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Topic: Production box needed
Message: Posted by: Chance (Apr 16, 2011 04:42PM)
I'm looking for a production box with a black art flap in the top, with a space underneith that's at least .5" deep. Maybe a silk scarf/spring flower-type box for example? The box itself should be rectangular, about the size of a cigar box.

Anyone know of any boxes like this on the market and where I can buy them? What do you recommend? Who makes your favorite?
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Apr 16, 2011 06:30PM)
That sounds like Wiz Kid Wilhelmina's Teddy Bear Escape Box. She's making it from a shoe-box, covering it over with wood pattern contac paper. You can also find gift boxes with a similar overlapping lid in many craft/party/dollar stores.