, few people have: the guts to go out and be a hypnotist. You have the courage to be, as Anthony calls it (love the concept) THE HYPNOTIST. That's one of the most difficult qualities to obtain. If you combine that with training and experience you could be a fantastic performer.

The books mentioned by Tony collectively cost well over $100.00 u.s. They're absolutely great books. But if you saved up your money for an actual in-person training, you'd not only get the information, you'd also get the experience while being watched and given advice by a professional. I would advise buying, studying, and using those books IN ADDITION to an in-person training, not as a replacement for them.

How long have you been attempting hypnosis now? A few weeks? Several months? You could literally ready to do your first real show after just a few days of training.

Or you can continue trying to figure out why your suggestibility tests are successful or failures, why they don't always relate to success with hypnotic induction, and you can continue to try to put people under water...err... under hypnosis :)

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
Message: Posted by: Anthony Jacquin (Apr 5, 2011 03:20AM)
On 2011-04-04 19:55, Mindpro wrote:

I'm hoping you were kidding Anthony or perhaps just wanting me to elaborate.

Just wanted you to elaborate on what 'proper training' is saying. I found all of the proper training I did espoused the 20% rule, i.e one in five, kind of in line with fergie's initial finding.

Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 5, 2011 06:30PM)
I've wanted to get live training but I cant I'm only 16. so instead I've bought almost all of Anthony's products which might not be as good as live training but has made me successful in hypnosis. the minute I turn 18 I plan on going to a training group. dmkraig thanks for your response I took a lot out of it but theirs one thing that through me off. you said if the suggestibility test doesn't work( they resist) then there easy to hypnotize. I thought it was the other way around? thanks
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 5, 2011 06:57PM)
If you're really interested, and can get your parent's permission, there's no reason you cannot get a live training.

You missed my point about suggestibility tests. It's not that they work or don't work, it's what they tell you. Such tests always work. If you get the response indicating high suggestibility, then they will easily go into hypnosis. If you don' get the response you're seeking, then they're strong willed. If you get them to agree to follow your instructions, they'll easily go into hypnosis.

If people can stand say hello, they can be hypnotized. You may need a lot of time to do it, which isn't practical for stage hypnosis. You may need a different type of induction than you know. But if you can instill the desire to be hypnotized in a person (because it's such a fun and wonderful sensation), they can be hypnotized.

You'll learn this all in a good training.
Message: Posted by: Zerububle (Apr 6, 2011 01:20AM)
The only danger with in person training is that it can breed clones. My all means attend a training but don't assume that's all there is.
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 6, 2011 01:48AM)
I agree with Zerububle. A good training should help you develop your individuality. Otherwise, you'll just look like another graduate of the Chavez School of magic. One Channing Pollack is enough.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 6, 2011 03:51AM)
That's not a danger. Not being trained has real dangers. Having said that Im not really sure how you avoid being a clone? Hypnosis is limited. Even James using the well worn extremely tired missing finger routine in his videos on youtube.

Training doesn't make clones it makes competent hypnotists assuming the training is good. And that can only be good for hypnosis and the public.

Lack of talent makes clones. Having said that if you are going to start by basing your act on someone make sure you pick the best. And do not stick to hypnosis draw your inspiration from a number of sources.

Training never makes clones.
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 6, 2011 10:09AM)
On 2011-04-06 04:51, mindpunisher wrote:
Training never makes clones.

It does in the armed forces.
It did for the Chavez School of Magic
If all a person does is repeat what they learned in stage hypnosis training, and if they don't add their own ideas and personality, it could in hypnosis.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 6, 2011 12:02PM)
"could do" the choice is always up to the ability, creativity and talent of the individual. The majority will always be clones that's how things are. Most people are sheep. Most being more than half. And before there is a stupid argument about "where is your research" use your head and just look around you.

The subject is HYPNOSIS training. Hypnosis training doesn't make you a clone it gives you a good foudation in hypnosis assuming the training is good. Its the choice of the individual or sheep to decide if they want to be a clone or not.

However its not always a bad idea to be a clone. If something is working and all you want is bookings or money then cloning is acceptable. Depends upon what you want. Seems to me on here there is more cloning than anything ( handsake induction - stick hand to table - stack hand to head - forget your name - forget the number 7 - yadda yadda yadda )

And that goes for the training too.

Personally I would look elsewhere for good training or advice. But then I never wanted to be a clone. But there is nothing wrong with copying when you are learning. In fact its the quickest way to success. Over time you develop your own spin.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 6, 2011 02:04PM)
On 2011-04-05 19:30, fergie33 wrote:
I've wanted to get live training but I cant I'm only 16. so instead I've bought almost all of Anthony's products which might not be as good as live training but has made me successful in hypnosis. [/quote]
Oh no this is perfect. Yep exactly the route you should take. Carry on.

Posted: Apr 6, 2011 3:05pm
LACK OF TALENT MAKES CLONES! True. Lazy does as well.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 6, 2011 02:44PM)
Also - If you are going to copy someone pick a good model to clone. Which is why I suggested looking elswhere other than this forum. The stuff getting dished out on here is pretty awful but will make good fodder for the sheep. Bahhhhhh
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Apr 6, 2011 03:35PM)
Yawn, I don't see why you guys even post anymore .. your message is always the same. I've resisted responding till now. I've read your posts with an open mind and agree that live training would be awesome. I've also picked up some useful tidbits from your posts. But your perceived superiority complex is wearing thin. I don't know if is due to jealousy or just an overall sour demeanor, but if you are serious about your message you really need to rethink your delivery. You could probably benefit with a reading (or re-reading) of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Maybe you need a hug... think happy thoughts. Heck if I know, just realize that you are probably not winning over anyone to your way of thinking. Maybe this is your master plan.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 6, 2011 04:11PM)
Talk about YAWN. The kiddies comming in and crying a river about the "delivery" because they don't like being told how much they don't know.

I resisted posting any more than flippant jokes because of the pathetic nature of the very LONG LINE of you children who have come through here in the past few years. Do you think you are the first such children we have seen in 25+ years at this? Odd how I never manage to see any of you LAST!

So the children come in, puff up their feathers, beat the chest, and then move along. Jealousy? Hardly. Tiresome? I agree with you. But you guys have to know that the world did not spring into existance on your birthday!

I am not trying to win over ANYONE with a way of thinking. You children want to run about stealing cucumbers from people and fake videos and such and pretend you have a guru then go for it! More power to you. If that is what gives your life purpose then I am not one to be critical. Seriously. It is no skin off of my nose if this is your lifes ambition. I accept it. It does not have an impact on me in one way or the other. I hold no judgements. Fly be free! But don't tell ME what I am ALLOWED TO THINK either ok? You are critcal of us for having a point of view, yet you want to force us into thinking YOUR way.

Not sure why, maybe you just don't have what it takes to actually do hypnosis. Maybe you are jealous of those of us who have large regular audiences. Maybe you just need a hug. I don't know. Maybe you could just learn how to learn. Frankley I don't give a rats hind parts. Do what you are going to do, but don't pretend that you are somehow superior or the keeper of a greater knowledge.

Now go dig up some dirt on me on the internet and post it and make some snarky remark about it. That is what the children usually do. Then it is about 6 months of being frustrated with this process, a genuine lack of knowledge and wondering why it is not "fun" any more and you are outta here.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 6, 2011 04:12PM)
By the way you have a lovely hairstyle ( dale carnaigie) does that do it for you? Are we friends now?

Perhaps our message is the same because nothing has changed. Why do we post here? Because we can. Better be careful or I will be accused of sheep worrying..
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 6, 2011 04:22PM)
On 2011-04-06 15:44, mindpunisher wrote:
Also - If you are going to copy someone pick a good model to clone. Which is why I suggested looking elswhere other than this forum. The stuff getting dished out on here is pretty awful but will make good fodder for the sheep. Bahhhhhh

LOL! I don't think you even realize the what this means.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 6, 2011 04:39PM)
I have no idea what your rambling statement is reffering too Craig? What are you on about? Can you be more specific? (and no its not the meta model I really don't know what you are on about?)
Message: Posted by: bobser (Apr 6, 2011 05:10PM)
Hi Chris,
16 huh?
Well you seem to be doing ok. There's lots you don't know and some other things you find hard to understand, for example that there is no such thing as failing a suggestability test. I think Craig explained all of that perfectly so I won't bother.
Anyway at 16 you know more about this than I did at your age, so..... well done you!
You're on the right path and you're simply going to get better and better and better, and that's pretty much a fact, despite what anybody in here thinks or says.
But you came in here for advice I guess. Based on what you've said I think you have come to the stage where you now need some kind of hands on help. Have you tried looking around where you are geographically?
The stage guys might not help you, but that's to be understood as that's where they make their income. Either doing hypnosis for money or teaching hypnosis for money, so that's fair enough.
However, there might be some of the impromptu guys about. Most of them are a good bunch, happy to help. Dig a little and see what's there.
As for the rest of it. You just have to DO more... and more... and more. Remember the first guy ever to do this had no tutor, books or tapes, so you are already a million miles head start on him.
You're correct (I feel) that it is less rather than more that you can use for stage phenomena, but YOU will best find out who is best for this stuff, by YOU PERSONALLY DOING THIS STUFF. Not even a mentor will teach you better (IMHO).
So, to conclude. Try to find a mentor, but keep DOING hypnosis.
Hope this helps.
Feel free to ask anything anytime,
ps:remember that the vast majority in this room consider themselves here to help each other.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Apr 7, 2011 02:54PM)
I have no desire to get into a P-ing contest with you. At one time I would have done so gladly; I would have cut at both you and your arguments. I would have felt a momentary satisfaction and in the end would have completely alienated you and forever solidified you in your position. My ego no longer requires that. I donít accept your frame and its inherent limitations that you refuse to see. Stage hypnosis is a wonderful model and one I will probably choose to study when I can, through both at home materials and in person training. However, it isnít the only model, not anymore.

I have no need to dig up dirt on you Danny. I have read a previous thread that contained false allegations towards you. I donít need that. You have given all the material needed through your own words.

I also am not disagreeing with everything you say. I simply choose to eat the meat and spit out the bones; I can learn something from everybody.

I am flattered that you like my haircut MP. Maybe you would like to print my photo out in wallet size to keep it near you at all times, or better yet print a poster sized one to place above your headboard. :)
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 7, 2011 03:10PM)
I for one do not want an arguement. What I do want is for YOU to be consistant in what you want and what you DO. What I mean is for you to accept everyone elses point of view as valid, the way you DEMAND we do with you. This is my only desire.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 7, 2011 03:51PM)
That's the thing Chris what you don't see is the inherant limitations in the substandard hacked "hypnosis" on here. Hypnosis is hypnosis whether its on the stage on the sport field at a sales meeting or unfortunately on the street.

The street hypnosis impromtu whatever you want to call this fad is a very crude and basic form of hypnosis that is nothing new. Only the fad is new and the type of person it attracts and the "application" (if you can call it that). As I said before the idea of monkeys driving ferrari's seems to be a good one to describe the current fad. ( better than Danny's "Children" I think)Which is why I said in my last post if you are serious and want to get good at hypnosis go somewhere else rather than this site. As the info and "advice" is not that good. that's my opinion you don't have to agree with it of course but if you want I'l throw you a banana...

Yet those that do it still think its new and superior its not. I use hypnosis all the time I rarely do stage hypnosis these days but even so hypnosis is hypnosis no matter what the context.

Of course I don't really like your hair but Dale told me its how I will make you my friend but whatever you do don't touch me..
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 7, 2011 05:08PM)
Don't worry about what MP writes. He's already admitted that what he writes "is pretty awful but will make good fodder for the sheep."
Message: Posted by: hypnokid (Apr 9, 2011 10:41AM)
"Maybe you are jealous of those of us who have large regular audiences."

Are you talking to MP?

Message: Posted by: hypnokid (Apr 9, 2011 10:51AM)
"Which is why I said in my last post if you are serious and want to get good at hypnosis go somewhere else rather than this site. "

LOL! watch a MP show and see how not to do it!

Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 9, 2011 03:28PM)
Great a child with an agenda LOL.

I contend that NOBODY should get information ONLY from this site and try to be a hypnotist.

It would be "best" to have some sort of live mentorship, or live training. That is "best", but certainly not the only way. Not by a long shot. Books and DVD's are VALUABLE resources and enough of them on the subject can certainly make a person a competant operator. It has done so for many decades and there is no reason you would not learn in this manner now.

I do happen to think that Mindpro is right, this kid has not done quite enough research to start hypnotising anyone. His questions show his ignorance, which is ok because he is 16. No biggie, but he should do more is all I am saying. Nothing wrong with seeking knowledge, it is the ONLY way to learn! Good on him for being excited, good on him for his youthful exuberance and good on him for having the guts to actually try it. 90% of hypnosis is simply having the guts to say to someone that you can do it and trying! Seriously guys. That is the largest part.

But he needs to be trained properly, even if just through good books. This can't really be denied. The whole "who should learn" debate is sort of a Red Herring. As is Ant and his sneak up on someone approach. Ant wants to sell things. Cool. Hey sell away. Just be a bit more honest about what it IS you are selling. This kid says he wants to be a stage hypnotist, and the techniques used to relieve people of cucumbers may not be as valuable as they seem on the surface.

Contrary to what the OP suggests stage hypnosis is NOT merly a matter of numbers. Not by a longshot when done right. Your opening lecture and selection process makes it so that your numbers are in your favor, and that you keep the VAST majority of your subjects. Again, proper knowledge is what is needed. The idea that only a small percent of people go into trance, well maybe as a whole in the world, but you can attract a HUGE percentage of those people as your subjects then that percentage is not relevant now is it?

As for this little snipe, "Maybe you are jealous of those of us who have large regular audiences."

Are you talking to MP?


I think it was pretty clear I was talking to Chris after his little crying jag about being tired of hearing things.

So lets be clear. I have no problem with any form of hypnosis. I mean if all you aspire to is a little petty theft and some free cucumbers and want to ambush people then cool. It is not my preferance but I respect your right to do so. All I ask in return is for you to give me that exact same courtesy. Is that too much to ask?

Oh I would also like that when it is obvious people don't have information, we don't act as if they do. Pretty simple I think.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 9, 2011 04:09PM)
On 2011-04-07 18:08, dmkraig wrote:
Don't worry about what MP writes. He's already admitted that what he writes "is pretty awful but will make good fodder for the sheep."

Actually Craig I don't write any fodder for the sheep because they already know it all on here...And really over the years Ive lost count of the number of pms asking me if I am ever going to provide training or release a hypnosis product. Ive always said I never would and have no interest serving this niche. There is far too much training available already and its something that really doesn't excite me. Or something I couldn't be proud of...

I am alergic to monkeys you see they give me asthma...

But for many on here standing on street corners or in bars getting a cheap thrill will satisfy their personal needs... and I truly think that niche has a great guru so you shouldn't listen to any of us...you know what you want.

On the other hand I would still say if you are serious about learning hypnosis go somewhere else...

This forum has fell apart the last couple of years with thread after thread full of bad advice and pimping crappy products.

At least cucumbers are doing well..
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 9, 2011 05:26PM)
Wow nobody EVER asked me if I was going to put out anything. I feel so left out.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 9, 2011 05:41PM)
I was asked last year to mentor somebody who was contemplating 4 walling somewhere in your part of the world near a Disney World complex... They were supposed to be doing it this year and offered to pay me but never heard from them again. I've been asked numerous times over the years way before the current street craze. And more recently.

I have released a couple of products before and even now still sell the 7th Sense code at least two or three every month. Its been selling now for years. Many tv mentalists bought the original system but few ever spoke about it. So I guess that might be why I get asked.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Apr 9, 2011 06:26PM)
I guess if you had released something before then you probably would've been asked.
Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 10, 2011 01:42PM)
Thanks for the responses every one. the reason I posted this was to try to learn more. I'm admitting I don't know as much as a lot of you here that's why I'm asking haha. I understand some of the things people have said it just confuses me when people have different opinions. from my personal experience I've found that not a lot of people can be hypnotized so my curiosity was how to get the majority of suggestible people on stage, but after watching a lot of videos online a lot of hypnotist don't even do suggestibility test they just ask people to come up and the first people up get to participate. I feel like if I did this I get a major fail rate which confuses me. I don't know whos opinion I should listen to! thanks again guys -chris
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 10, 2011 03:06PM)
Fergie, just about everyone can be hypnotized IF they want to be hypnotized, IF you know how to hypnotize them and IF you have enough time.

With stage hypnosis, not everyone wants to be hypnotized and you don't have a lot of time to do the hypnosis--you want to get to the action!

That leaves us with becoming, as Anthony puts it THE HYPNOTIST. You have to know hypnosis and all of its aspects brilliantly.

Think of learning hypnosis, a skill, as if it were plumbing, also a skill. Plumbers don't learn their trade by reading books. They get trained. They also read books in addition to their training.

About a year ago I hired a plumber to do a repair job. It was fairly easy and straight forward. I said "What you're doing looks pretty easy." He smiled and said,

"Plumbing IS easy. Until it's not. Then what will you do?"

The same is true of hypnosis. It IS easy. Until it's not. Then what will you do?

I respectfully suggest you get your parents' permission and take a training. Then you'll be able to make up your mind as to conflicting information. In fact, you may be surprised to see that what appears to be conflicting isn't that different at all.
Message: Posted by: fergie33 (Apr 10, 2011 04:41PM)
Thanks for the help dmkraig I appreciate it, this might be alittle off topic, but am I better off going to a training program or get trained by a stage hypnotist? thanks ahead of time -chris
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 10, 2011 07:44PM)
That depends completely on the program, and on the hypnotist. One could be better or worse you never know. In "general" you ae better off with a mentor. That is a generality.
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Apr 11, 2011 10:17AM)
I would agree with Danny on this.

Here is something to consider. One of the things you'll learn about hypnosis is that although the hypnotist has no special powers, no matter how you stress this to people, many will still think you have special abilities. They will want to come to you to make changes in their lives.

A Stage Hypnosis Training will primarily focus on teaching you to be a performer. A more general training program won't focus on performing, but will probably share much more on the history, theory, and methodology of hypnosis for helping.

My guess is that at this time (and because you're at a forum more oriented toward stage work) you want to learn performance hypnotism. Therefore, I would respectfully suggest that if one is available, training with a stage hypnotist would be better for you.

You can then add to it over time. There are far, far more books on hypnotherapy than on stage hypnosis. You can add to what you've learned about hypnosis through your stage training via books. As you develop, you may want to add to your learnings with general hypnosis training.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 11, 2011 03:41PM)
On 2011-04-10 14:42, fergie33 wrote:
after watching a lot of videos online a lot of hypnotist don't even do suggestibility test they just ask people to come up and the first people up get to participate.

Herein lies a huge problem with younger kids and those interested in getting into stage hypnosis. what you see online and on youtube are CLIPs - segments, highlights from a performance. Rarely do you ever see a full stage show in it's entirety. Almost always the pre-talk, suggestibility tests and at least a portion of the induction are omitted - not included in the clips you are watching. This does not mean these were not done. They are just boring and not quite as exciting as the guy singing into his ***. These "highlights" are the clips that you see, the clips that seem to attract most newbies to stage hypnosis, the clips are the "good stuff" that everyone wants to get to, but none of the "good stuff" happens without the skill and knowledge of the other necessary segments. These come through the afore mentioned training.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 11, 2011 03:52PM)
I do not do suggetability tests. BUT I do have an opening lecture that weeds out the need for them. IF you saw a highlight of me (which you never will online.) it would seem as if I don't use them.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Apr 11, 2011 04:08PM)
I agree, a good strong opening lecture can eliminate any need for suggestibility tests if done well. Sometimes though suggestibility tests can be appealing or engaging to the audience too.